Best Brand Sustainability Ad Campaigns by Companies and Digital Agencies

As consumers, we have the power to influence how brands behave when it comes to sustainability. Regardless of whether you have noticed it yet, we believe we should use this power to shape the future.

Let’s start from the beginning. 

We produce enormous amounts of greenhouse gas emissions from our travels every year. Worst? We support producing dairy products and livestock husbandry and do not limit our consumption of meat… We ought to be conscious of the harm we do to the environment and animals and look for solutions. Currently, the first action that everyone can take is to reduce their carbon footprint.

In all sectors, companies are trying to increase their brand sustainability by promising to reduce their carbon footprints. And we see that it affects consumer behavior. 

Customers check if their favorite brands are working on any social responsibility projects and if they make any official announcements right after any phenomena around the world, etc. And when a brand catches our attention with its sustainability ads, we remember its name when we need to choose between that brand and another one.

In this blog, we want to show you how we affect brands’ actions by sharing different examples from various sectors. We’ll look at some proactive, conscious, and sustainable strategies together.

Best Sustainability Advertising & Marketing Campaigns

Today, in an eco-conscious world, consumers are increasingly drawn to brands that prioritize sustainability, as we stated above. But simply saying you’re “green,” “plant-based,” or “environment friendly” isn’t enough anymore. To resonate with the audience, sustainability needs to be woven into the fabric of your advertising and marketing. 

In this section, we invite you to explore some of the best sustainability campaigns out there, showcasing creative strategies that inspire action and build brand loyalty. From reducing waste to promoting renewable energy, all demonstrate the power of effective, sustainable marketing.

Best Automotive Sustainability Ad Campaigns by Brands

The research shows that in one year alone, Volkswagen’s carbon footprint was greater than the annual greenhouse gas emissions of Australia.

We cannot turn a blind eye to how helpful cars are in our lives. But obviously, the car industry has to change these numbers and reduce its footprint. We don’t think that we can live without cars. Until all cars become lighter, smaller, and electric, we should monitor and analyze brands’ efforts to protect the planet instead of just highlighting our responsibility towards it on Earth Day

Land Rover – Reimagine Strategy

Land Rover is one of the automotive companies with clear statements in its sustainability campaigns. It has a target to be a net zero-carbon brand by 2039.

Tesla – Fully Electric

As the first automotive brand to provide fully electric vehicles only, we can say that Tesla is a pioneer in the sustainability context. Besides its products, Tesla’s marketing strategy and campaigns also demonstrate how it is important to follow the path of sustainability.


The good that tesla does #elonmusk #crypto #tiktok #elonmuskies

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Renault – Scenic Vision

There aren’t traditional advertisements out yet for the production version of the Renault Scenic Vision 2024. Nonetheless, the concept car itself emphasizes sustainability as a fundamental value, making it worthy of a spot on that list. 

That car, which we can call a “hydrogen-electric hybrid powertrain,”  is crafted with a focus on recyclability, showcasing its commitment to reducing waste and creating a more sustainable production cycle. By showcasing such a progressive design, Renault positions itself at the forefront of sustainable transportation, ready to navigate the eco-conscious roads ahead.

Best Fashion Sustainability Ad Campaigns by Brands

Did you know that the water footprint of a single white cotton t-shirt is 2.700 liters?

We’re not here to say much more about this except to ask you, “Would you still buy that shirt if you saw its water footprint on the price tag?” We think that you would give it a second thought if you needed that shirt that much.

Most fashion brands know they cannot become net zero in the blink of an eye. Their supply chains, their prices, and maybe even their customers will be affected. However, they also understand that they need to concentrate on sustainability to remain in the market. 

We hope one day we will all be conscious consumers, and we know for sure that not all brands will love this. Anyway, let’s see what the most sustainable clothing brands are.


As many marketers know, H&M is one of the fashion brands that publishes sustainability reports annually. It may seem like it’s an act to encourage customers to bring old clothes and get special discounts. Actually, the Annual and Sustainability Report is an element of H&M’s marketing strategy, and it serves a dual purpose. 

First, it is a way to openly share the progress on the sustainability goals of H&M. In this way, the brand builds trust with stakeholders, who increasingly value environmentally and socially responsible practices. Customers who wish to support brands that share their values and investors searching for ethical investments fall under this category. 

The report also serves as a tool for accountability. Highlighting their commitments and achievements sets a public benchmark for future progress, ensuring they stay on track with their sustainability goals.

