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Digital Marketing Agency Job Board

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Jr. Media Buyer


InterTeam is looking for a Jr. Media Buyer for Small PPC Agency to join their team in Toronto.


Senior Account Manager

War Room Inc

War Room Inc is looking for a Senior Account Manager to join their team in Vancouver.


Project Manager (Web)

Major Tom

Major Tom is looking for a Project Manager (Web) to join their team in Toronto.


Senior Digital Analyst

War Room Inc

War Room Inc is looking for a Senior Digital Analyst to join their team in Vancouver.


Senior Campaign Manager

War Room Inc

War Room Inc is looking for a Senior Campaign Manager to join their team in Vancouver.


Project Manager (Web)

Major Tom

Major Tom is looking for a Project Manager (Web) to join their team in Vancouver.

Front End Developer

Massive Media

Massive Media is looking for a Front End Developer to join their team in Vancouver.

Project Manager

Massive Media

Massive Media is looking for a Project Manager to join their team in Vancouver.


Marketing & Communications Intern

Click Creative

Click Creative is looking for a Marketing & Communications Intern to join their team in Melbourne.


Content Writer

cremarc is looking for a Content Writer to join their team.


Junior Website Developer

cremarc is looking for a Junior Website Developer to join their team.


Account Manager

Burst Digital

Burst Digital is looking for talented Account Managers to join their client relations team.


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Questions to Help You Choose the Best-Matched Digital Marketing Agency Job
What Are the Types of Digital Marketing Agency Jobs?

Digital marketing agencies offer a variety of exciting job opportunities requiring a variety of skills and interests. Here’s an overview of the most common types of digital agency roles and what they do:


Digital Marketing Roles:


Digital Marketing Manager: Oversees all aspects of client campaigns, managing budgets, analyzing performance, and optimizing strategies.

Social Media Manager: Develops and implements social media strategies, creates engaging content, and manages online communities.

Content Marketer: Creates and manages content marketing strategies to attract and engage audiences.

PPC Specialist: Manages and optimizes pay-per-click advertising campaigns, and is responsible for keyword research, bidding strategies, and analyzing campaign performance.

SEO Specialist: Optimizes websites and content for search engines, aiming to improve organic search ranking and visibility.

Email Marketer: Creates and manages email marketing campaigns, including newsletters and automated sequences.


Other Roles:


Web Developer: Builds and maintains websites and landing pages, ensuring functionality and user experience.

Graphic Designer: Creates visual elements like logos, infographics, and social media graphics to support marketing efforts.

Client Communication Specialist: Acts as a liaison between the agency and clients, ensuring smooth communication and managing expectations.

Content Writer: Creates compelling and informative content for various digital marketing channels, such as websites, blogs, and social media.


What Is the Salary Range of Digital Marketing Jobs ?

Digital marketing job salaries depend on various factors, such as the region of the company, the background of the employee, job seniority, and many more.


You can see the base salaries for positions requiring less than a year of experience in the USA below. Please keep in mind that as the level of experience increases, the increase in salaries does not occur at the same rate for every job.


Job Average Salary Salary Range
Digital Marketer $63,941 $36,623 – $111,635
SEO Specialist $64,157 $42,894 – $95,961
Social Media Specialist $51,187 $28,861 – $90,786
Web Developer $79,676 $47,927 – $132,458
PPC Specialist $62,729 $41,826 – $94,079
Content Writer $60,399 $32,035 – $113,874
Graphic Designer $59,511 $35,337 – $100,222
How to Get a Digital Marketing Agency Job?

Securing a job at a digital marketing agency involves the ultimate blend of showcasing your skills to the fullest, effectively networking, and deeply understanding the industry’s dynamics.


  • Build Your Skill Set: Start by increasing your knowledge base regarding your interests. You can engage in online courses and certification programs, and then apply what you learn through personal or freelance projects.


  • Specialize in a Niche: While a general understanding of digital marketing is advantageous, specializing in a specific domain can distinguish you in the job market. Whether it’s mastering SEO, PPC, content, or social media, focus on becoming proficient in the specific area to increase your desirability to agencies.


  • Certifications and Courses: By earning certifications from recognized platforms such as Google, HubSpot, and Facebook, you can enhance your resume.


  • Practical Experience: Internships and freelancing opportunities provide hands-on experience that is invaluable to your professional development. Demonstrating your ability to apply digital marketing concepts in real-world scenarios will boost your employability.


  • Continuous Learning: The digital marketing landscape is continuously evolving, necessitating an ongoing commitment to learning. You should keep yourself updated with the latest digital tools, technologies, and strategies to show potential employers your dedication to staying relevant in the field.


  • Create an Online Presence: Creating a professional online presence through blogging, social media, and participation in digital marketing forums can effectively showcase your expertise and interests.


  • Networking: Engaging with the digital marketing community through conferences, webinars, and professional networking events can open doors to new opportunities. Utilize platforms like LinkedIn to connect with industry professionals and gain insights into agency life and expectations.


  • Customize Your Application: Tailor your resume and cover letter to highlight the skills and experiences that align with the agency’s needs. This way, you will demonstrate how you can contribute to the agency’s success with concrete examples.


  • Prepare for Interviews: Familiarize yourself with the agency’s portfolio, client list, and recent industry trends. You should be prepared to discuss your experiences, how you stay informed about digital marketing developments, and how you envision contributing to the agency’s projects and goals.
How Can I Negotiate My Salary for a Digital Marketing Agency Job?

When negotiating your salary for a digital marketing agency role, we suggest beginning with detailed research on average salaries for your position, specifically in your region. You can check out platforms like Glassdoor, Payscale, and Indeed to understand market rates, but don’t limit your value to the information provided on these platforms, as they may be outdated and sometimes irrelevant regarding the specifics of the role.


Also, you should be ready to discuss your unique value, including specialized skills, certifications, and significant achievements. Don’t forget to practice articulating your value and salary expectations clearly. Approach the salary discussion as a collaborative effort, emphasizing your enthusiasm for the role while clearly stating your salary expectations.


If you face resistance when negotiating, don’t hesitate to further explain your requests and ask clarifying questions about the position. Recognize when to conclude the negotiation; if an agreement meets your financial needs and reflects your value, accept it gracefully. If not, carefully consider whether the position aligns with your goals.

Are There Opportunities for Advancement within Digital Marketing Agencies?

Working at a digital marketing agency offers great career growth. As you gain experience, opportunities to move into roles with more responsibility, like senior specialist, manager, or director, become available. Most agencies support their employees’ growth and offer them new opportunities by covering the expenses of workshops and conferences.


You’ll also enhance your skill set by mastering digital tools and managing complex projects. And the diverse client base and project variety you see will sharpen your marketing skills, improve your adaptability, and boost your problem-solving and communication abilities.