How Does Hubspot Help You with Project Management

Are you worried about hitting the business targets timely besides fulfilling all the responsibilities of successful project managers?

If yes, then you have landed just in the right place.

An astounding 97% of all organizations believe project management is extremely critical to business performance as well as organizational success.

Managing diversified projects at once, delegating different tasks, and collaborating across various teams is very difficult on a good day. The statistics prove that project management is no walk in the park for many of us.

When that directly impacts the business, it becomes an even amplified problem. Miscommunication, as well as inefficiencies in your project management process, can potentially lead to confusing as well as stressful experiences for your staff. It can even hinder your company’, as well as inefficiencies in your project management process, ear goals.

Why Project Management Tools Are Important? Some Statistics You Cannot Ignore

As per Marketing Agency Growth Report 2018, the absence of a project management system has been one of the biggest pain points for all agencies. Agencies face routine growth challenges for not being able to positively manage their time and maintain projects efficiently. Approximately 20% of them have never used any project management software to date.

And the ultimate consequences can be very stressful — 43% of agencies don’t even find enough free time to focus on their administrative tasks, 29% of agencies experience mild to severe level difficulties in maintaining cash-flows and 35% of agencies directly face hiring as well as talent management problems.

Creative digital agencies, in-house digital marketing teams, and studios all have one thing in common: delivering the best creative work. That’s why so many agencies actively invest in project management software and the best project management apps for their services.

But what are those project management tools can you use to produce enhanced work and refrain people from getting tied up with time-taking and painful project administration?

Fortunately, there is a multitude of project management tools to keep your team on track perfectly without breaking the bank.

However, HubSpot is the one that will best help you achieve altitudes of success besides building strongly bonded relations with the customers.

If you continue reading this article, you might be leveraging the true power of HubSpot- an all-in-one business automation tool, but still, be ignorant of the advantages of its project management tool.

Well! There is no need to worry! Surely, this article will make you deeply familiarize with the best sales and marketing tool and how it’s going to ultimately transform your complete work structure.


Before we dive deep into project management benefits, let’s, first of all, know about this versatile tool in detail.

How to Manage Your Projects Using Hubspot?

HubSpot project management tool allows you to assign tasks efficiently, plan campaigns timely, manage projects effectively, satisfy clients, etc., easily.

In addition, it helps you plan as well as manage your work efficiently in one place by using well-structured lists of tasks. It supports you to get both granular as well as high-level views of deadlines, tasks along with resources so that you can achieve your goals very quickly; including the following main features:

  • Efficient task management right alongside your marketing custom workflows
  • File attachment multi-capabilities to keep full track of important assets
  • Pre-made to-do complete lists to immediately launch projects
  • Custom templates for the sake of recurring projects
  • Landing pages, workflows and emails available in the same tool

Why Use the HubSpot?

Well! There are diversified reasons to choose this amazing tool. Let’s take a quick rundown at the benefits of utmost utilization of the HubSpot.

User-Friendly Project Management from a Centralized Place

Are you tired of updating colour-coding spreadsheets, executing confusing campaigns, etc.?

HubSpot project tool allows you to effectively plan, create as well as launch projects easily from one centralized place without any difficulty.

The best point to be noted about it is that you don’t need any third-party logins. It will immensely save you time while managing as well as walking through the projects that help you achieve elevated business heights and reach your ultimate marketing goals.

Boost Business Productivity Without Switching Tools

If you want to reach your business goals by keeping the right track of every task, then it’s the perfect time to leverage the power of the remarkable HubSpot project tool.

HubSpot project tool will certainly allow you to boost your project’s productivity by allowing you to perform each task efficiently and much more productively without swiftly switching between different tools.

So, it’s the right time to perfectly organize things in the right way and increase productivity.

Ensure Deliverables on Time with Multi-Task Management

Delivering the best quality projects on time besides handling other tasks in parallel is a bit challenging.

By witnessing the time slots and evaluating the project’s assigned deadlines, you can completely quickly overview your project. It allows you to arrange widely scattered things and helps you systematically organize and communicate with all of your team members easily.

So, if you are looking forward to relieving your workload and run an accomplished project, it’s high time to use HubSpot.

Easily Check Task Status with the All-Task Feature

Another big reason to use the HubSpot project tool is its “all task” feature.

This feature allows you to check the task status of the new task, in-progress task, on-hold/postponed task, finished task, and even deleted tasks. Moreover, you can also evaluate the task status such as waiting status, in-review status, recurring status, or failure.

Now, you can very easily access the risks that can further cause uncertain delays in the project and start communicating with the potential clients and stakeholders to build bonded relations and improve the bottom line.

Get Projects off the Ground Faster with Pre-Made To-Do Lists

HubSpot project tool has also furnished us with the ability to create different types of project templates for specific as well as generic campaigns or other tasks, including personal templates, custom templates that can be shared across different accounts, or even global access templates. 

Allows Multiple Teams to Work Efficiently

By using the sales and marketing tool, you can quickly assign tasks to users and keep good track of the progress all on a single platform.

Also, you can set the defined due date, directly link the task to assets to diversified HubSpot tools. You can also comment along with mentioning users on these tasks.

Organize Onboarding Tasks Effortlessly

HubSpot helps you to tackle the issues very easily by using the tackle-based checklist.

A variety of tasks such as core methodology tactics, technical setup, etc. can be efficiently performed without investing effort and huge time.

HubSpot will also help you immensely improve the work and get your projects to work for the best.

All-in-One Project Management Software for Your Entire Team

Now that you are very deeply exposed to the wonders of Hubspot Project Management tools, so here is another exciting piece of news: Zoom Digital is now the official Hubspot partner!

So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today and explore why over 113,000 customers use HubSpot to make project management more human at scale.

You can also see the full list of the best HubSpot agencies here.

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