DAN Case Study: AgencyAnalytics Received 250 Qualified Leads in a Year as a DAN Member

A success story about how one of our DAN Tools member, AgencyAnalytics overcame common challenges as a SaaS tool, benefited from their membership with us and what being a DAN member offered them has recently come together in a case study.

They shared with us what they encountered when finding and reaching potential customers, their insights on common reporting challenges along with where they stand in the highly competitive SaaS world in the future.

They said that DAN has enabled them to reach decision-makers in marketing agencies of all sizes, so that they have received more web traffic from quality marketing agencies, resulting in an increase in customers. They underlined that the featured tool ads placement has especially contributed to the visibility among their ideal customer base.

Meaning that, by utilizing the benefits of being a DAN member, AgencyAnalytics has managed to:

  • Generate more qualified leads
  • Attract traffic
  • Easily reach digital agencies

As a result, they have gained 250 quality leads during the year they have been a DAN member and 36 of those agencies signed on as happy customers to date.

To find out in more detail about all the benefits that AgencyAnalytics enjoyed by becoming a DAN member, download our case study below.