Top Fascinating 2023 Ad Campaigns Of Christmas So Far

Another year has gone by and the holiday season is finally here! The best side of being in the festive season is of course the heart-warming Christmas ad campaigns to make us feel closer to our loved ones and in the middle of all the chaos, it serves as a beacon of hope. To celebrate Christmas and the New Year, we have compiled the best ad campaigns for you in this article.

During the holiday season, everything becomes cozier; we decorate our house and the Christmas tree, start opening our advent calendars and try to wrap up the year on a much more positive note. Christmas markets are built and lights equip the whole city. We also prepare ourselves for the upcoming new year, set new goals, and overall enjoy the most beautiful time of the year.

Of course, there is always a rush during the Christmas season since getting presents is also an essential part of the holidays. With that, many brands create digital ad campaigns for their customers making sure people are living that Christmas spirit both online and offline.

Best Christmas Ad Campaigns in 2023

How often do you get emotional while watching an ad? If you say not too often, think again. Because we believe all the ads listed below will melt your heart.

Barbour – Shaun the Sheep x Baa-bour

The advertisement film created by Barbour, a brand synonymous with iconic waxed jackets and outerwear, for the 2023 holiday season is quite delightful. In this enjoyable narrative, a shepherd’s dog collaborates with a flock of sheep to revive a damaged jacket worn by the shepherd while working. The repaired jacket is then gifted to the shepherd on Christmas morning. If you’re searching for a heartwarming advertisement that will bring a smile to your face, this might be the perfect choice for you.

Apple – Fuzzy Feelings

Apple’s most recent holiday film, Fuzzy Feelings, is as touchy and heartwhelming as it can be. In this short ad, we witness the creative genius of a woman who has a hard time getting along with her boss. She creates remarkable works with her creative mind and Apple products. Along with that, some of her experiences and the holiday spirit lead her to approach her grumpy boss with much more understanding. You must definitely watch this touching advertisement!

T-Mobile – Questions That Matter Connects Us More

In daily life, the troubles sometimes keep us captive in the moment. People are curious about and can comment on everything happening in our lives. In this T-Mobile commercial, we follow a young person feeling pressured about school and personal life. However, when the right questions are asked, coming together with loved ones becomes priceless.

Coca Cola – The World Needs More Santa

This commercial film, where the importance of approaching people around us with kindness, understanding, and thoughtfulness takes center stage, is quite emotional. We learn that everyone can be “Santa,” meaning just as Santa Claus delights children with gifts, people can bring joy to others with their actions and gestures. This short advertisement is a must-watch before entering 2024!

Best Christmas Ads from Previous Years

Amazon | Joy is Made

In Amazon’s enchanting 2022 Holiday ad, they unwrap a heartwarming tale that captures the imaginative essence of a caring dad. Fueled by inspiration, he crafts a uniquely thoughtful adventure for his little girl, reminding us that joy is more than a feeling – it’s a creation. This ad is a delightful reminder that the most magical moments are the ones we make.

Barbour | One of a Kind-ness

Get ready for a festive treat as our Christmas film unfolds the delightful adventures of everyone’s beloved bear, Paddington. This heartwarming tale is a joyful journey filled with British charm and good vibes, making it the perfect holiday watch for the season. Join Paddington for a fun-filled adventure that will warm your heart and bring a smile to your face.

Marks & Spencer | Gift that Give

Step into the heartwarming world of M&S with their 2022 Christmas Clothing & Home TV ad. This festive season, M&S takes giving to a whole new level by putting the community at the forefront. The ad joyfully illustrates how choosing a gift from M&S isn’t just about spreading holiday cheer but also directly contributes to supporting local communities and worthwhile causes.

McDonald’s | The List

Follow the adventure of little Alfie as he discovers the true essence of Christmas beyond the wish list frenzy. This enchanting tale beautifully captures the importance of cherished family moments over material desires, delivering a heartfelt reminder of what truly matters during the festive season. Get ready for a delightful blend of holiday magic and meaningful connections – McDonald’s style!

Disney | The Gift

In this ad, join Nicole and her family as they eagerly anticipate a special new addition, navigating the tender balance between cherished traditions and the excitement of change. This touching story captures the magic and joy of family, blending festive traditions with the creation of precious new memories. Get ready to be swept away in the spirit of Christmas with this special video – From Our Family to Yours.

Pepsi | Refresh Your Christmas

Sip into the festive spirit with Pepsi Max’s Maximum Taste, No Sugar Christmas Ad! This jolly commercial is a delightful celebration of flavor and cheer, showcasing the magic of the season without the sugar. Join the merry journey as Pepsi Max brings you the joy of maximum taste and zero sugar guilt. It’s a fizzy, flavorful holiday treat that adds a refreshing twist to your Christmas festivities!

John Lewis & Partners | Give A Little Love

In 2020, Waitrose and John Lewis delivered a heartwarming Christmas ad inspired by the kindness witnessed during the pandemic. The touching commercial urges viewers to “give a little love” and captures the spirit of compassion and generosity that defined the year.

Coca-Cola | Holidays Are Coming

In 2019, Coca-Cola continued its iconic tradition with the “Holidays are Coming” Christmas ad, spreading festive cheer across screens. Beyond the joyous scenes, the ad carried a powerful message: “Give something back this Christmas, please recycle.”

Marks & Spencer | This Is Not Just Food… This Is M&S Christmas Food

Get ready for the most delicious Christmas ever with M&S Food! In this ad, you’ll step into the enchanting M&S Food Christmas Market, a festive haven where delicious food meets holiday joy.

John Lewis | #ExcitableEdgar

This two-and-a-half-minute tale revolves around a delightful friendship between a little girl and the exuberant young dragon, Edgar. As the festivities unfold, Edgar’s enthusiasm, coupled with his fire-breathing antics, adds a touch of excitement to the holiday season.

The Boots | Bootiques by Boots

Navigating the perfect gift can be challenging, especially for beauty enthusiasts or those who seem to have it all. Fear not! Boots is here to transform the nation into expert gift-givers with Bootiques by Boots.

Walkers | All Mariah Carey Wants This Christmas

Let’s embark on a merry adventure behind the scenes with global sensation Mariah Carey and a Christmas Elf in Walkers’ festive ad. Watch the magic unfold as they stumble upon the last bag of Walkers Pigs in Blankets, creating a heartwarming holiday tale that’s as delightful as the season itself.

Argos | Joanna Carter

In Argos’ enchanting 2019 Christmas Advert, the catalog transforms into ‘The Book of Dreams,’ reigniting a father’s childhood reveries when he discovers a drum kit circled by his daughter. Dive into the magic of nostalgia and the joy of cherished dreams coming to life during the festive season.

We hope this article has helped to boost your energy and excitement for the holiday season. You can explore more ad campaigns by brands on our website.

We’re wishing a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all the industries, digital agencies and our member agencies, wishing happiness, health, luck and all the support that everyone expects to attain in 2024!