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Best Customer Data Platforms

Explore some of the best customer data platforms creating a unified customer database that is accessible to other systems for marketers and digital agencies. Here’s the list of CDP to manage and organize your database easily.

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  • riyoai-sales-tools, the platform to Optimize, Drive growth & Enhance digital customer experience

  • versium-customer-data-software-tools


    Versium is a data technology company that enables marketers to better identify, understand and reach their ideal prospects across multiple digital touch points.

  • marketing-analytics-tool-adverity


    Adverity is an intelligent marketing analytics platform specialized in enabling data-driven marketing teams to make better decisions and improve performance, faster and easier. They reduce the complexity in demonstrating the return on investment of multichannel campaigns.

  • webengage-customer-data-platform


    Eliminate data silos by unifying customer data from multiple sources and creating a unified view of your customers. Leverage this data to create segments while keeping your data secure.

  • totango-customer-data-platform


    They help our customers deliver value so you can achieve their business outcomes. They believe everyone in an organization should be in the business of customer success, and every team member at Totango strives to deliver value at each phase of your customer journey.

  • optimove-customer-data-platform


    Optimove empowers brands to put their customers first and gain their loyalty for life. Their mission is to unleash brands’ full potential so they can gain their customer’s loyalty for life.

  • census-customer-data-platform


    Census is the first Data Activation platform built on your warehouse. Sync 360° customer data to 200+ business tools today with Reverse ETL. Empower marketing teams to build dynamic audiences with a no-code segment builder.

  • hightouch-customer-data-platform


    Hightouch syncs your data to CRM, e-mail, advertising tools and more. No engineering, manual work, or costly CDP required.

  • bloomreach-customer-data-platform


    Bloomreach fuels e-commerce personalization with the richest set of customer and product data. Their real-time customer data is up-to-the-millisecond fast, and they offer the largest product dataset in e-commerce.

  • salesforce-marketing-customer-data

    Salesforce Customer Data

    Discover the power of Marketing Cloud Customer Data Platform. Learn how you can use Customer Data Platform, powered by Genie, to deliver marketing success now!

  • conscia-customer-data-platform


    Conscia is an intelligent Master Data Platform that empowers digital and marketing teams to power personalized experiences across all channels.

  • nessie-customer-data-platform


    Nessie enables companies to make the most out of the data they have at their fingertips and helps them build extensive customer profiles for effective hyper-personalised campaigns.

  • catalyst-customer-success-software


    With using Catalyst you can proactively take the right actions to prevent churn, such as receiving automated alerts when a customer is not using certain features that are critical to their success.

  • planhat-customer-success-software


    Planhat offers a customer success platform built to make customer success simple. Planhat helps companies manage renewals, reduce churn, increase and identify upsell opportunities, and communicate seamlessly with team members.

  • customer-io-marketing-automation-tool is a versatile marketing automation tool for sending relevant messages based on behavior across web and mobile products. They use real-time data to help you deliver the right message, like sending a reminder over SMS or the perfect onboarding email.

  • klaviyo-email-marketing-tool


    Klaviyo helps growth-focused eCommerce brands drive more sales with super-targeted, highly relevant email, Facebook, and Instagram marketing campaigns.

  • segment-customer-data-platform


    Segment provides the customer data infrastructure that helps businesses put their customers first. Using Segment, companies can collect, unify and connect their first-party data to over 200 marketing, analytics, and data warehouse tools.

What is a Customer Data Platform for Marketing Agencies?

Choosing the best customer data platform for marketing agencies is not the easiest part. As there are many other leading CDP platforms in the market, making a choice is getting harder each day. Over the years, customer data platform tools have become a vital piece in customer data collection including personal, demographic and behavioral data.


Simply put, customer data platform software consolidates data from different customer data points and keeps them organized and easily accessible to unique needs. This detailed collection of data helps improve personalized customer experiences. The CDP platform also groups together real time customer databases across all platforms to create a unified customer profile.


Alongside the dynamic segmentation, customer data tools analyze both customer journeys and customer profiles deeply to give you better insights. Understanding your customers better will help you run successful marketing campaigns. Especially for targeted campaigns, reaching out to the right customers will be crucial.


CDP solutions mostly act as business intelligence tools. These solutions automatize the marketing systems in just the same way as they automatize the journey of data collection. Undoubtedly, this automation ability saves you time and effort. It simply holds the customer data sources for agencies to build their client profiles and nurture relationships. By using the best customer data solution, make your clients more successful.



What are the Key Criteria While Choosing the Best Customer Data Platform for Marketing Agencies?


Before you fully invest in a customer data platform software, you should check out the customer data platform capabilities first. You will probably look for some of the core features such as personalized customer experiences, data collection and management, data protection, data segmentation, easy integration systems, 24/7 accessible customer service and much more.


On the other hand, pricing would be one of the most important determining factors. Most customer data platform vendors offer free trial options alongside the paid versions. It would be better to experience the CDP platform before purchasing and see if it is compatible with your needs. You should also keep in mind that there are various free customer data platforms available in the market.


The final point consists of how the top CDP platforms integrate with other applications. As it manages a single database for customer behaviour, it should be integrated well to deliver meaningful data. CRM, eCommerce and also Help Desk related integrations definitely make the customer data platform for marketing agencies more convenient.

What are the Common Features of Customer Data Platform?


Data Investigation

Customer data platforms investigate both online and offline customer data sources through APIs. It acts like web tracking, CRM, marketing automation tools. That’s why the CDP solutions mostly get involved with CRM solutions as well. All data is transferred to the management dashboard in a way that marketers can easily understand.


Data Processing

Data processing consists of several stages such as combining, transforming, cleansing and enriching data. The system works as an operational management system. Deeply identifying data you have helps create a unified view of your business. This processing also helps eliminate duplicate customer profiles and other problems.


Real time Segmentation

Using the best CDPs, you can create dynamic customer segments and also save them to use later. Once the customer data platform software is connected with your existing tools and customer databases, you can get a unified view of your customers. You can easily generate lists of customers that have a unique quality.


Identity Resolution

Customer data platform tools gather multiple customer data points from different channels during the customer journey. These CDP solutions create only one profile although the data is collected from different customer journeys. So, identity resolution is one of the most important features that the CDP platform offers.


A Single View of the Customer

The data that comes from different data points are processed by the best customer data platforms to create a unified customer profile. These data are grouped in unique customer profiles and allow you to identify better. If you know all the touchpoints well in their journey, you can have insights about them. So, you can offer tailor-made solutions to them.

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