Best Marketing Workflow Management Software for Agencies to Boost Their Efficiency

Spend more time while doing meaningful work and less time feeling frustrated between marketing related processes. Sounds great, right? Let’s have a look at how you can make this magic happen by using the best marketing workflow management software for agencies!

Things can be ever-changing in this highly competitive marketing world. As an agency, if you want to take shelter in it and stay ahead of the game, you need to hold on to workflows.

Marketing agency workflows are designed to stop all disconnected workstreams, communication breakdowns and missed deadlines or opportunities. Creating a campaign management workflow allows you to streamline all your marketing efforts. As these workflows simplify and automate the management processes, that makes workflow management must-have support for marketing agencies.

Why Do You Need a Marketing Workflow?

Have you ever thought about how agencies or marketing teams stay organized while managing different tasks in one place? Or let’s imagine an agency is full of tasks related to the content, ad campaigns, emails or public communications for each client. How could it be possible to handle all those things? The answer is simple: marketing workflows! 

Marketing workflows streamline all your efforts and keep everyone & everything on the same page. While tracking each task and every single person in small businesses seems easy, it is definitely challenging for larger groups. As an agency owner, you don’t want to get lost in small details and each activity of your clients. So, creating a marketing workflow for your agency is crucial.

A marketing workflow can be organized and managed by a dedicated SaaS tool. These tools allow you to put in order the tasks and help everyone in your organization understand what needs to be done, when and by whom. Simply, marketing workflow management software streamlines who does all the tasks and when, and so gives you a hand building up the bigger picture. 

Agencies mostly prefer using a marketing workflow tool for handling email marketing, social media, content marketing, marketing analytics and project management operations. If your agency has difficulty in managing tasks & projects, organizing documents or answering hypervariable client requests, it is time to invest in workflow software for marketing operations.

Scroll down to explore the best marketing workflow management software for agencies to streamline their marketing processes in the smartest way!

Best 7 Marketing Workflow Software for Marketing in 2023

  • Screendragon
  • Productive
  • PageProof
  • ClickUp
  • Teamwork
  • Workamajig
  • Zoho Creator


Screendragon is a hub to manage all your marketing operations for your agency and also optimize your resources. The marketing workflow tool allows you to customize your flows in order to suit your ways of working. Wondering how? 

Source: Screendragon

Screendragon predicts estimates about both your existing clients’ and prospects’ projects and integrates them into pipelines to forecast revenue and resourcing needs. Within each project dashboard, you can create custom actions to automatically route the data to the right people at the right time. 

Visualizing workflows makes project management even simpler. Everyone in your agency gets inspired while creating their custom workflows with an easy-to-use interface. Screendragon’s agency management suite put everything in one centralized place. Visual Gantt charts are also a shining point by agencies. You can even prepopulate timelines related to past project schedules.

Say yes to the automated decision-making audit trails with Screendragon. Create your own proofing workflow without combining emails for getting feedback. Real time collaboration with your clients can ease the approval process without hustle. This also allows you to send automatic notifications to your clients in order to let them know about their projects.


Source: Productive

Without any size and type limitations, Productive focuses on boosting your agency’s creativity. Let’s have a look at what you can do with Productive?

  • Gather every single source (financial data, leads, budgets etc.) in one place,
  • Visualize your campaigns through Kanban workflow,
  • Monitor your team members to maximize the profitability of your projects,
  • Book upcoming meetings, tasks or events easily with the scheduling feature,
  • Collaborate with your clients to get their approvals or feedback real time,
  • Budget client work and do resource planning according to clients’ requests.

As you can see, Productive answers all your digital marketing workflow needs pretty much. So, you don’t need to switch from multiple platforms to gather the data you have. The workflow management software integrates with a myriad number of SaaS tools like JIRA, Slack and Quickbooks. 

The best part about Productive is that it offers specific solutions for everyone on the team. What I mean is there are benefits specifically designed for agency CEOs, account managers, financial managers and account managers. 


PageProof is “feature-rich for the time-poor.” It offers greater customization through an abundance of UI options. In one case study, it doubled marketing output while cutting production time in half.

Marketing teams at global companies create seamless workflows that bring accountability, clarity and efficiency to their marketing. A marketing workflow can look different from company to company or even from task to task.

Source: PageProof

PageProof also has a smart compare feature that highlights differences for you between work revisions. Moreover, it supports email, website, marketing workflow and banner ad proofing.

The fully customizable workflow management software for agencies helps you optimize your tasks, projects or even processes. Agencies can create and manage day-to-day tasks and collaborate better with their clients.’s workflow management tool allows agencies to work remotely from across the world with its cloud-based system and mobile app. 


