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Best Social Media Marketing Tools

Browse the best social media marketing tools to engage with online communities for your digital agency, small business and enterprise. These tools can be used for social media monitoring, management, analytics, and Instagram.

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Zoho Social

Zoho Social is a complete social media management solution that assists businesses and agencies in growing their social media presence. Social can help you post, schedule, monitor, collaborate on, and measure your social media content across platforms.


Social Status

Social Status is the web's best social media analytics tool. Trusted by over 30,000 marketers for boardroom-ready social media report automation across all the main social media channels: Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, LinkedIn and X (Twitter).



Make data-driven decisions about future activities across Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and TikTok! Save time and money with Iconosquare's in-depth analytics, automated reporting, and post scheduling.

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  • robopost-social-media-management-tools

    Robopost AI

    Robopost AI generates post ideas for you with AI and posts/schedules them to your social media accounts.

  • storefries-social-media-marketing-tools


    Social media automation and lead generation tools,We take care of the content for you with our powerful features, like AI Post Ideas, Curating Content, Plan and Schedule Posts, and Engagement, Analytics

  • postplanner-social-media-management-tools


    Increase engagement, gain followers, and strengthen your brand using this affordable, all-in-one social media tool. Find trending topics or use AI-generated content for ideas, then easily schedule, monitor, and improve your posts to achieve maximum impact and reach.

  • Planly

    Planly is a pioneering social media management tool for SMM specialists and marketers. As Planly has integrated 8 social media platforms - Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, Mastodon, and YouTube, users can schedule their posts for each without the need for approving notifications. Our main goal is to make all your accounts visible from …

  • instajet-influencer-marketing-tools


    Create modern digital marketing tools.

  • socialbee-social-media-marketing-tools


    SocialBee is a social media management tool that empowers its users to share content across multiple social networks from one place. Using such a tool, you're able to set a posting schedule, have content shared as planned, and analyze the performance of your accounts.

  • Semrush

    Semrush is an all-in-one digital marketing platform that helps businesses of all sizes achieve measurable results. From SEO to content, social media, competitive research and more, you can do it all in Semrush. Automate tasks using SEO automation. Trusted by millions of marketers worldwide.

  • radaar-social-media-marketing-tool


    Whether you're a small business focusing on a few social media networks, an agency managing multiple brands, RADAAR will help you drastically streamline your workflows, simplify your social media management, and save time.

  • onlypult-social-media-marketing-tools


    ​Onlypult is a powerful platform to work with social media for brands, bloggers, and other businesses that provides simple tools for posting, analytics, monitoring, and creating pages and multiple links.

  • postoplan-social-media-marketing-tool


    POSTOPLAN is a smart automated social media and messengers marketing platform, that allows you to create, schedule and promote content.

  • social-champ-social-media-marketing-tool

    Social Champ

    Social Champ is the tool to rule the digital space. It allows individuals and agencies to create a smoother workflow with features like Social Media Calendar, Team and Client Collaboration, Automation, Bulk Scheduling and a lot more!

  • intellifluence-social-media-marketing-tool


    Influencer marketing for everyone. Join the over 25,000+ brands and agencies using Intellifluence to connect with influencers worldwide.

  • youscan-social-media-marketing-tool


    YouScan is an AI-powered social media intelligence platform with leading image recognition capabilities. It allows to find and analyze consumer opinions, discover actionable insights and manage brand reputation. YouScan is used by Google, Nestle, Ipsos, BBDO and others.

  • planable-social-media-management-tool


    Planable is a social media collaboration tool that helps teams do away with clunky social media processes by streamlining everything content-related, from planning, scheduling, publishing posts to collaboration and approval.

  • agorapulse-social-media-marketing-tools-2


    Take control of your social media! Stay organized, save time, and easily manage your social media with Agorapulse’s inbox, publishing, reporting, monitoring, and team collaboration tools.

  • practina-social-media-marketing-tool


    Practina is the best social media management tool that helps businesses to create, publish, schedule, and manage social media posts on various channels.

  • hearsay-social-media-marketing-tool


    The Hearsay Client Engagement Platform empowers advisors and agents to authentically and intelligently grow business engagements by proactively guiding and capturing the last mile of digital communications.

  • hopperhq-social-media-marketing-tool


    HopperHQ is the complete Instagram marketing solution. HopperHQ’s visual planning, editing and automation features help social media managers increase the quality and consistency of their social media accounts whilst saving time.

