Father’s Day Advertising Campaigns From Famous Brands in 2022

Undoubtedly, every day is the best day to show our love for our fathers and all father figures. But still, Father’s Day is here to highlight our appreciation. However, what makes this day special for the marketing world is also amazing Father’s Day ad campaigns around the globe. 

Honestly, the brands have enough reasons to work hard to find creative and impactful Father’s Day marketing ideas. Here are some of these reasons. The research results of NRF show that

  • The average expected spending on Father’s Day in 2022 in the USA is USD 171.79.
  • Even though more than half of the participants are planning to buy greeting cards, they are also interested in purchasing gift cards, clothing, and special outings.
  • This year, people are also planning to give a gift of an experience or a subscription box.
  • They also want to find a Father’s Day gift that’s unique or different and a gift that creates a special memory.

Therefore, brands can get the attention of their target audience with eye-catching Father’s Day marketing ideas.

Worth remembering: While Father’s Day ads campaigns bring their brand forward, ad campaigns aim to create awareness about a topic. And they connect their brand more organically. They don’t even need to mention the brand directly.

With love to all fathers and father figures who can spread their love!

Best Father’s Day Ads

It may not be easy to create unique but memorable Father’s Day ad campaigns for your brand, or your customers as a digital agency. Here, we have compiled the best Father’s Day advertising campaigns from famous brands to inspire you for your next campaign ideas.

  • Nike – 2021
  • Dove Men+Care – 2021
  • Gillette – 2016
  • Tesco – 2020
  • Dollar Shave Club – 2019
  • SheaMoisture Men – 2021
  • Jimmy Kennel Live – 2017
  • Hallmark UK and Ireland – 2019

Nike – 2021

Our fathers are our superheroes. And if we’re lucky, we know that they are always there to cheer us up and motivate us to do our best. In their Father’s Day ad 2021, Nike explains it really well:

Dove Men+Care – 2021

Dove had a pretty new perspective on their Father’s Day campaign in 2021. By providing fathers and father figures with resources to help them care for themselves, the brand reminded them of a very crucial thing: Fathers can offer better care for their kids when they feel good.

A Storybook Surprise – Dove men+care

Also, it was the second year of the pandemic, which caused various mental and emotional degeneration. So, the Father’s Day marketing campaign arrived at a perfect time. In addition, Dove is supporting families with essential donations and at-home parenting resources with their Father’s Day ad campaign.

PS: This is also a great example of the difference between advertising campaigns and marketing campaign ideas.

Go Ask Dad – Gillette – 2016

We like this Father’s Day marketing because it focuses on communication with dads. With the non-stop use of the internet, the kids are choosing to learn from the Internet rather than asking their fathers. That was the starting point of the story for Gilette.

For Father’s Day marketing campaign, the brand asked the kids to ask a question online and try doing it according to the video instruction. Then the fathers came and answered the same questions for their kids.

As a result, the kids confirmed that their fathers could guide them better as their guidance was personal. We can also see how communication brings kids and parents closer. It’s a lovely special day marketing campaign.

Tesco – 2020

Here are 3 generations sharing the love. It’s hard times for all of us around the world and sometimes we can’t see our beloved-ones so as to protect them. The pandemic taught us that there is not just one way to show our love and care to each other. In Tesco’s Father’s Day advertising campaign, there is a father and daughter preparing macaroons. Finally, they send it to their father who is at the same time a ground father so that they can share a special moment on Father’s Day.

Dad Bod – Dollar Shave Club – 2019

Dollar Shave Club is a creative and bold company in digital marketing. Their agency took their time to find an attractive Father’s Day marketing idea, and they came up with the Dad Bod video. The campaign is far from a cliché.

It starts quite surprising (even a bit weirdly) and then, drags you into the video with the amazing dance of these fathers. The brand celebrates the different bodies of fathers and adds some fun to the story.

PS: Here, we see another example of inclusive marketing.

A Father’s Lullaby – SheaMoisture Men – 2021

Father’s Day marketing is a good chance to give influencer marketing a try, and SheaMoisture Men did it quite well in 2021. The brand cooperated with Kareem James to celebrate Black fatherhood. The songwriter created an original lullaby,  “Light Inside of You” for the campaign.

I Love You, Dad! – Jimmy Kimmel Live! – 2017

Jimmy Kimmel makes his audience do quirky things and record them traditionally. In 2017, he asked people to yell at their father with love saying “I love you, dad” as loud as possible.

The kids caught their fathers when they really didn’t expect it, and the compilation video is humorous to see. Jimmy Kimmel Live’s YouTube video hit more than 12 million views and got viral, to mention the success of the Father’s Day marketing campaigns.

Hallmark UK and Ireland – 2019

Hallmark’s Father’s Day offering is one of the most emotional Father’s day ads. They show us the modern view of dads with sweet words. They present all dads here, from the baby-wearer to the handyman.

hallmark UK fathers day

Thanks Dad – Kate Spade

Father's Day marketing campaigns

Father’s Day email marketing examples are also inspiring. As a highly impactful branch of digital marketing, emails allow companies to contact the target audience directly. We like this Kate Spade email campaign for Father’s Day as it’s sharp-witted.

If you’re not familiar with the brand, here goes a brief intro: Kate Spade is a womenswear business. So, their target audience doesn’t cover the dads. Therefore, they chose to mention the menswear side of the business, which is Jack Spade. Rather than being too direct, they mentioned Jack Spade in their email organically.

What Is the Importance of Father’s Day Ads?

We celebrate Father’s Day being graceful of their love. The effort of fathers and father-like figures in families are recognized and celebrated worldwide. This way, brands have a great chance to create human contact with real-life experiences and emotions. On Father’s Day, the aim is to honor fatherhood and paternal bonds in addition to their influence on society. From the first time, it was celebrated in 1910, many changed in societies and family structures. Special days such as Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, and Valentine’s Day are influential for brands, especially if they are directly related to their target audience. So these days deserve a bit of attention to come up with good ideas.

When we look at these Father’s Day marketing ideas, we can even tell that the campaigns are getting more successful if they

  • care about the diversity among the audience,
  • follow up on the trends,
  • create emotions in the audience (they can make you cry, laugh, get surprised, etc.),
  • contribute to public issues.

While creating Father’s Day ads, it is an important matter to know the sensitivity of this day. Brands should know that they are reaching out to people who can have sad memories regarding this day. Hereby, it is necessary to have open-minded and general ideas to express the feelings of all.

Both fathers and father figures, it is their day to celebrate and live special moments with their loved ones, as mothers do on Mother’s Day.