With automation, your team increases efficiency and productivity on the tasks or projects that matter most to you. They can even customize those automations in order to make the most of their workflows with;

  • Setting real time alerts and notifications,
  • Creating custom dashboards and automation for each client,
  • Tracking time both for your team members and client projects,
  • Managing due time of tasks, projects and events. makes agency management simple as it gathers all your marketing and creative initiatives in one steady place. From client campaign tracking to their brand management, it maximizes your agency’s productivity.


Despite the fact that ClickUp is known for its project management capabilities, it lets you automate all repetitive tasks in your workflow to help you save time and money. Between the massive workload, you may feel yourself get lost but we feel you! ClickUp helps agencies set workflows to handle both internal tasks and client-related tasks. By doing that, as an agency owner, you can reach your specific goals or results unfalteringly. 

Source: ClickUp

Here is just a snapshot of how ClickUp helps your agency;

  • Streamlines processes to save tons of time and productivity in the long run,
  • Reduces manual work and human error,
  • Provides better transparency and accountability,
  • Puts everyone on the same page as it helps maintain effective communication,
  • Streamlines clients’ onboarding processes.

As you can see one powerful marketing workflow management software for agencies makes the managing workflow process a piece of cake. From project management to resource planning, ClickUp can handle whatever you throw at it.


A well-designed marketing workflow is not rocket science if you have the best resources at your hand. Clients can be demanding and multiple projects can be on their way instantly. Not to worry – Teamwork can save you from those overwhelming situations! 

Source: Teamwork

Teamwork lets you keep track of clients’ projects, tasks, and assignments that belong to team members and also keep resources and communication in one steady place. Creating different workflows for your clients can be shaped by what outputs your clients want to see, who they want to target, and which platforms they want to perform on. 

That’s where ClickUp shines through as it lets you create custom workflows. Such as;

  • A marketing team workflow,
  • A content marketing workflow,
  • A campaign management workflow,
  • An SEO workflow,
  • A social media marketing workflow or
  • An email marketing workflow.

Along with the workflow management ability, ClickUp conducts comprehensive reports that show how your team members perform and also how your agency’s overall performance. One of the best parts of using ClickUp is being able to customize the status of the projects or tasks. In general, most workflow management software offers a default status which cannot be customized. But with ClickUp, you can set custom status according to your needs. 


Most people think that project management and workflow management are the same concepts. Although they serve similar purposes to some extent, workflow management focuses on defining and improving existing activities. Plus, the market provides great project management software that have common features just as marketing workflow management software. Luckily, Workamajig answers all your project, task and workflow management needs. Once you get a project management process in your hands, the workflow will come with it.

Source: Workamajig

Workamajig can bring order to the chaos of your hectic clients’ projects by;

  • Streamlining and optimizing processes with the proofing feature which can help get feedback from your clients in real time,
  • Reducing risks on due dates as the workflows can break complex processes up into predictable tasks,
  • Bringing scalability to agencies that help automate repetitive tasks and free up resources for which matters most.
  • Improving decision making as each team member can access the data stored in multiple workflows
  • Supporting scalability with the workflow assignments that show who is busy with what.

In addition to above all these, Workamajig is better known for providing workflow management solutions for larger agencies. 

Zoho Creator

Do you want to say goodbye to boring routines, disconnected workstreams, communication issues and missed deadlines? Give Zoho Creator a shot then. According to Zoho; 

  • 123 emails sent & received by an average worker per day,
  • 6.6 hours spent by workers obtaining signatures and approvals each week,
  • 13.6 hours spent per worker consolidating data from paper forms each month.

Do the numbers given above say a great deal about the importance of using a marketing workflow tool? 

Source: Zoho Creator

Zoho Creator, the smart marketing workflow management tool offers 4 easy steps to manage your workflow with your clients;

  • You can create and design low-code workflows,
  • Handle multiple tasks and requests at a time with less effort,
  • Manage every single data from one place and keep data safe,
  • Create custom charts and reports to track your clients’ KPIs easily.

Before we move forward to the closing of this article, there is one more point we need to mention: establishing the right digital marketing agency structure is pretty important as well as creating the right marketing workflow. So, investing in workflow software for marketing activities doesn’t go to work alone in your team. If you have great resources in the first place, integrating technology into your team will not be tough as you imagined.

Wrapping Up

Without the right marketing workflow management software, managing workflows can be as hard as keeping up with your agency’s demands. That’s why we created this article to help you on the right foot. If you still have questions in your mind, let’s have a look at the popular team management solutions that can leverage the power of your workflows and so agencies.

One last word, as you can see there is no reason not to use marketing workflow management software for your agency. But the question shines out: Which one of these SaaS tools will perform best for your agency?