  • momentfeed-social-media-marketing-tool


    MomentFeed uniquely manages and automates each and all of the local-mobile search triggers and helps multi-location brands influence their proximity search optimization to make them more visible across all local discovery channels.

  • postcron-social-media-marketing-tool


    Postcron is a powerful tool to publish and schedule posts on all social media accounts at once. Ideal for community managers, marketers, and entrepreneurs. You can manage all your social networking accounts from one place by saving time for more important tasks.

  • publer-social-media-marketing-tool


    Publer is a virtual social media superhero that lets you collaborate, schedule & analyze your posts for Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google My Business, YouTube, and WordPress from the same spot.

  • ritekit-social-media-marketing-tool


    Rise above the noise with RiteKit's social media toolkit. The social media marketing solution offers 4 tools that serve different needs. Such as RiteForge for scheduling posts, RiteBoost for publishing content, for creating CTAs and tracking, RiteTag for generating hashtags.

  • storyly-social-media-marketing-tool


    Storyly is a user engagement platform just like Instagram and Snapchat. You can now experience the interactive and catchy content that are in-app stories. With Storyly's simple integration into your app, you can create stories for your social media accounts and track results.

  • cloud-campaign-social-media-marketing-tool

    Cloud Campaign

    Cloud Campaign makes social media scalable. The platform was designed from the ground up to help agencies to manage multiple brands at scale. Brand workspaces, robust scheduling, client reports are just o a few of the features Cloud Campaign provides.

  • cosend-social-media-marketing-tool


    CoSend offers powerful solutions for agencies, SaaS providers and multi-location organisations. It expands your offering & attracts new markets, increases customer retention and unlocks recurring revenue streams.

  • kicksta-social-media-marketing-tool


    Kicksta provides brands and influencers who are struggling to grow on Instagram with a growth tool to connect them with real followers and improve their social proof. Get more organic followers and influencers for your social media accounts.

  • kuku-io-social-media-marketing-tool is the most user-friendly social media management application for agencies, small teams and marketers. The social media solution helps them integrate social media posting, scheduling, tracking and analytics to power up their social media strategies.

  • plann-social-media-marketing-tool


    Need one beautifully simple place to plan your Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, TikTok and LinkedIn? Plann is your all-in-one auto-scheduler, social strategist, designer and content calendar. You can access tools you use every day to supercharge your workflow.

  • grin-social-media-marketing-tool


    All-in-one best influencer marketing platform to build all your influencer relationships. GRIN is the #1 influencer marketing platform that helps you find, recruit, and manage authentic relationships to build big-time brand love.

  • bulkly-social-media-marketing-tool is a social media automation tool for marketers who want to save time scheduling updates. You can easily create, automate and analyze hundreds of social media posts to take your social media scheduling to the next level.

  • planoly-social-media-marketing-tool


    PLANOLY is the industry-leading social marketing platform that trusted users to visually plan, schedule, and measure performance across Instagram and Pinterest. Users can drag & drop their photos and videos around to visually see how it will look like on their Instagram profile feed.

  • cloudsocial-social-media-marketing-tool


    CloudSocial helps brands and agencies to manage multiple social media accounts, publish & schedule post, Listen, engage, respond and analyze the performance of their social media.

  • ninja-outreach-social-media-marketing-tool

    Ninja Outreach

    NinjaOutreach is a blogger outreach software for digital marketers and agencies interested in growing their presence online. Find business profiles and social media influencers and manage all your influencer marketing campaigns by using the software.

  • heyorca-social-media-marketing-tool


    HeyOrca is a social media calendar that enables marketing agencies and their clients to seamlessly plan and approve social media content by providing a client-facing interface and streamlining the approval process.

  • sociamonials-social-media-marketing-tool


    Sociamonials is a tool that helps businesses achieve higher ROI with social media marketing campaigns. The social media marketing software makes it easy to manage all your social media accounts, run contests, and capture leads.

  • sharelov-social-media-marketing-tool


    Sharelov is a marketing collaboration platform that helps brands and agencies easily manage all their teams, projects and assets in the cloud. Sharelov also makes it easy for teams to work together on social media campaigns to share all their social media channels.

  • dovetale-social-media-marketing-tool


    The Dovetale platform provides an affordable set of tools needed to manage and scale influencer marketing. Dovetale is trusted by e-commerce merchants on Shopify and some of the largest agencies and brands in the world like Procter & Gamble and Publicis.

