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Magnani President Justin Daab Speaks About Business Transformation

Justin Daab, the President at Magnani, joined our Q&A session regarding digital transformation although he doesn’t prefer to use the word “digital”. In the Q&A below, he shares the words he suggests using instead of digital, how Magnani is managing transformation through their Narrative-Based Innovation methodology, and more. Q1. Digital transformation for companies and brands …

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Pound & Grain Managing Partner Sandy Fleischer Tells Us About Digital Transformation

We have had a Q&A session with Sandy Fleischer, the Managing Partner at Pound & Grain about digital transformation. He answered our questions regarding the effects of COVID-19 on different sectors, how Pound & Grain is supporting their clients during these unprecedented times, and how they keep their agency culture alive while working from home: …

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Ben Wheelhouse From Emote Digital Explains How They Help Their Clients to Survive COVID-19 Crisis

Ben Wheelhouse, Digital Advertising Director at the digital agency Emote Digital, has answered our questions regarding digital transformation. He explained how Emote Digital has led their clients into investing their marketing budget in the respective digital channels during the crisis. It is inspiring to read how they have handled this process as a digital agency. …

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How Sectors Have Been Affected by COVID-19 Explained by Stephen Saulpaugh From Ruckus

Marketing Manager at Ruckus, Stephen Saulpaugh, answered our questions on...

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Impression Managing Director Aaron Dicks Talks About Digital Transformation

We had the opportunity to have a Q&A session with the Managing Director at Impression, Aaron Dicks. He answered our questions regarding digital transformation after COVID-19 from the view of a digital agency. He shared how their agency had already been ready for working from home full-time and how their clients have been affected by …

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Digital Uncut Director Sam Martin-Ross Shared His Insights Into Digital Transformation

With the COVID-19 crisis, being digital has been more and more important. It has different effects on each sector. We believe that digital agencies are the experienced ones who can guide sectors through their digital transformation. Managing Director at Digital Uncut, Sam Martin-Ross, has enlightened us with his insights into digital transformation. He explained how …

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Mimosa Agency Founder Danilo Sierra Speaks About Digital Transformation

We had the opportunity to have a Q&A session with the Founder and Project Lead of Mimosa Agency, Danilo Sierra. He answered our questions regarding digital transformation as a digital agency. If you are wondering how sectors are affected by COVID-19, and what Mimosa Agency offers to help them survive, enjoy reading the interview. Q1. …

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Generating More Leads With Inbound Marketing: Explained by Hubspot Platinum Partner Agency WEBITMD

One of our top branded agencies, WEBITMD, has answered our questions regarding their Hubspot Platinum partnership and inbound marketing service. Earlier, we have had a Q&A session with Mattan Danino, the Founder & CEO of WEBITMD. This time, team members of WEBITMD joined the session too. We would like to take the opportunity to thank …

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Recommendations of Digital Silk Founder Gabriel Shaoolian to Entrepreneurs Planning to Build a Digital Agency

The Founder and CEO of Digital Silk, Gabriel Shaoolian, answered our questions regarding the digital marketing industry, his career and experiences in digital marketing. He also advised the entrepreneurs planning to build a digital agency and told us what customers should expect from a top digital agency. Q1: What was your motivation to start your …

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Ridgeway Director Simon Cole Speaks About The Evolution Of Digital And The Industry

Ridgeway Director Simon Cole talks about his experience on digital marketing and agency’s journey. Simon Cole here on the line, speaks about the structures and concepts at the agency and how they overcome the challenges throughout his journey. You can also find his opinions on digital marketing innovations and how to make use of them. …

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