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Whatagraph is an online platform used by marketing agencies, in-house marketing departments and freelancers to review, monitor and report on the performance of their marketing campaigns. Whatagraph pulls data from multiple channels directly integrated into the platform.

Entry Level Price : $119


Whatagraph is a marketing reporting tool popular with agencies and in-house marketers who report on their work to a manager or a client. With over 40 data sources and more than 100 report templates, creating your next report is a matter of minutes.

Your reports can look just the way you want them to. Everything is customizable, from the fonts and colors of your reports, all the way to the URL you use to send the report. For a full on-brand look and feel, you can use the white label feature to remove all Whatagraph branding.

You can create a report for a single channel or use cross-channel reports for comprehensive client reporting. Integrations span from the basics such as Google Analytics, all the way to LinkedIn, TikTok, Shopify, Mailchimp and many others.

Whatagraph Features

Goal tracking
Budget control
Instant issue identification
Performance-based marketing analytics
Visual data representation
Report automation
Direct multiple channel integration
Custom data upload via Google Sheets or API

Whatagraph Reviews

Overall Ratings 200-500 Reviews
Software Features & Functionality
Detailed social media analytics

Most users have said that Whatagraph provides a comprehensive view of their each social media channel performance. They can reach detailed insights on how their posts are performing on different channels, who is engaging with them, and what content is resonating with their audience most.

Customizable automated reports

Whatagraph's report builder has been highly appreciated by the users as it provides a wide range of customization options which allowed them to create reports that are tailored to their clients specific needs. Users also have added that although some features are only available for higher priced plans, the basic features are still worthy.

Powerful data visualization tools

Users have reported that Whatagraph helped them create visually appealing and informative reports including charts, graphs, and heatmaps in order to understand their marketing data without any hussle.

Live collaborations

Live collaboration ability has been one of the best parts of Whatagraph reviewed by its users. With this feature, they can create live dashboards that can be updated in real time in order to see the latest data. This has been helpful for the users monitoring their overall performance and making adjustments as need.

Integrations with Top Marketing SaaS
Easy integrations with multiple SaaS

Reviewers have been pretty contended with the variety of easy integrations that allowed them to easily create reports and dashboards that show them how their marketing campaigns are performing and track their leads and sales opportunities.

Clean user interface

Many reviewers have praised Whatagraph for its customizable and clean user interface. Even newbies that started to use the tool said that the interface is easy to understand and can create reports in minutes.

Fair and competitive pricing plans

Users have generally praised Whatagraph's pricing as being fair and competitive. However, some users have noted that the higher-tier plans can be expensive for small businesses. We think that starting with the Professional plan might be a good start for them.

Customer Service
Excellent customer support

Users have often mentioned that they get help quickly and easily from the support team for their queries via live chatbot and email.

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Whatagraph Pricing Range

Whatagraph pricing starts at $199 per month, which gives you 25 data sources and up to 5 team members.







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