  • viraltag-social-media-marketing-tool


    Manage multiple social networks, discover great content, schedule unlimited posts, recycle top-performing content, collaborate with your team, and analyze performance all from Viraltag's dashboard.

  • hypeauditor-social-media-marketing-tool


    HypeAuditor is a comprehensive set of tools to discover and analyze influencers for your marketing campaigns. It also finds fake or ghost followers. Users mostly use HypeAuditor to do in-depth market research and competitors analysis.

  • socialbu-social-media-marketing-tool


    SocialBu is the perfect solution to improve your social media presence and maximize your results. Publishing and scheduling posts, responding to mentions, analyzing advertising results, and automating multiple tasks - all from one place.

Is Social Media a Good Marketing Tool?

Consumers are already interacting with brands through social media. If you want to stay alive in this competitive world, you must start using social media marketing tools. While it helps reach prospects and customers, it is also excellent for building a strong relationship with customers, creating a proper marketing strategy, and spreading brand awareness. Your marketing efforts for social media strategy will be successful with the best social media marketing tools.


The world of social media marketing has gone wider recently both in terms of the features it offers and the solutions it customizes on an industry basis. It is possible to come across social media marketing tools for agencies, small businesses, eCommerce brands etc. On the other hand, you can find more custom solutions to help you communicate, listen, monitor, analyze and report the actions of your followers on social networks better. By using social media marketing tools, you can create relevant content for your blog posts, conduct successful influencer marketing campaigns, build strong relationships with your social networks and more.


Not only do social media tools help create rich social media content, but also let you schedule and curate content you created through the marketing tool. With social media schedulers, you can ensure that the content you create reaches target audiences in every corner of the world at the right time. While scheduling posts, you can store related hashtags for future use to save time.


What Are Top Social Media Marketing Tools To Consider?


Choosing the best social media marketing tools can bring phenomenal success to your brand. However, the real struggle lies in finding the right one that best fits your needs. There are fantastic social media marketing tools for agencies, marketers and any size of business available in the market that offer numerous features. Since every business has different marketing needs, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. A great tool that’s ideal for one business may not be the perfect one for you.


The rising demand for virtual events due to the current situation popularized social media as a marketing tool for events as well. While social media used to serve more limited purposes, it has expanded its influence with the effect of variable demands. No doubt that we will witness more often that a social media post serves different purposes in time.


Above, we have gathered together the best social media marketing tools to serve any kind of need. When considering choosing a social media management tool, you need to begin by identifying your marketing goals. Also, list the essential aspects that allow team collaboration to perform optimally. Luckily, the market covers various social media marketing tools free and paid. As the paid ones offer a free trial for a limited time, it might be better to give it a try before investing in it. All you need to do is identify your needs and evaluate which would be the best fit for your digital agency.

What Are the Best Practices for Social Media Marketing Tools?


Listen to Your Social Networks

Social listening tools can help know what your audience is saying about your brand, product or service. Most social media marketing tools come with the social listening feature. By using this feature, you can track, analyze, and respond to the mentions of your services. Plus, if influencers or advocates give recommendations about you, you can capture this easily and get a chance to collaborate with them on further campaigns.

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Monitor Industry Related Conversations

Like social listening tools, social monitoring tools can help to know what consumers are thinking about you. These tools focus on gathering information from the past, analyze industry trends, identify the most-used hashtags, monitor the mentions of your brand, product or service and more. So, the monitoring feature is an inseparable part of social media marketing tools.


Produce Consistent Content

If you want to stay on top in this competition, you should create and follow the right marketing strategy to achieve your goals. One of the things you need to know is that consistency is key for building great relationships with your audience. You should create consistent content to make your customers want to learn more about you every time. To make this enriching, do not forget to set social media schedulers.


Do Competitor Analysis

An excellent social media management tool provides a competitor analysis feature that helps you maintain a smarter decision-making process. Competitor analysis consists of some nuances of monitoring and listening features. It provides an in-depth real time analysis of your social competitors. It is the most important feature while understanding your environment, who is talking about you and who has the most engaged audience.

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Optimize Content for Each Channel

Each social channel has its own unique requirements. For example, the content you are planning to share that is supported by hashtags for LinkedIn may not be appropriate for Twitter. Even the length of the content can vary depending on social networks. Before sharing, you should check if it meets the requirements. If the content seems that it is not going to work on Snapchat, you should not be pushing it to be shared too.

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