4 Best Marketing and Advertising Strategies of Airbnb

Giving a satisfying guest experience is step 2. The first step is always to reach customers, and Airbnb excels here.

Airbnb listings are spread across over 100,000 cities globally. So if you think providing an exceptional stay will boost your occupancy rate, you couldn’t be more wrong. Implementing a consistent Airbnb marketing strategy will.

The article enlists the fundamental marketing strategies and deep dives into some successful marketing strategies of Airbnb that you can use for your business. Let’s get to it.

Airbnb Marketing Mix (The 4 Ps)

Of all the available marketing strategies, the four Ps–product, price, place and promotion, together are called a ‘marketing mix’. The four Ps were formally conceptualized by E. Jerome MacCarthy, after which many companies use this as a foundation business model.

Airbnb has paved its way to success through this model. It analyzes the brand with this business model covering the 4Ps. Let’s look at all four Ps sequentially.


The primary goal of Airbnb’s product strategy is connecting travelers with hosts offering accommodations via an online platform. So its platform itself is their product.

Its offerings vary from affordable vacation rentals to expensive luxurious rentals. Moreover, it allows users to choose a place for one person to book an entire place. The platform also offers ease of use, user-friendly design and offers an array of appealing rental listings.


Airbnb’s pricing strategy is based on the concept of peer-to-peer pricing, wherein all the hosts set the prices for their listings.

The platform offers various options that fit their budget, and Airbnb charges both the host and the guest for using the platform. Since all transactions happen on the platform, the money is transferred to the hosts within 24 hours of payment. Moreover, the hosts have standard cancellation policies for when guests cancel the booking.


Airbnb isn’t limited to specific places but operates on a global level.

The platform enables users to access listings and book rentals from all places, offering an accessible and convenient service. Its reach also allows travelers to find accommodations in popular and unpopular locations.


The advertising and promotion strategy of Airbnb needs to promote to both guests and travelers to keep its rental system operating properly.

It uses a mix of conventional marketing strategies, including referrals, word of mouth, and paid ad campaigns. Moreover, it effectively prompts its services to travelers with the help of marketing segmentation.

It’s worth noting that the marketing strategies of Airbnb aren’t limited to just 4Ps. Marketing strategies of Airbnb, in fact, involve additional elements that go beyond the fundamental marketing mix as well. However, it’s best to contact renowned tourism marketing agencies to take a safer and more strategic route to devising marketing strategies.

Now that we know about the brand’s foundational marketing model, let’s look at the marketing strategies of Airbnb that sets it apart.

The Marketing Strategies And Tactics That Set Airbnb Apart

While the brand continues to follow the basic 4Ps when devising a marketing strategy, it goes above and beyond them to leave its footprint in the digital world. Let’s look at four Airbnb marketing strategy examples you can use as inspiration.

Leverage user-generated content (UGC)

Giving control to the users is the most creative and effective way to market a business. Airbnb turned to user-generated content wherein they asked a few people who were good at photography to book an Airbnb and submit photos with their friends or family to Airbnb.

Through these photos and videos, the company tapped into the feeling of nostalgia, inspiring the audiences to think about their meaningful trips.

Moreover, UGC is a great way to save money on content creation while increasing social media engagement. However, this strategy won’t always work. If you struggle to market your business digitally or need help figuring out new marketing methods, reach out to digital marketing agencies. You may benefit more from professionals than asking customers to take photographs to ensure you get the desired outcome.

Airbnb’s Strategic Partnerships and Collaborations

Airbnb has also mastered the art of strategic partnerships to reach new audiences and enhance their offerings. Collaborations with major brands, local tourism boards, and even governments have allowed Airbnb to expand its market and offer unique experiences that can’t be found elsewhere.


For example, their partnership with the Olympic Games provided accommodations for attendees and athletes, showcasing Airbnb’s ability to offer unique stays and experiences on a global stage.

