Sydney SEO Conference 2025

Sydney SEO Conference 2025, organized by Prosperity Media, will take place on March 21st at Amora Hotel Jamison in Sydney.

Prepare for comprehensive upskilling experience in 2025 as you embark on a journey alongside globally renownedseo SEO experts. Gain profound insights into the cutting-edge strategies that will empower you to navigate the ever-evolving SEP landscape with finese.

Who is the conference going to be for?

– SEO’s
– Digital Marketing Managers
– PPC Managers
– Business Owners
– Affiliate Marketers
– eCommerce Managers



How long will each talk be?
30 minutes, which will be packed with actionable tips.

Who is speaking?

Aleyda Solis (Europe) is an international SEO consultant.
Cyrus Shepard (USA) Ex-Lead SEO Moz
Kyle Roof (USA) Co-Founder, POP/IMG
Shane Dutka (USA) – VP SEO, Three Ships (200 million-a-year affiliate SEO business).
Kyle Kangur (EU)
Craig Cambell (Scotland)

VIP mastermind tickets for Saturday are also available (this includes a GA ticket for $999) [Selling Quickly]