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Best Marketing Reporting Tools for Agencies

Explore the best all-in-one marketing reporting tools for digital marketing agencies and small businesses which provides real-time data from all your marketing channels. Choose the best one which suits your needs to take your marketing reporting to the next level.

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Whatagraph is an online platform used by marketing agencies, in-house marketing departments and freelancers to review, monitor and report on the performance of their marketing campaigns. Whatagraph pulls data from multiple channels directly integrated into the platform.



DashThis is the easiest automated marketing reporting tool created to help marketers save hours of work and create their reports in the blink of an eye. Our support team are real reporting experts and we promise to offer the best customer experience there is.



Marketing reporting software designed for agencies. Save time, boost revenue and impress clients with insightful reports and live dashboards. Report on SEO, PPC, call tracking, social media, email marketing, and more with 75+ integrations.


Visual Visitor

Consent-Based Identification of the Person Visiting Your Website Including First Name, Last Name, Email & 37 Other Data Points



Productive is an end-to-end platform for agency management. Our tool’s main objective is to provide agencies and service providers with a complete and real-time overview of their business.



Save time, lower your ad spend and enjoy the best ad performance possible. Adzooma's PPC optimization and automation tools enable you to run multiple advertising campaigns in just minutes per day. Build entire campaigns, make mass changes and easily track performance.



Rankability is helping agencies create SEO content.



Sitechecker is an All-in-One SEO Tool that enhances online visibility and site performance. It offers SEO audits, rank tracking, and website monitoring to boost search rankings. Perfect for agencies and businesses aiming for top SEO results and an improved web presence.



Intelligent lead capture, personalized website messaging, and audience analytics to convert more visitors into customers.



Funnelytics is a platform that combines whiteboarding technology with powerful data analytics to help performance driven marketers and agencies align their teams and close more clients by planning, visualizing, and optimizing their marketing funnel strategies.

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    DAXRM is an all-in-one Digital Agency extended relationship management (CRM) solution. Integrate your marketing platforms, track data and rankings in real time, take control of your client and project management, and generate compelling reports.

  • agency-dashboard-marketing-reporting-tools

    Agency Dashboard

    Agency Dashboard - A Super Accurate Reporting Tool for tracking & managing multiple marketing campaigns for simpler and faster results.

  • coefficient-marketing-reporting-tools


    Coefficient is a sidebar app for Google Sheets. Coefficient connects to any data source, imports live data into Google Sheets, automates spreadsheet workflows, and exports data into your business systems.

  • datamyth-marketing-reporting-tool


    DataMyth is a SaaS-based automated reporting tool that helps digital marketers build reports with data, graphs, and written analysis at the click of a button. Once set up, DataMyth reports will reduce your time spent building reports with analysis to a few minutes.

  • clicdata-marketing-reporting-tool


    ClicData is a leading-edge innovative Business Intelligence (BI) SaaS software that allows you to quickly connect, automate, combine and visualize data in interactive dashboards for your internal and customers' reporting.

  • Semrush

    Semrush is an all-in-one digital marketing platform that helps businesses of all sizes achieve measurable results. From SEO to content, social media, competitive research and more, you can do it all in Semrush. Automate tasks using SEO automation. Trusted by millions of marketers worldwide.

  • hubspot-marketing-hub-marketing-automation-tool

    HubSpot Marketing Hub

    With Hubspot Marketing Hub, all your marketing and SEO tools and data are on one easy-to-use, powerful platform. You’ll save valuable time and get all the context you need to provide a personalized experience that attracts and converts the right customers at scale.

  • mediaocean-marketing-advertising-tool


    Mediaocean is the mission-critical platform for omnichannel advertising. Mediaocean provides foundational software to connect brands, agencies, media, technology, and data.

  • octoboard-marketing-reporting-tool


    Automated marketing reporting, eCommerce analytics, paid advertising analytics and B2B leads generation platform for marketing agencies and eCommerce stores.

  • swydo-marketing-reporting-tool


    Swydo is a powerful reporting and monitoring platform for online marketers that is easy to use. Swydo generates automated reports of your consultant's accomplishments.

  • marketing-analytics-tool-adverity


    Adverity is an intelligent marketing analytics platform specialized in enabling data-driven marketing teams to make better decisions and improve performance, faster and easier. They reduce the complexity in demonstrating the return on investment of multichannel campaigns.

  • cluvio-marketing-reporting-tool


    Cluvio is a cloud analytics platform for startups and SMEs that allows creating interactive dashboards based on SQL and R and share them within your team.

  • puddingai-marketing-reporting-tool

    With you can easily improve creative strategies for future ad campaigns, get real-time insights for all your ads creative and share data between your media & creative teams.

  • trevorio-marketing-reporting-tool makes it easy for everyone on your team to get answers from data and create beautiful charts. A little bit like Excel, but for databases, lets you manipulate your data in an unlimited number of ways

  • windsorai-marketing-reporting-tool helps marketers to increase sales through AI technology and measure the impact of their marketing spending quantitatively.

  • marketing-miner-marketing-reporting-tool

    Marketing Miner

    Marketing Miner is a data mining tool for true SEO specialists, with components for keyword analysis, search engine position measurement, and more.

  • measureful-marketing-reporting-tool


    Measureful pulls your digital marketing data together, analyzes, and reports on your top stories every week and month. Simple, insightful reports help marketers focus on the important points across all channels.

  • crazy-egg-marketing-reporting-tool

    Crazy Egg

    Crazy Egg lets you visualize your website's visitors through a heatmap. A heatmap is an easy way to understand what users want, care about and do on your site by visually representing their clicks which are the strongest indicators of visitor motivation and desire.

  • demandjump-marketing-reporting-tool


    DemandJump is making the future of data-driven marketing a reality. With prescriptive cross-channel analytics and algorithmic attribution modelling, you'll finally get the whole story.