Tell a Story: Content Marketing Strategy of Airbnb

At the heart of Airbnb’s marketing success is its ability to tell engaging stories. Through their content marketing efforts, including blogs, videos, and the Airbnb magazine, they share inspiring stories of hosts and travelers from around the world. This storytelling approach not only highlights the diverse range of accommodations available on Airbnb but also the unique experiences that come with them.


By focusing on the human aspect of travel, Airbnb’s content marketing strategy deeply connects with its audience, encouraging them to explore new destinations and experiences.

Innovative Social Media Campaigns of Airbnb

Airbnb’s social media strategy is an excellent example for engagement and creativity. They’ve launched several successful campaigns, such as the #OneLessStranger social experiment, which encouraged users to perform random acts of kindness for strangers and share their experiences online.

While becoming highly talked about on social media, this campaign also aligned perfectly with Airbnb’s brand message of belonging and community. Airbnb’s use of social media to tell stories and connect with users on a personal level has set the brand apart in the digital marketing space.

Behind The Curtain: A Look at Airbnb’s Advertising Campaigns

Now, it’s time to take a peek behind the curtain. Airbnb’s marketing campaigns are consistently successful and engaging, and we’ve listed our favorites for you below.

“Get an Airbnb” Campaign

Airbnb launched a new brand campaign titled “Get an Airbnb”, which marks a return to its core brand messaging that emphasizes the unique homes and experiences offered through the platform. This campaign is designed to highlight the advantages of choosing Airbnb over traditional hotel stays, focusing on the personalized and authentic experiences that come with renting someone’s home. It’s a strategic move to differentiate Airbnb in the competitive travel market, especially in challenging environments like New York City.

Ditching Performance Marketing for Big, Bold Brand Campaigns

In a strategic shift, Airbnb’s Chief Marketing Officer discussed moving away from performance marketing to focus on big, bold brand campaigns. This decision comes after the success of their multichannel spring campaign, which introduced “Rooms” – Airbnb’s rebranded offering of private rooms within shared homes. The campaign told compelling stories of hosts and guests, showcasing the unique and personal experiences that Airbnb offers, reinforcing the brand’s commitment to creating memorable connections.

How Airbnb Makes Social Media Feel Like Home

Airbnb continues to engage audiences with user-generated content and impactful social media campaigns. Real stories, photos, and videos from Airbnb’s community paint a powerful picture of travel, drawing in potential guests. Yes, these campaigns promote the brand; however, they also build a sense of community and belonging among Airbnb users, reinforcing the idea that Airbnb is more than just a service – it’s a way to connect with the world.

Airbnb’s “Live Anywhere” Campaign

The marketing strategy of airbnb has never fallen short on innovation.

It launched a campaign “live anywhere” in 2021 that promoted long-term ads and drove bookings for the platform. Through this campaign, twelve people got the chance to live in a new Airbnb location each month for a year, with all expenses covered. All these individuals shared their experiences on social media to give a glimpse into their lives like a local.

This campaign generated a noticeable buzz and engagement on social media. It received over 223 million impressions and the brand witnessed a 10% rise in long-term stays during the campaign run. While you can come up with such campaign ideas yourself, consider approaching hospitality marketing agencies or consultants that can help you figure out such campaign ideas for your business.

The “Airbnb It” Campaign

“Many people have spaces like these but don’t think of them as Airbnbs.”

With its “Airbnb it” commercials, Airbnb encourages more and more people to become occasional hosts. This campaign motivates potential hosts to look beyond what an Airbnb looks like. Through this campaign, the brand enables consumers to become hosts of places they own but don’t occupy all the time.

Lean Into Your Hook/ Live Like a Local

Local before global, always.

Airbnb has always focused on allowing travelers to experience the location as a local. This belief gets reflected across all their marketing materials, where their users’ experiences are at the core.”

Live like a local” is one of its first big-scale marketing campaigns, focusing on serving users seeking an unforgettable travel experience.

A consistent Airbnb marketing strategy will give you a big edge over your competitors. Take inspiration from the examples in this article and create your marketing strategy. The best part about creating marketing strategies for travel agencies is you get to be creative and explore numerous ways to engage with your audience. Have fun marketing!