Father’s Day Advertising Campaigns From Famous Brands in 2021

For fathers, and the ones who feel like a father, there are lots of reasons to celebrate this day with joy and proud. Let’s remember this special day with lovely Father’s Day ads below and don’t forget that 20th June is Father’s Day!

Famous brands from all around the world embrace the differences and show off their creativity with special day marketing ideas. Starting with the love we show to our fathers, their Father’s Day ads highlight the simple emotions that we all need. This way, they can get the opportunity to present the brand’s vision with Father’s Day advertising ideas.

If you are not a famous brand, you can also touch the lives of your audience with simple and low-cost campaigns through Father’s Day social media post ideas.

While some of Father’s Day ads are full of emotion, some remind us how marketers can use digital marketing by crossing the lines without stereotypes. This can be possible with inspiring Father’s Day social media posts, or digital and traditional advertising.

On the other hand, people can remember those important days with the memorable campaign ideas of brands. We can all celebrate the way we would like to because any of us is unique so as our fathers.

With love to all fathers and father figures who can spread their love!

Best Father’s Day Ads

It may not be easy to create unique but memorable Father’s Day ad campaigns for your brand, or your customers as a digital agency. Here, we have compiled the best Father’s Day advertising campaigns from famous brands.

  • Nike – 2021
  • Dove Men+Care – 2020
  • Peta – 2020
  • Tesco – 2020
  • Coca Cola – 2019
  • Hallmark UK and Ireland – 2019
  • Samsung – 2019

Nike – 2021

Our fathers are our superheros. And if we’re lucky, we know that they are always there to cheer us up and motivate us to do our best. In their Father’s Day ad 2021, Nike explains it really well:

Dove Men+Care – 2020

Dove reminds us that our dads are anywhere we look at while they are teaching, innovating, holding down the home front and the frontlines with their Father’s Day campaign. Sometimes, they are our friends to have fun, and sometimes they embrace us no matter what.

In addition, Dove is supporting families with essential donations and at-home parenting resources with their Father’s Day ad campaign.

Peta – 2020

Peta agrees that some dads have kids of the four-legged variety. So, they think that they deserve to be honoured by adopting animals rather than buying. Therefore, this Father’s Day, they want them to show us their adopted animals by telling the world that they are #ProudRescueDad.

If you want to be featured on their website as an animal dad, here is a chance! You can post a photo of you with your adopted animal companion by creating a cool sign, indulge in a mini photoshoot, and tell everyone that you’re a #ProudRescueDad. Father’s Day social media posts like these can become a place to express your feelings about this day too. You can see the details of the Father’s Day ad campaign on their website.

Peta also supports gay adoption and celebrate their Father’s Day with an ad campaign too. They show us dads with their lovely cats, warming our hearts a bit.

Tesco – 2020

Here are 3 generations sharing the love. It’s hard times for all of us around the world and sometimes we can’t see our beloved-ones so as to protect them. The pandemic taught us that there is not just one way to show our love and care to each other.

In Tesco’s Father’s Day advertising campaign, there is a father and daughter preparing macaroons. Finally, they send it to their father who is at the same time a ground father so that they can share a special moment on Father’s Day.

Coca Cola – 2019

Sometimes, children can ask tough questions to be answered. Coca Cola thanks dads for their understanding and patience through their Father’s Day ad. Knowing that those answers and the information they teach us to shape our the future, it becomes more and more valuable to celebrate this day.


Hallmark UK and Ireland – 2019

Hallmark’s Father’s Day offering is one of the most emotional Father’s day ads. They show us the modern view of dads with sweet words. They present all dads here, from the baby-wearer to the handyman.

Samsung – 2019

Samsung thinks about the sports lover dads with babies. While they have fun with the exciting sports games, they also have an eye on their babies. The ad campaign highlights the features of Samsung Smart TV that let you manage all your SmartThings-compatible devices. Good news for fathers, they can still enjoy watching and be a great dad!


What Is the Importance of Father’s Day Ads?

We celebrate Father’s Day being graceful of their love. The effort of fathers and father-like figures in families are recognized and celebrated worldwide. This way, brands have a great chance to create human contact with real-life experiences and emotions.

In Father’s Day, the aim is to honour fatherhood and paternal bonds in addition to their influence in society. From the first time it was celebrated in 1910, many changed in societies and family structures.

While creating Father’s Day ads, it is an important matter to know the sensitivity of this day. Brands should know that they are reaching out to people who can have sad memories regarding this day. Hereby, it is necessary to have open-minded and general ideas to express the feelings of all.

Both fathers and father figures, it is their day to celebrate and live special moments with their loved ones, as mothers do on Mother’s Day.