Inspirational Earth Day Marketing Campaigns and Ideas

Earth Day is the day to appreciate what our planet has been giving us. At least we have one day, April 22, to thank for it once a year worldwide. Brands try to raise awareness about the planet with their creative Earth Day campaigns, ads, and social media posts.

Since 2020, many people have been focusing more on Earth. As the conditions of the pandemic forced tons of people to stay at home, billions of human beings missed being in nature, spending time around the trees, enjoying the beauty of the seas, or simply breathing fresh air outdoors. And hopefully, such harsh conditions have made the residents of Earth realize that they are not its owners, but only a part of it.

In this blog post, we aim to take a deep dive into Earth Day marketing campaigns to demonstrate what famous brands do for sustainability and make you wonder if they are greenwashing or if they are sincere. 


Earth Day and Digital Marketing Campaigns

As people’s perspectives change and they start to care more about the climate crisis and humankind’s future on this planet, marketing campaigns change too. Brands and companies have to adjust and update themselves according to customers’ needs so as to survive in the digital world. They have to adapt quickly to consumers’ needs and behaviors. With environmental concerns becoming more and more essential, the actions of major companies and brands can heavily affect consumer behavior. Brands can turn this special day into an advantage by creating smart, impressive, and creative ads and social media posts for Earth Day.

As the world tries to live and stay alive for 4,543 billion years, technology and the digital industry are on the way to helping. Therefore, brands and organizations act more sensitively when it comes to environmental ethics, especially these days. Gen Y and Z are trying to create a 100% reusable culture, and this triggers brands to create an impression when it comes to green topics.

The majority of companies, brands, and organizations have updated their ways of working. It has brought enlightenment to the whole world. They have realized the importance of both the environment and digital technology. Earth Day is where they overlap. So, it is the perfect special day and an opportunity for the brands to digitally display what they can do!

The brands need to come up with inspirational campaign ideas for Earth Day, but they have to be very careful and delicate as these are unprecedented times for marketing as well as for people.

We hope to see more brands raising awareness about sustainability every year.

Inspiring Earth Day Campaign Examples from Brands

Here we have compiled a bunch of creative Earth Day campaigns, ads, and posts by brands to get inspired:

  • YouTube | NFP – 2022
  • TikTok | #EarthDay – 2022
  • Earth Day Network | #investinourplanet – 2022
  • Jack Wolfskin | Not My Plastic, But My World – 2021
  • American Museum of Natural History | Road to Recovery – 2021
  • Google | GoogleDoodle – 2021
  • Hyundai | For Tomorrow – 2021
  • Apple | Every product carbon neutral by 2030 – 2021
  • NASA | Earth Day Posters and Wallpaper – 2020
  • Apple | Here We Are – 2020
  • Microsoft | Earth Day Theme for Windows 10 – 2020
  • Budweiser Canada | Raise One for Our Planet – 2020
  • Nike | Earth Day Pack – 2019
  • The North Face | Explore Mode – 2019

YouTube | NFP – 2022

In 2022, YouTube shared a World Earth Day creative ad and utilized the waves created by the NFT world that year to highlight a simple yet powerful message: our planet, Earth, is the most unique and valuable gem. We think that this ad stands out as one of the most influential Earth Day social media posts to date.

TikTok | #EarthDay – 2022

TikTok’s #EarthDay campaign generated a huge hype on the platform with users actively creating content to promote the restoration of our planet, raise awareness about the climate crisis, and share sustainable living tips. By using the #EarthDay hashtag, TikTok users share their ways of contributing to sustainability and humankind’s future on Earth. 

Here’s a video posted as a part of TikTok’s Earth Day social media campaign focusing on sustainable fashion:


#Ad Some simple steps we can take to shop smarter with @SUPERDRY . Do you have any tips? #LearnOnTikTok #EcoTok #SustainableFashion #superdry

♬ original sound – ssolana

And another one about restoring the planet and protecting nature:


#howto upcycle your old milk and juice cartons! 😊 #diy #reuse #recycle #plants #planttok #upcyling #plantdad #zerowaste

♬ Sunny Day – Ted Fresco


Earth Day Network | #investinourplanet – 2022

Earth Day Network is an organization with the mission to diversify, educate, and activate the environmental movement worldwide. They announced the theme for Earth Day 2022 will be Invest in Our Planet.

Kathleen Rogers, the president of, said:

 In 2022, we all must enter into one partnership for the planet. People, governments, and even most businesses fear change, but the status quo—the way we live today—is changing before our eyes. In building our future, individuals, businesses, governments each have a unique role – we need to act individually and together. Unlike other historic economic revolutions, this time there are two additional imperatives: The first is to save ourselves from the climate crisis, and the second is to build new green economies in every country so that everyone can share in the benefits from this green revolution. This will only be done if we invest in our planet’s future together.

Jack Wolfskin | Not My Plastic, But My World – 2021

One of the Earth Day social media campaigns with high engagement rates is created by an outdoor clothing brand, Jack Wolfskin.


