How Webential Is Disrupting the Traditional Recruitment Methods for Tech Talent

Nine out of ten HR professionals have said that they find it hard to hire tech talent. If you are the tenth or know who they are, perhaps you don’t need this guide. Others, read on.

And finding, recruiting, and onboarding talented individuals is sure a challenge. Especially when it comes to hiring technical professionals. After all, the traditional recruitment methods are fast becoming obsolete in this sphere.

And in such a time, where talent wars are on the rise and recruitment is almost an art that not many can master, Webential has emerged as a disrupting force in the sector.

The digital and tech talent provider agency is bringing about a revolution that will change the way companies hire tech talent forever.

Webential – A Digital and Tech Talent Provider Agency Meeting B2B Needs


A decade ago, Webential’s CEO, Akshay Desai penned the brand’s core value as:

Everything Essential For The Web.

From the seeds of this thought germinated the brand Webential, which has since then worked tirelessly to solve the perennial problem for corporations — hire skilled tech talent, minus the admin.

Webential’s partners don’t spend valuable work hours posting, filtering, and following up on job advertisements.

They just tell us which tech skills they need, and let us put together a dedicated team for them, to work in an offshore setting.

And we can do it for you too. Whether you:

  • Need an SEO expert to kick start your digital journey…
  • Need a Magento developer to supplement the web development capabilities of your in-house team…
  • Need a UI/UX designer to complete your app development team…
  • Need a team of front-end developers for a project that doesn’t warrant setting up an in-house department…
  • Need to reduce your project expenses by outsourcing parts of the tech work…

The Work of Tech Services Agencies Is Unpredictable; Webential Brings Predictability

Isn’t it bone-crushing to have to say these (or similar) words to a client?

  • We don’t have a WordPress developer on board at the moment.
  • It will take us over three weeks to hire a PPC expert.
  • Our WooCommerce team is short on developers at the moment; we cannot serve you right now.

Why should you have to turn down projects? Why should you have to admit a shortfall of resources?

With Webential, your agency won’t have to say any of that.

Call Webential, hire the expert you need and then jumpstart or resume your project in a jiffy.

Webential Saves You Time and Effort

In a survey, only 6.4% of developers said they are currently unemployed and looking for a job.

Also, 62% of software developers said they were open to new professional opportunities.
However, only 13% of them were actually active in their search for better options.

The numbers are not too different for other tech spheres.
There is a wide gap between the availability of tech talent and the demand for it.

This leaves agencies and their hiring managers with hardly another choice but to keep hopping from one job board to another. Waiting to stumble across the right candidate.

And did you know each vacancy costs the average company $500 a day?
The average time that is required to fill a position is 23.8 days.

Now do the math yourself.

If you keep going the traditional way, you’d soon bleed to financial distress.

Even if you have deep pockets, and you would be able to survive the monetary drain, would you want it?

Do you really want to part with thousands of dollars just because you are stuck to an age-old recruitment software or outdated job boards?

Also, remember that you won’t be able to start working for your clients for as long as you don’t have experts on board.

  • Deadlines will be missed.
  • Long-term relations will turn sour.
  • Your goodwill will take a blow.

And of course, before you’d hire an SEO expert, a PPC mastermind, or a proficient designer/developer, your clients will be on their way with another agency.

What you need to do is this: Contact Webential, tell us which tech skills you need, and then let us put together a dedicated offshore team for you. Easy.

The Webential experts will work for you at a fixed monthly fee. [Ask for pricing here.]

That’s all.

  • You don’t have to skim through CVs and resume.
  • You don’t have to hold elaborate interviews.
  • You don’t need to carry out background checks.

All Webential experts have already undergone detailed scrutiny.

  • They have the technical proficiency you are looking for.
  • They have a plausible track record that vouches for their experience.
  • And they have strong morals and ethical values that are monumental for your organization’s success.

You just have to hire the expert and get the project off the ground.

Think of Webential as a backup workforce that you can get on board anytime. For as long or as little time as you want.

You have no long-term commitments that come with hiring a candidate in-house. It is as easy as it can get.

And that’s not all…

There’s More to What Webential Is Changing in the Recruitment Process.

Finding an Employer-Employee Cultural Fit

Hiring freelancers?

Contractual workers?

Some random candidate that you found via a referral?

Are you sure they’d fit your organization?

Here’s a statistic: 90% of recruiters would reject a candidate on the grounds of being a cultural misfit.

Now that’s enough to say that you cannot settle for those who the other 90% of organizations are rejecting.

You don’t need employees who just have one skill that they can boast of.

You need employees who can understand the goals and culture of your organization and work in unanimity with others to achieve those goals and sustain that culture.

How does Webential ensure employer-employee cultural fit?

By understanding your agency needs and then giving you the option to hire experts who are a cultural fit for your business.

You don’t just randomly get an employee. The Webential team has a broad-based and diverse team of talented individuals. And before one of the cream talents is appointed to meet your needs, a cultural fit check is carried out.

You don’t need to do that. Webential does that for you.

Reducing Employee Turnover

29% of workers admit to having left a job within the first 90 days.

All the time and resources you spent in finding an ideal candidate; all down the drain within just 90 days. That’s not fair, right?

But it happens. If you are stuck in the rut of traditional hiring.

Webential not just understands this problem but eradicates it.

The tech experts you’ll hire from Webential won’t run away.
They’d stay for as long as you want them to stay.

With this, Webential ensures:

  • You can build long-term relations with your clients.
  • Projects of longer duration get completed without hiccups.
  • You don’t have to train new employees ever so often.
  • And neither do you have to keep working with team members who aren’t familiar with each other.

Minimizing HR Hassles

On average, each corporate job offer attracts 250 resumes.

You don’t need us to tell you how many of them are just a waste of paper.

Ease the burden on your HR manager. Instead of making them sit surrounded by unworthy resumes all day long, let them focus on employee problem redressal, employee appreciation, scaling, training, and actual human resource development.

With tech recruitments being looked after for you by Webential, let your HR department do stuff that actually demands their attention.

Working Towards a World With Easier, Effective, and Efficient Tech Talent Recruitment Process

The past decade has seen a shift from the traditional job board and recruitment software-based hiring processes to quick and streamlined hiring made possible by talent-providing agencies.

Webential has been a force to reckon with in this sphere. And their efforts and advances in simplifying, accelerating, and optimizing the tech recruitment process have been praiseworthy.

Don’t let the challenges of recruitment deter you from working with the most talented and experienced minds. Contact us here and hire the experts you need today.


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