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How To Improve Social Media Marketing Strategy And Choose The Best Tool For That

Social media is a religion of the modern world. Some people spend there all their free time. And businesses that consider it as an opportunity use this fact to generate leads, attract more customers, improve customers’ loyalty and maximize their profit.

Social network advertising is a huge step forward for your management campaign. But to make your work even more efficient, you need to manage the result and adjust your campaign according to the analytical data.

In this article, you will find the most effective social media analytics tools which can make your life easier and your business more profitable.

But first thing is first. Let’s persuade you that data analysis is the key to your success.

The importance of social network analysis

The CMO Survey claims that in the next 4-5 years the investment given for marketing strategies in social networks will rise from about 10 to more than 18%. It shows that the giants of the market understand the role of social media marketing in a brand development and sales increasing.

Yet, we also know that despite such an active diving of many modern companies into the social network marketing, only a very few of them really understand how to manage such campaigns in a proper way.

This is why if you want to achieve great results with your marketing strategy with the help of social media, you will need to use some analytics tools.


As with anything that needs investments, you have to make sure that the data analysis form social networks are not only a new, expensive hype but a tool which gives you a chance to optimize your expenses and build an effective strategy for your product marketing.

Before we compare the best analytical tools for social media, we want you to investigate how your competitors lead their marketing campaigns. Here’s a detailed plan for you to collect all the comprehensive data on them.

Check your rivals

If you don’t want to rely on your intuition (which is great, actually in this case), the first thing in your plan has to be a review of competitors. Such an analysis shows all the strengths and weaknesses of theirs. And gives you, at the same time, an opportunity to make your campaign better and avoid pitfalls. Here what you need to do:

Search on Google

It is a very simple test to identify your main competitors. If you are a wedding planning agency in Vermont, just ask Google to show you results on “the best wedding planning agency in Vermont”. In the first place is your biggest rival.

Keep an eye on your customers.

You can easily open a profile of your customer on Facebook, for instance, and see what other pages this person is interested in, maybe you will see your competitors here too.


Compete with a few.

You cannot fight all of them, that is why you need to choose a few and try to beat them.

Learn their metrics.

How do they write posts, how often do they do it, what is the length of their posts, are there any images, is it a mainstream picture or a unique photo or image? Observe your rivals and answer these questions, it will help you make your posts perfect from the very beginning.

If you do everything right, you can clearly see the most effective ways to reach the target audience you want. And the social network which your target audience prefer the most, as well as the posts they like reading.

The analysis also detects businesses which have to use images (original photos) and which have to use only text in social media posts.

For the deeper analysis, you need to apply special tools and instruments which will provide you with lots of information. In some cases, it can become vital information.

Social media analytics tools

There are many tools of this kind, however, not all of them are efficient and effective enough. We offer you only those instruments and programs, which we’ve tried and can recommend you.

• Brandwatch:

This is a very powerful program which can work on many modern platforms. One of its biggest strengths is an ability to track your brand “popularity” in a real-time mode. The system also gives you comprehensive data on your customers, including, gender, geolocation, hobbies and social status.

This instrument can assist you with some vital business questions and can provide you with reports and recommendations to them. The price of the solution depends on the functionality you want, so it is even easier to start with Brandwatch if your budget is small.

• BuzzSumo:

This is a great program to spy on your competitors. With this system, you can see how effective your rival’s content is and compare it with your posts. The system also helps detect the most shared content in a particular social network. And see when your competitors are publishing some new posts. The program will cost you about 99-699 dollars per month.


• Edgar:

Is a solution which lets you publish your posts automatically. All you need to do is arrange the posts, set the time they have to be published and relax. Along with all that, Edgar also shows lots of statistical data to help you choose the most engaging content and the time when users are very active.

With this app, you can increase the traffic, improve users’ acquisition and attract new fans, and, of course, save lots of time scheduling your posts automatically. The program costs about 50 – 100 dollars. The price depends on the configuration you need.

• HootSuite:

HootSuite offers pretty much the same functionality as Edgar but has some great features which make it stand out from the others. Here, you can not only schedule your content posting but also monitor your rivals activity on various social sites.

The platform provides you with real-time information, lets you spot new trends and monitor your content performance. Another feature that distinguishes HootSuite from other is your accounts protection. The program claims that no hacker can crack your page. You can get the app for 19 – 499 dollars per month.

• AgoraPulse:

It is a platform which targets three the most beloved social networks, such as Instagram, Twitter and, our favorite, Facebook.

The solution brings lots of data but the most useful and effective is the data about clients who often share your content or tell others about you. Another benefit is that the app has different languages support and can export data to PowerPoint. This app will cost you from $49 to $299 per month.

We hope that this review will be helpful for you to choose that tool which would bring the most benefits to you and your business. Most of them offer you to try a tool for free, so you can compare them before paying.

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