Most Inspiring Mother’s Day Campaign Ideas 2023

Just a kindly reminder: Mother’s Day is on May 8, which is around the corner. For anyone fresh out of ideas and looking for inspiration for digital marketing campaigns or social media posts, look no further!

Mother’s Day offers a chance to show respect and gratitude for all that mothers do for us, who frequently make countless sacrifices. Most of us probably believe that our mothers helped shape who we are. Therefore, this unique day is an excellent opportunity for all brands to connect with mothers of all kind and everything they go through, as a result, execute their marketing properly for Mother’s Day.

Another discussion comes with the question “who is a mom?”. Everyone is not lucky to have their moms around when they are growing up. Some brands draw attention to this and come up with inspiring and emotional campaign ideas for all moms: biological moms, stepmoms, host moms, aunts, pet-moms…


Obviously, being a mom is more than giving birth to someone. If you have an older woman who is always there for you and someone you consider to be your mom, you are lucky. Don’t take this for granted and celebrate their Mother’s Day.

What Are the Best Digital Mother’s Day Ads?

This article aims to give you some ideas for gift-giving and/or for creating a digital campaign for your own brand. You may also want to consider partnering with digital advertising agencies to ace the creative digital campaign game.

Here, we have compiled a list of inspiring digital marketing ideas by brands:

  • Coach Mother’s Day Campaign x Jennifer Lopez – 2023
  • Baby Dove – 2022
  • Sephora Celebrates All Moms – 2022
  • Hallmark Gold Crown Stores – 2020
  • Tesco – 2020
  • UPS Canada – 2020
  • Simon & Schuster Books – 2020
  • Google Home Hub – 2019
  • KFC – 2019
  • Kraft – Swear Like a Mother – 2017

Let’s get started!

Coach x All We Need is Love – 2023

American Luxury brand collaborated yet again with Jennifer Lopez, the brand’s ambassador, for the 2023 Mother’s Day Campaign. JLo shared the sneek peak from the shooting with the following caption:

“Shoutout to all the moms. 💐 It’s almost time to celebrate your main lady (and all that she does!)”


Baby Dove – 2022

Dove and Postpartum Support International collaborated on this heartfelt commercial to raise awareness of the stigmatized struggles of motherhood. Contradicting the typically idealized portrayal of motherhood on social media, the brand urged mothers to use the hashtag #OneRealPressure to share their untold postpartum experiences and difficulties.

Sephora Celebrates All Moms – 2022

As the brand states: “Here’s to the adoptive moms, drag moms, mentor-moms, stepmoms, biological moms, pet moms, and more.” This sincere justification, in our opinion, makes the campaign even more unique. The theme of the campaign was the representation of all “mothers.” The brand presents a variety of mother figures in this emotive ad that go beyond all norms.

Hallmark Gold Crown Stores – 2020

Hallmark leaves some tears on everybody’s eyes with their inspiring TV commercial:

In the video, we see a short story of a girl with down syndrome and how her mom supports her in all her steps. A perfect scene which we can find ourselves in. Mothers are always there for their children and support them no matter what. Unconditional love!

Don’t forget to get a Hallmark card next to your gift to your mom.

Tesco – 2020

Tesco is a British grocery chain and one of the brands who did not forget about moms who are not biological. Appreciated!

In their Mother’s Day ad, there are real children with their stepmoms, aunts, foster moms… The fact that they are not actors, but they mention their own real stories, makes this ad stand out.

I personally was lucky enough to be raised by my warm-hearted, biological mother. However, I feel blessed to have a host mother whom I met during my exchange year in the USA. She was always there for me whenever I needed or didn’t need a mom around me. Although I am far away from her grave to leave some flowers for her today, I dedicate this article to her on her birthday. Thank you mom for everything!

This paragraph above explains why Tesco’s successful Mother’s Day commercial touched my heart, and I believe it has managed to touch others’ too.

UPS Canada – 2020

Here is a successful social media post for Mother’s Day. UPS Canada did not forget about pet-moms:



If you have a furry pet around you, you really know how they become a part of the family. Especially if you adopt them when they are a baby, they become your children.

UPS Canada has a contest for Mother’s Day on their Twitter and Instagram.

Simon & Schuster Books – 2020

Do you remember the first book you have ever read in your life? Do you remember who has given you that book?

For most of the people, their mothers have led them to read their first book. With this fact, Simon & Schuster Books has created a very inspiring YouTube video:

It is a very smart way to celebrate Mother’s Day for a publisher brand. In the video, there are authors speaking such as Jared Cohen, Armando Lucas Correa and Allice Hoffman. Simon & Schuster Books has also come up with the hashtag #BooksToGiveMom which you can use on your social media posts and share which books your mom gave to you, or which book would you give them.

Google Home Hub – 2019

Who comes to your mind first when you are hurt, happy or feel helpless and vulnerable? I hear you saying “my mom”. Well, Google Home Hub has created a commercial in which they depict examples when children keep saying #HeyMom to call their mothers.

When you are away from your family during COVID-19 and while everything is going digital, Google Home Hub makes it easier to call your mom by just sitting and speaking to it. You can easily call your mom to appreciate her existence and say “#HeyMom , thank you!”. This is a great example of creative Mother’s Day marketing campaigns during this digital transformation era after COVID-19.

KFC – 2019

KFC has got you covered with customizable videos sure to keep her lickin’ her fingers. The KFC video will help her turn “screen time” into “scream time.” To say it right, KFC and Wieden & Kennedy Portland want you to send your mother videos of ‘a bit sweaty’ exotic dancers.

Clad in tearaway pants and bow ties, 10 actual Chippendale’s dancers—led by yet another iteration of Colonel Sanders—flex their collective 60-pack while thanking your mother for all her hard work.

As part of its Mother’s Day celebration, KFC is also introducing a partnership with Cinnabon, featuring dessert biscuits slathered in the pastry chain’s signature cream cheese frosting.

Kraft – Swear Like A Mother – 2017

The idea of “Swear Like a Mother” commercial is based on a Kraft poll that indicated that 74% of mothers admit to swear in front of their children. The woman in the commercial implies that the other 26% of parents who claim they have never swore in front of their children are “full of s—t.”!

The brand collaborated with Melissa Mohr, author of Holy Sh*T: A Brief History of Swearing, to develop a video about alternative curse words that moms can use around their children to avoid parenting disasters. In addition, Kraft released Mother’s Day cards with Fail-Cancelling Earplugs to protect your children’s ears during those less-than-motherly times.

Swear Like a Mother received over 4 and a half million views, 70 million social impressions, and 769,000 likes, comments, and retweets in just nine days after its debut. Overall, it had approximately 387 million impressions around the world.

We do not appreciate Mother Earth only on Earth Day. It is and should be the same with the Mother’s Day too, meaning that we should thank our moms every day.

All these campaigns are highly effective to bring awareness to these special days and social media is mostly the place where you want to display your campaigns. But make sure you look into collaborating with social media companies if you have trouble coming up with effective ideas. And working with creative agencies can be the best choice, as they have the expertise to amplify your campaigns. We love these times in the year because it brings out the most creativity in digital marketing and brands of all stripes are celebrating Mother’s Day in their own unique way!