Bu gönderiyi Instagram’da gör


JACK WOLFSKIN (@jackwolfskin)’in paylaştığı bir gönderi

We hope this catchy and original song helps us all take real action against plastic pollution.

American Museum of Natural History | Road to Recovery – 2021

The Earth Day 2021 ad by the American Museum of Natural History may sound very pessimistic at first as it is speaking about the facts of 2020. Don’t get depressed and watch the video until you see what actions we can and should actually start taking immediately to keep our planet and our lives safe.

As this Earth Day video also says, the pandemic has shown that we can work together to meet big challenges and save lives. We can decide together and affect how the next Earth Days will look.

Google | GoogleDoodle – 2021

Probably all of us visit Google’s homepage at least once a day to check something out. We think it is a wonderful way to remind people about special days through a Google doodle. Here is the one they have for Earth Day 2021:

Hyundai | For Tomorrow – 2021

Hyundai and the United Nations Development Programme are collaborating on the For Tomorrow project. The project aims to create a more inventive and sustainable future by addressing the world’s current environmental concerns.

Hyundai is committed to doing the right thing the right way, and its involvement in this grassroots sustainability effort demonstrates its commitment to improving the world by raising awareness and encouraging everyone to participate. If you’re interested, you can visit their website to learn more about the initiative. 

Apple | Every product carbon neutral by 2030 – 2021

In 2021, Apple released a video on its Youtube channel, promising that by 2030, every Apple product will be carbon neutral.

You can find more detailed information about their actions for this cause on Apple’s website which is dedicated to the environment!

NASA | Earth Day Posters and Wallpaper – 2020

When we think about the real pictures of Earth, NASA is probably the first name that one can think of. In 2020, NASA combined art and science for the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. NASA’s artist Jenny Mottar created posters and wallpaper depicting the importance of our planet. She explains her inspiration and process for creating the 2020 NASA Earth Day posters in a YouTube video.


That was a very creative campaign idea for Earth Day. If you are interested in downloading the posters in different resolution options, NASA’s annual Earth Day celebration includes a collection of colorful posters. By clicking on each image, you may obtain high-resolution printable PDF versions.

Apple | Here We Are – 2020

Apple released a short movie on April 17. A 7-year-old boy is hearing the details of the planet earth from their parents and an art exhibit. Apple again came up with a great ad campaign idea by creating a movie that is available exclusively on Apple TV+. This Earth Day ad was a good reason to start having Apple TV+. Here is the official trailer:

Babies and children seem to be tiny to their parents and their elders. The whole human beings are a lot smaller from the planet’s perspective. Our family house is the first place where we learn the feeling of home. From a wider perspective, our planet is our real home. We should keep feeling safe and secure by taking care of our planet just like we are taking care of our family homes.

Microsoft | Earth Day Theme for Windows 10 – 2020

Microsoft has released 4K theme packs for Windows 10. It includes very beautiful pictures, which increase the need to appreciate the planet. There are two themes called Earth Day Living World 2020 and Earth Day Natural World 2020. You can personalize your Windows 10 with the Earth themes from Microsoft.


Budweiser Canada | Raise One for Our Planet – 2020

Budweiser Canada says:

Even though we can’t celebrate with our friends this year, we can still raise one for our beautiful planet.


With their social media posts, Budweiser Canada also announced their new can. Raise it for our lovely planet, but don’t throw it in the ocean when you are done; instead, put it in the recycle bins!

Nike | Earth Day Pack – 2019

Another crucial factor was the desire to reduce the environmental footprint associated with leather manufacturing, which not only uses a lot of energy and chemicals but also results in a great deal of leftover scrap material. The mission became not only to invent a better version of leather but also to reinvent the material production process to be more sustainable. Here’s a detailed look at how engineers, scientists, and designers created Nike’s lowest-carbon-footprint leather material ever.



The North Face | Explore Mode – 2019

Earth Day aims to draw attention to our beloved planet. The North Face comes up with a great slogan and starts a petition saying that Earth Day should be a national holiday. In their video, they explain why:

This shows a great example of inspirational posts by brands. The North Face asks people to take a break from what they are used to doing in their daily lives and go out to explore nature. While exploring the world, of course, they suggest having outdoor clothes by The North Face in their Earth Day ads. It is a very clever way to find something in common between your brand and Earth Day. Therefore, you get a great marketing idea for both your brand awareness and showing that you care about the environment. Speaking of marketing ideas, here’s our selection of the best digital marketing agencies and creative agencies that can take your brand to the next level with their creative ideas!

Wrapping Up

We should not keep taking for granted what the Earth gives us. Planet Earth has been going through a lot due to consumerism and wild capitalism, and we’d better stop hurting our mutual home for our future, as the Earth can regenerate itself without us.

Here’s another blog post from us about our planet and how to save it from ourselves with the help of sustainability-focused marketing campaigns.