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Screendragon is a work management platform designed for marketing, agency and professional services teams. It is a fully integrated solution combining project management, resource management & forecasting, creative proofing, workflow automation, budget management and more. It is used and loved by global brands and agencies like Kellogg’s, BP, TBWA and McCann World Group.

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Screendragon is a powerful work management solution designed for marketing, agency & professional services teams. Manage projects, processes, profits and people all on one seamlessly integrated solution. We help companies to streamline their operations, improve speed-to-market and reduce costs. Screendragon is used and loved by global brands and agencies like Kellogg’s, The International Olympic Committee, TBWA & McCann World Group.

Screendragon Features

Workflow Automation
Resource Forecasting
Task Management
Budget Management
Asset Management
Customisable Reports
Customisable Templates
Dashboard Creation
Time & Expense Tracking
Real-time Collaboration
Advanced Permissions
Creative Proofing

Screendragon Reviews

Overall Ratings 100-200 Reviews
Software Features & Functionality
Powerful targeting

Users have mentioned that Screendragon's targeting options are effective in reaching the right audience and they saw a significant increase in their website traffic shortly after starting to use Screendragon.

Integrated marketing automation (IMA)

The integrated marketing automation capability is highly appreciated by the users as it is cost-effective. With this capability, they have been able to automate their marketing campaigns without breaking the bank.

Agency expertise

Agency owners that use Screendragon have reported that it helps them manage their clients' digital advertising campaigns effortlessly thanks to its variety of features, including campaign planning, budgeting, execution, and reporting.

Complete reporting

Most users have said that Screendragon provides them with the ability to track and measure resource time, productivity metrics, costs, and other data. The interactive dashboards have aced the users as they can quickly gain insights or build custom reports from scratch.

Integrations with Top Marketing SaaS
Easy integrations with multiple SaaS

Users, mostly agencies, have addressed to Screendragon's easy integration ability with other popular marketing and sales platforms such as Salesforce, HubSpot, Marketo, etc.

Intuitive user interface

Some agencies have stated that Screendragon's user interface can be easily branded to match their agency's voice and style.

Different pricing plans based on needs

Users have said that Screendragon's pricing plans are designed for agencies, so they are cost-effective.

Customer Service
Excellent customer support

Users have generally praised the Screendragon's customer service for being knowledgeable. They said that the support teams were able to answer their questions in a clear and concise way.

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