Gozde Bilir

Gozde Bilir is a web content executive. She has been working in Digital Marketing for over 4 years. Besides her corporate life, she is also a youth-worker in an NGO for Erasmus+ and a yoga instructor.

BLOG | Digital Marketing

5 Ways to Keep Employer Data Secure When Working Remotely

The global pandemic is affecting nearly every part of our lives, including work. More and more companies are starting to implement work-from-home policies, which can be great: a more flexible work schedule, no commuting, not to mention keeping your health out of harm’s way. However, working remotely has its challenges. Maintaining the same level of …

BLOG | Startup Marketing

Best Branding Agencies for Startups & Small Businesses

For startups and small businesses, it is significant and effective to work with a branding agency to build or refresh the brand. If you want to survive in the market and impress your target audience at first glance, you need to make sure that you have a sustainable and reliable branding strategy. You wouldn’t want …

WORK | Digital Ad Campaigns

Inspiring “Back to the New Normal” Ad Campaigns by Brands for the Post-COVID-19 Era

Each sector has been affected by the coronavirus pandemic differently. And they...

BLOG | Startup Marketing

Best Digital Growth Marketing Agencies for Startups in 2020

Growth marketing is one of the newest ways of marketing. In growth marketing you can choose digital or traditional channels for your marketing with the aim to grow your business. In this article, we have gathered the best digital growth marketing agencies in the world for startups or small businesses. Researches show that nine out …

BLOG | Digital Marketing

Best Travel & Tourism Marketing Agencies With Case Studies in the UK

We have listed the best travel and tourism marketing agencies in the UK, which will make your readers check their passports as soon as they see your content. Digital marketing agencies know how to attract your potential customers and they are very capable of convincing people into travelling to your place. The needs of visitors …

BLOG | Digital Marketing

Best Ecommerce Agencies with Excellent Projects – Get Inspired by the Industry Leaders

Working with the best ecommerce agencies is beneficial in a rapidly changing digital marketing world. Therefore, more and more companies are working with agencies to grow their businesses. Firstly, you need to do good research before deciding which agency suits your needs. We have gathered the best ecommerce agencies to make your selection process easier. …

BLOG | Digital Marketing

Best Digital Marketing Agencies for Educational Institutes in the UK

It is not easy to decide which educational institute to invest money in. And, that makes the competition really high between the institutes regarding education marketing. Because they all want to reach and attract potential students. This is where it gets vital to work with a perfect education marketing agency to make your institute survive …

BLOG | Digital Marketing

Best Digital Agency Showreel Videos in 2020

A showreel is a short video showing someone’s portfolio. It is created to attract and convert potential customers. It is also known as demo reel and sizzle reel. When someone is visiting your website or social media channels, it is very effective to display your showreel to convert them. A showreel is the visual proof …

BLOG | Digital Marketing

Top Nonprofit Digital Marketing Agencies With Best Ideas

Let’s admit that it is easier to be convinced about a shiny product than a great idea or opinion. This is the main reason why nonprofit organizations need to partner with an ambitious agency for digital marketing. Even if it is the same price, you can easily sell a small tree souvenir while you have …

NEWS | Agency Life

Social Media Posts From “New Agency Life” During COVID-19 Outbreak

With this article, we aim to share what the best digital agencies all around the world are up to from their own perspectives. Considering all the crisis caused by COVID-19, digital agencies can be considered to be one of the luckiest businesses in terms of business continuity while working remotely. Everyone has spent time at …

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