What Does the Future Hold for Digital Marketing?

The future of digital marketing is ripe with alternative browsers and new social media platforms. Importantly though, for many clients at least, the future of advertising looks bright and signals a new opportunity to gain a competitive advantage in their chosen sector, whilst simultaneously ushering in a wave of exciting new tools and ways of working for those of you who work for a PPC or Google Ads agency.

Over the next decade, we are likely to see new platforms surpass the more established elite of today, be it the much talked about Neuralink or something else entirely. Presently, Google and Amazon are the key players in the PPC marketing space, with Facebook and TikTok completing a route to market for 99% of brands – something the new world aims to disrupt.

With this in mind, PPC Geeks expects there to be several newcomers and sabaters that are most likely to steal the crowns of the more established elite over the next few years. So, as PPC experts, PPC Geeks take a closer look at what the future may hold for the digital marketing industry.

The Rise of the Eco-Friendly Search Engine

If you’re a regular internet user, then Google, and its wider network which also encompasses the likes of YouTube and Gmail, is just another search engine, albeit a good one. However, not many people know that, in essence, it wouldn’t take very much for a competent competitor to come in and tackle the search engine giant.

Popular opinion is changing, and many Google Ads consultants have predicted the rise of a new, sustainably conscious, eco-friendly company such as Ecosia, for example. Ecosia is extremely conscious of its carbon footprint and, with this in mind, plants a huge amount of trees in order to minimize its impact on the planet. And it’s this consciousness that could see their usage skyrocket.

Though Google could easily pivot and do the same or even surpass their exploits very easily, many of the large tech companies have been hit with large fines for a long list of discrepancies, meaning if the popular opinion was to change, and more people were to hold them accountable for their many misdemeanors, then we could see large scale migration to the like of Ecosia and other eco-friendly search engines.


If popular opinion could be swayed by a newcomer that focuses on sustainability and environmentalism, then we could see the tables turn in an instant.

Soaring Costs to Advertise on Amazon

Amazon recorded a significant upturn in revenue generated from advertising in 2021-2022 – while their costs for improved listings also soared throughout the year.

While this is good for Amazon and its shareholders, it’s the retailers who have been hit with increasing costs to advertise their products on the shopping network. With this in mind, the future of digital marketing remains fragile, as buyers ultimately now have to pay more for the products they buy.

Google Shopping agency workers have been the first to acknowledge that Amazon has some very interesting and quickly emerging competitors, while any one of them could mount a serious charge on the shopping giant by taking a more user-centric approach to conducting business. And, let’s be honest, Amazon does not have the best reputation – something it is working towards reconciling in the future.

The Rise of TikTok

TikTok has not only taken eyes away from its two largest rivals: Facebook and YouTube, but it has also taken the advertising sector by storm, with every PPC agency now advertising for a ‘TikTok expert.’

TikTok hit 1 billion users in just 5 years, surpassing both Facebook and YouTube. And now with so many devices in constant circulation, we are likely to see many new runaway successes using TikTok’s model to guarantee success in the coming years.

If your brand relies a lot on Interruption Based marketing, this is an area of marketing that you may need to keep your eye on. Indeed, everyone is increasingly connected these days, meaning many rival platforms can easily climb the social media ladder faster than we have ever seen before. Nowadays, the likelihood of a new platform evolving past the ‘fashionable’ stage is very likely indeed.

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Facebook’s Worsening Identity Crisis

Facebook or Meta is having something of an identity crisis as it continues to age particularly badly. With the Metaverse utopia seemingly far away, the future of digital marketing on Facebook does look somewhat fragile, to say the least.

Something that has become more obvious with the passage of time is that Facebook’s popularity has rapidly dwindled, and Meta is Mark Zuckerberg’s way of trying to recapture its early credibility and keep up with the likes of YouTube and TikTok.

In the future, we can see the space Facebook currently occupies flourishing with new and exciting platforms that may achieve meteoric success overnight. However, ultimately, at the moment at least, they don’t have the necessary amount of substance to keep audiences engaged, though TikTok has already stolen Facebook’s younger audience – something they are desperate to recapture.

The Future of Digital Marketing: PPC Geeks

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