Regarding the report, the Head of Sustainability, H&M Group, declines:

We continue to shift gears as we work towards achieving our 2030 sustainability goals and aligning ourselves with upcoming legislation. Keeping collaboration at heart, I have been constantly inspired by all the conversations we have had this past year with our partners, peers, and changemakers throughout different forums.

Also, here is a related video published by the brand:

Patagonia – Worn Wear (#BetterThanNew)

As is well known, Patagonia is a well-known outdoor clothing brand that is dedicated to environmental activism and producing high-quality, long-lasting equipment. Yvon Chouinard, a rock climber worried about how climbers would affect the environment, founded Patagonia in 1973. Throughout its existence, Patagonia has placed a high priority on sustainability.

One of their most impactful initiatives is the Worn Wear program. Beyond being a simple marketing campaign, the program fosters a deeper connection between people and their gear. Through the Worn Wear stories initiative, Patagonia highlights the unique narratives embedded within worn and repaired Patagonia garments.

The caption for the video also highlights “repairing things instead of replacing them with something new:” 

Running a hundred miles in the backcountry, surfing perfect waves around the world, climbing a world-famous skyline for the first time—experiences like these require well-made gear that performs in the toughest conditions. In this short video, Tommy Caldwell, Keith Malloy, and Keira Henninger share stories about their favorite things and why they’d rather keep using and repairing those things instead of replacing them with something new.

Stella McCartney 

Being a sustainable fashion line does not mean only using plastic bottles and wasted materials to create a collection, but also supporting vegan and cruelty-free products. 

A luxury fashion brand, Stella McCartney, is known for pioneering vegan materials like Mylo™ or Econyl. Back in 2023, the well-known Harry Potter star Emma Watson appeared on the cover of Vogue in McCartney’s vegan dress while holding a rescued animal. 

Even though it’s not a direct commercial, it highlighted both Stella McCartney’s commitment to vegan materials and sustainable practices, while leveraging Emma Watson’s star power and association with social consciousness.

Wondering about other fashion brands stealing “vegan hearts?” Do not hesitate to check out sustainable & green digital marketing examples.

Best Cosmetics Sustainability Ad Campaigns by Brands

The brands in the cosmetics industry are among the most attention-grabbing ones, as everyone’s eyes are on them. Let’s see some examples of cosmetics brands caring about sustainability.


Lush is known for its environmentally sustainable projects. It is one of the leaders who have been trying to make brand sustainability possible. You can learn more from its sustainability policy, but here’s a summary of what Lush does in its sustainability journey:

  • uses 100% recycled bottles and bags,
  • focuses on producing solid products to use less water and save 450,000 liters per year only by selling shampoo bars.


According to research published by Stanford Magazine, in the United States alone, approximately 12 billion pads and 7 billion tampons are discarded each year.

The solution can be menstrual cups, as they are not only more environmentally sustainable but also cheaper and healthier! 

On Lunette’s YouTube channel, the team answers FAQs about the cups.

The Body Shop

Here is a lovely brand sustainability project by The Body Shop. The brand has been focused on collecting empty packages to recycle and gradually making its packaging 100% recyclable


Don’t we all love brands like this? Kiehl works on sustainable formulas and packaging as a part of its “Future Made Better” journey.


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Best Food & Beverage Sustainability Ad Campaigns by Brands

Let’s start with another fact.

The water footprint for a cup of coffee, which you cannot start the day without, is approximately 140 liters.

According to a study published by National Geographic, only in the USA 500 million straws are used per day. Let’s imagine how the material choice for such products can affect the environment.


Going on with “the first global beverage brand” recycling as much plastic as they use, according to its sustainability report, Corona. 

As you may know, the well-known beer brand has been actively involved in tackling plastic pollution since 2008 through beach cleanups and awareness campaigns. However, the brand seems to have room for improvement to be considered a “truly” sustainable brand. It’s also true that Corona is part of a large corporation with a broader environmental impact to consider.

Let’s jump into a “real” sustainable beverage brand. 

Oatly – Normalize It 

Here is a successful attempt to raise awareness about plant-based milk and challenge traditional dairy consumption habits!

Oatly’s “Normalize It” ad campaign is a thought-provoking one that tackles the idea of plant-based alternatives becoming more mainstream. 

