Gozde Bilir

Gozde Bilir is a web content executive. She has been working in Digital Marketing for over 4 years. Besides her corporate life, she is also a youth-worker in an NGO for Erasmus+ and a yoga instructor.

BLOG | Content Marketing

Best Content Marketing Agencies Working with High-Profile Clients in LA

Content marketing is the type of marketing focusing on the creation and distribution of the content effectively so as to attract your buyer persona. What is “content” in content marketing? Longman Dictionary describes “content” as the information contained in a website, considered separately from the software that makes the website work. Content is everything you …

BLOG | Digital Marketing

Best Shopify Agencies to Boost Your ROI

Shopify agencies help you to create your website on Shopify for your online store. While doing that, they consider every possibility to boost your return on investment (ROI). Shopify is an eCommerce company, founded in 2004 and headquartered in Ottowa, Ontario, Canadia. Whatever WordPress is for a website, Shopify is the same for eCommerce-focused websites. …

BLOG | Web Design

Top 7 UX Design Agencies in Chicago with Creative Projects

UX design agencies are performing the art of designing systems/products which offer the most optimized and satisfying experience to users. What are UI and UX design? UI stands for user interface and UX for user experience. UI (user interface) designers mainly focus on the interface, which is the way in which users see the information …

BLOG | Social Media Marketing

Top Influencer Marketing Agencies with Great Campaigns

Influencer marketing has recently been a significant player in the digital marketing industry. Digital agencies are here to support you with strategies. Influencer marketing is considered to be the new king of the content, but what is it exactly? Who is an influencer? How influencers can reach out to your buyer persona? How can digital …

BLOG | Web Design

Best Digital Agency 404 Pages for Your Inspiration

When you are surfing on the internet, you may accidentally type a wrong address or stumble upon a page that is no longer available. Ordinary “404 – Page Not Found” pages leave you frustrated. However, there are some outstanding examples of 404 pages by digital marketing agencies out there. A 404 page is a standard …

BLOG | Web Design

Top 19 Inspiring “Meet The Team Page” Examples by Digital Agencies

If you are in the digital marketing industry, it is vital to add a “meet the team page” to your website. Visitors usually look for this page to get an idea about your agency. We see a lot of portraits and names, but the catchy pages are the unique ones that introduce their team proudly. What …

NEWS | Agency News

Inspiring New Year Messages From Digital Agencies For 2020

Christmas spirit took all over the world! Digital agencies are celebrating the holiday season and wishing us all a happy new year via their newsletters and blogs. It is a nice chance for digital agencies to display how creative they can go with their work. Here is the list of most inspiring holiday celebrations by …

WORK | Case Studies

Beyond Recently Partnered With YouTube Space To Redesign

Digital agency Beyond recently partnered with YouTube Space to completely redesign the user experience, visual identity and messaging of their website. YouTube Space is a facility where content producers and artists can use and gather. YouTube Space is accessible for everyone who has completed the orientation. The ones who have more than 10,000 subscribers can …

NEWS | Agency News

Major Tom Created A Tribute To A Canadian Christmas Classic

This year at Major Tom’s Great White North headquarters, they decided to forego gifts, giving money to charity instead. But, they still wanted to spread the holiday cheer to their friends, families, followers, and fans, so they created a tribute to a Canadian Christmas Classic. Great White North is a Canadian recurring SCTV sketch, which …

NEWS | Agency News

The Evolution Of Abstrakt Brand And Its Website

It is a fact that companies and brands should update their online platforms every now and then so as to catch up with the latest trends and survive in the growing market. Here is the story of how and why Abstrakt brand has changed over the years. At first, their website was very simple. They …

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