  • bombora-marketing-reporting-tool


    Bombora's data aligns marketing and sales teams, enabling them to base their actions on the knowledge of which businesses are actively researching what products, and the intensity of that research.

  • gooddata-marketing-reporting-tool


    GoodData is revolutionizing the way companies are providing analytics to their customers and partners. They provide access to business reporting, dashboards, and ad analytics that is timely, relevant and customizable.

  • bettermetrics-marketing-reporting-tool


    With BetterMetrics, you can automatically export your digital marketing data from Google Ads, Facebook Ads and Bing Ads to a live Google Sheets spreadsheet, so you always know exactly how much you've spent.

  • deepdivr-marketing-reporting-tool


    The deepdivr platform helps businesses and agencies increase social media ROI. The platform helps well-known companies and agencies spending less time on monitoring and reporting on campaigns.

  • reportz-marketing-reporting-tool


    Reportz is a reporting tool designed to save you time and money on periodic reporting tasks trough utilization of interactive dashboards.

  • ninjacat-marketing-reporting-tool


    NinjaCat is a scalable reporting platform built for agencies, media companies, and multi-location brands. They enable you to connect all your marketing data sources into a single platform, build and automate reports and dashboards.

  • tableau-software-marketing-reporting-tool

    Tableau Software

    Tableau Software helps people see and understand data. Offering a revolutionary new approach to business intelligence, Tableau allows you to quickly connect, visualize, and share data with a seamless experience from the PC to the iPad.

  • comscore-marketing-reporting-tool


    Comscore is a trusted partner for planning, transacting, and evaluating media across platforms. Comscore allows media buyers and sellers to quantify their multiscreen behavior and make business decisions with confidence.

  • klipfolio-marketing-reporting-tool


    Klipfolio is the new way everyday people and their teams make informed decisions, backed by data. Klipfolio is a data analytics cloud app for building and sharing real-time business dashboards and reports on web browsers, TV monitors and mobile devices.

  • tapclicks-marketing-reporting-tool


    TapClicks, Inc. is a leading marketing technology company for agencies, media companies, brands, and enterprises. Its integrated Marketing Operations Platform includes sales enablement, workflow and order management, analytics, and automated reporting.

  • reportgarden-marketing-reporting-tool


    ReportGarden helps online ad agencies create analysis and performance reports for their clients. They do this by linking with their AdWords, analytics, bing ads account using APIs, and loading data into their reports.

  • supermetrics-marketing-reporting-tool


    Supermetrics helps over half a million marketers and analysts move data from popular marketing and ad platforms like Facebook, Google, and HubSpot to their favorite analytics, reporting, and data warehouse platforms. Over 10% of global ad spend is reported through Supermetrics.

  • grow-com-marketing-reporting-tool


    Grow is the #1 business intelligence dashboard for small and medium-sized businesses. Grow makes it easy and affordable to visualize and share your business performance in real-time by uniting data from hundreds of sources.

How to Choose the Best Marketing Reporting Tools?

As every business has a single set of requirements, marketing reporting software plays a vital function in business maintenance. Data sources don’t have to be a nightmare in the digital marketing world. That means we should get the help of agency reporting tools against today’s data overload. It builds a marketing reporting dashboard and deep analytics reports of the most important marketing KPI’s, ROI, trends, strategies and marketing campaigns.

Moreover, most of the reporting software lets you combine all marketing data from Google Analytics to Facebook Ads. Simply, it allows you to keep track of all your marketing data like basic email marketing activities, automation, social ads etc. So, you can save hours of work and smooth your agency reporting process. While these tools save you time, there is another key point you should keep in your mind which is accuracy. We can make mistakes, we’re all human right? But your automated reports don’t have this chance as they will affect your budget directly.

Another point is if you’re an agency that wants to create monthly agency client reports using these marketing reporting tools for agencies, your main concern would be their automation system. As they create clients reports automatically, it will both cut the budget and increase the productivity of your agency for sure.

Lastly, marketing reporting will guide you on where to focus and effort in marketing. To proceed more accurately in this competitive environment, you should pay attention to your business goals and determine if there’s something wrong. In this case, reporting the right marketing metrics with the right marketing reporting tools will save your business.

Key Criteria to Evaluate Marketing Reporting Tools


User Experience

Before investing in a marketing reporting tool analyze the benefits that it can bring to your business. You can search for several things in advance like does it have easy-to-use features, do users can easily interact with or does the interface is user-friendly. Since you invest your time and money in it, you should obtain an efficient experience.



Marketing reports show does it worth your efforts, how accurate your reports are and what key points you should focus on to generate sales-ready leads. While they’re doing these, also save you time and money. Some focus on limited features, some provide various benefits in all-in-one software. So, it’s up to your business needs.



Every data can be reported but more importantly where you can access this data from. This data can be transferred from social media, Google Ads or PPC advertising. If you would like to access this type of data from different platforms, you should check before signing up how it is integrating with other tools.


Pricing Policy

Most of the tools have variable pricing range according to the number of dashboards or users. If you’re an individual, you don’t want to pay for access to other dashboards but if you’re a team you should consider unlimited plans with pro features on a monthly basis. Also, if you’re more into trying before the payment, you should consider tools with a free trial version.


Customer Service

In terms of the developments in the digital marketing world, most software has started providing 24/7 customer support or live chatbots. Of course, some haven’t yet. If you’re dealing with the data, things can go wrong at any time and you need to get support immediately. For this reason, great, friendly and on-time customer service is vital.



It’s always nice to see how many businesses use any marketing reporting software, how many of them are happy-users or how long they have used the software etc. Getting answers to at least one of these questions will give you insights into how the software performs.

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