The ad, which encourages people to view plant-based milk as a regular and accepted choice, just like dairy milk, gained significant attention for its boldness and sparked conversations about plant-based lifestyles and sustainability.

In case you have not seen it yet, here is the video:

Every year 160 million liters of subsidized cow’s milk is served in schools all over Europe within the EU school scheme, building a preference for dairy products while children’s eating habits are being established.  At the same time, the EU wants us to increase the consumption of plant-based foods as one of the ways to achieve the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. 

Here’s the good news! Right now, the European Union has opened a public consultation, allowing us to cheer them on toward including plant-based drinks in the school scheme. Sign the petition our friends at ProVeg are hosting and give kids the right to choose plant-based! #schoolmilk

Best IT & Technology Sustainability Ad Campaigns by Brands

Before we dive into the examples from the industry, it’s worth noting that it’s ultimately your decision whether to believe in the sustainability ads and pledges made by IT and tech brands.

Here’s our selection from the IT & technology industry:


Some companies release their sustainability report every year to keep their consumers updated with the latest status. Samsung, for example, stated in its 2022 sustainability report that the brand aims to collect 7.5 million tons of discarded products by 2030.

The tech powerhouse also has a webpage dedicated to its goals and achievements. 

  • Highest grade in Zero Waste-to-Landfill certification attained for five of DX Division’s global business sites and seven of DS Division’s global business sites

  • Partnership agreements to promote the use of treated wastewater signed with Korea’s Ministry of Environment and relevant local governments in November 2022 (DS Division)

  • Partnership agreement signed with Korea Rural Community Corporation dedicated to water resource management in December 2022 (DX Division)


We all know that big companies have been declaring one after another that they will be carbon neutral soon, and of course, Apple is one of them. In its 2021 ad campaign, the brand stated that every single Apple product will be 100% carbon neutral by 2030.

Because the Earth won’t wait. And neither will we.


Best Nonprofit Organizations (NPO) and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO) Sustainability Ad Campaigns

Nonprofit organizations (NPOs) and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are doing amazing work to promote sustainability around the world. To help spread their message and inspire change, they create some pretty awesome ad campaigns. Let’s take a look at some of the best NPO and NGO sustainability ad campaigns.


Back in 2018, Greenpeace created an ad campaign that tugged at our heartstrings. It’s called “Rang-tan,” and it aims to raise awareness about the environmental impact of palm oil production. The ad features an adorable orangutan who shows us just how devastating deforestation caused by palm oil can be. We think it’s an incredibly powerful ad campaign about sustainability; What do you think?



In 2020, WWF launched an advertising campaign called “Stop Wildlife Crime.” In this campaign, WWF uses striking images of animals with slogans like “Don’t buy wildlife products” and “Demand justice for wildlife.” We all hope that WWF inspires both individuals and governments to take action to protect wild


Best Sustainability Actions by Digital Agencies

We admire how fast digital agencies adapt and lead when it comes to taking real actions for social phenomena such as diversity, inclusion, and sustainability.

Of course, these creative marketing companies work with a lot of brands from different sectors to broaden their vision. But, we have to give them credit for being so good at it. Although these are not quite sustainability-focused ads, they are very creative actions to inspire others. 


Propeller is a 360° digital agency with offices in London, Manchester, and New York. This agency has done a lot of great work focusing on a greener future. For example, it made partnerships with Feeding Britain & Feeding America, One Tree Planted, and TerraCycle®, as stated in its press release.


Luminary is an Australian digital agency that is known for its NGO partners. Since 2019, the agency has been carbon neutral, with its emissions offset by the Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Reforestation Project in Western Australia. It has also had team tree-planting days and switched to aluminum bottles and reusable coffee cups in its offices, replacing plastic bottles and throwaway coffee cups.

Also, Luminary is officially certified as a B Corp, confirming its commitment to corporate social responsibility.

The Crowd

The Crowd is a well-known global marketing agency providing services in Australia, the Netherlands, Spain, the UAE, China, the UK, Germany, and the US. It released a sustainability marketing guide in 2021 analyzing why businesses must work for the planet. Additionally, The Crowd stated that they are making improvements to become a B-Corp-certified agency.

Last Words

If we want to consume sustainable products, brands will have to produce them. Eventually, they will come up with the best environmental sustainability ad campaigns. 

And if you want to get some professional help promoting your sustainability-focused services or products, you can check out the top advertising agencies. And if you are planning to merely focus on the digital side, here’s a list of digital marketing agencies