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Semrush is an all-in-one digital marketing platform that helps businesses of all sizes achieve measurable results. From SEO to content, social media, competitive research and more, you can do it all in Semrush. Automate tasks using SEO automation. Trusted by millions of marketers worldwide.

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Are you using different tools to do SEO, content, social media marketing, PPC, and competitive research? Try Semrush to unify your marketing efforts on one comprehensive platform.

Optimize your website for technical SEO with 120 site checks. Access the largest keywords and backlinks databases out there. Get real-time optimization tips as you write content. Schedule and post content on social and analyze campaigns. Unveil competitors’ traffic and learn how to beat them. And so much more!

Digital marketing is always evolving and so are we. Semrush now has the largest backlinks database on the market and brand new keyword intent metrics, Core Web Vitals report, and a special toolkit to help agencies grow their businesses faster.

50+ tools. Trusted by millions of marketers worldwide. 7 days free.

Semrush is where good marketers become great — join us today!

Semrush Reviews

Overall Ratings 2000-5000 Reviews
Software Features & Functionality
Keyword analysis

Semrush has been considered the best keyword analysis tool in the market by the users. They have mentioned that Semrush allowed them to find the most relevant keywords for their website and optimize their content to improve their search engine rankings.

Site audit

Most users have said that Semrush helped them to create forms to perform audits in this way was responsible for monitoring, reviewing, or reporting their business performance.

Competitor analysis

The competitor analysis feature stood out for users to gain insight into their competitors' strategies, backlinks, and social media performance. They stated that thanks to the in-depth keyword analysis feature, they can have information about the frequency of people searching for their keywords, whether their competitors rank for these keywords, the difficulty of ranking in these keywords, and the recommendation of similar keywords with less competition.

Integrations with Top Marketing SaaS
Easy integrations with multiple SaaS

Some users have said they exported their campaign plans from Google Ads and Salesforce into Semrush and tracked their results in one place. Some have noted that they preferred to export their HubSpot and WordPress data into Semrush with just a few clicks. Overall, they have said Semrush is well integrated with Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Ads, HubSpot, WordPress, Shopify, Magento, etc.

Intuitive user interface

Users of Semrush generally have given the user interface high marks as it was clean and modern, and it is also easily navigate to find what they needed. They have added that they can customize the UI to their own preferences.

Fair and competitive pricing plans

Users have generally found Semrush's pricing to be fair and competitive. The pricing plans are transparent and easy to understand. Semrush offers various pricing plans that meet the demands of each user. However, some users have expressed concerns about the cost of the Enterprise plan.

Customer Service
Excellent customer support

Users said their customer service was excellent. They often say that they can get quick help with their questions and the reps are very knowledgeable.

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Semrush Pricing Range

Semrush offers a completely free account. Paid plans are from $119.95/mo to $449.95/mo. Get a free 7-day trial with no strings attached.







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