Memorable Stay Home Ad Campaigns by Brands for COVID-19

No one could have guessed that there is going to be a pandemic to affect the whole world and staying home would be the best way to avoid the illness.

This situation, of course, has come with consequences. What happens when you have to stay at home? First of all, your priorities for your spending change. When the same happens to a large number of people, it starts to have an economical effect on the sectors.

So, during COVID-19 crisis, brands should keep their buyer persona interested through creative and memorable advertising. Also, there are some companies who took more actions and supported charities or healthcare workers through these difficult times. These times will be over and what companies do now will be remembered in the future.

Here, I have compiled the best stay home digital campaigns by brands for COVID-19:

  • Heineken
  • McDonald’s
  • Burger King
  • Nike
  • Apple
  • The New York Times
  • Airbnb
  • IKEA
  • Heinz
  • Dove
  • Honda
  • Quaker Oats


Heineken is one of the brands who is always quick to create an inspirational digital ad for any social phenomenons. They were not late for stay home campaigns either. They actually have more than one inspirational ads worldwide. In this article, I will mention two of my favorite ones:

Food & Beverage is one of the sectors affected in a negative way by the pandemic. We have stopped going out to eat or drink with family or friends. Heineken Brazil started a digital campaign to support local bars. Heineken announced that they will donate directly to help local bars remain open after the crisis. Also, people can buy beers online in-advance to help their favorite local bars to survive this crisis. That way, they will still have a local bar to go when we are back to the new normal.

It is a great stay home campaign while it reminds you that you will be out again in the future.

Connections #SocialiseResponsibly
Even the most introvert people have missed socializing outside. We are aware and Heineken is aware. We still need to think about everyone and socialize responsibly. It will take longer than we expected. What do we do these days when we miss seeing someone? We video-call them. Here is how Heineken has come up with a stay home commercial depicting the connections we try to make:


McDonald’s reminds you that you can use McDelivery to order McDonald’s products online when you are staying home. They say:

Wherever you live, your home is now a McDonald’s.

As long as you have an address, they will come for you.

Burger King

It is hard for burger-lovers to stay home. Burger King knows this and reminds you that you can order your favorite Burger King product through their application. I consider their digital ad creative. Because while they are mentioning their application, they encourage you to stay home. Remember we are staying in for everyone, not just for ourselves. And, this ad makes you feel proud of doing that like you are saving your country.


Brands for outdoor activities are also affected badly by social distancing and staying at home. However, the important thing is health. Moreover, it has never been easier to reach out to so many people via digital channels as now everybody is at home. And, Nike supports stay home campaigns by saying:


Bu gönderiyi Instagram’da gör


Now more than ever, we are one team.⠀ #playinside #playfortheworld

Nike (@nike)’in paylaştığı bir gönderi ()




After big storms, we look for rainbows. Because we are people and we love to hope. And this is what we teach to our younger ones.

A nurse from Florida started a challenge to draw a picture of a rainbow and hang it on the windows. This has been a viral worldwide sooner than Coronovirus itself.

Apple was not late to create a commercial to express how creative people can be, and how much time we have now to do so when we are staying home.

The New York Times

What matters most when the world is in turmoil is the correct information. Hereby, The New York Times says “The truth is essential” in their commercial.


Airbnb hosts from all over the world had to stop hosting. However, these people are usually the ones who love sharing experience, meeting others from different cultures and socializing. Well, they have come up with an idea to gather online.


COVID-19 has affected all the brands and companies in different ways. Doubtlessly, it has been a challenging time for marketing departments. IKEA has stood out from other brands with their CEO’s response to the coronavirus pandemic.


Who hasn’t thought of ordering puzzles when they are bored at home? The word “puzzles” stayed at the top of the searching in Google for a while. Heinz took a smart action to benefit from this trend with this creative campaign:


We are staying at home and saving lives. Easy, right? Not everybody’s duty during this pandemic is that easy. Dove doesn’t forget to appreciate their work and also donates for them. Here is who “they” are.


I don’t want to share my comments and spoil this creative and funny stay home campaign:

Quaker Oats

We used to enjoy having long weekend breakfasts. Now, everyday we need to prepare meals. Do you also feel that you are out of ideas for breakfast? Quaker Oats shares some recommendations as one of their stay home campaigns:


What brands and companies do or don’t do at this time will matter. And brands with memorable and creative ads will definitely be remembered.

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