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Best Content Marketing Tools

Explore some of the top content marketing tools to boost your business with content creation, copywriting, content editing & proofreading. Here are the best ones for the creation of social media posts, SEO content, and so on.

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With GetResponse MAX, you get best-in-class deliverability, unrivaled flexibility, and direct access to a group of experts who are there for you throughout the entire process.



PageProof® is the number 1 rated online proofing platform - as voted by users. Marketing teams and creative studios use PageProof to gather feedback on creative, documents, video, websites, banners and more. Simple to use and integrated with all of your tools.


SEO PowerSuite

SEO PowerSuite is a professional set of 4 SEO tools for keyword research and position tracking, ultimate SEO audits, backlink stats monitoring, and link building and outreach campaigns. Join millions of happy users to boost your SEO. Free trial available!



Planable is a social media collaboration tool that helps teams do away with clunky social media processes by streamlining everything content-related, from planning, scheduling, publishing posts to collaboration and approval.


Semrush is an all-in-one digital marketing platform that helps businesses of all sizes achieve measurable results. From SEO to content, social media, competitive research and more, you can do it all in Semrush. Automate tasks using SEO automation. Trusted by millions of marketers worldwide.

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  • adobe-express-content-marketing-tools

    Adobe Express

    Adobe Express makes it easy and fun for everyday communicators to turn their ideas into beautiful visual stories that make an impact. Express users can create social media graphics, web pages, or videos—from anywhere.

  • buzzsumo-content-marketing-tool


    BuzzSumo is the world’s most-loved content marketing software. They empower businesses to connect with their audiences. BuzzSumo provides social insights for content marketing and SEO campaigns.

  • canva-social-media-marketing-tool


    Canva empowers users to create social media graphics, presentations, posters, and other visual content. Featuring a simple drag-and-drop user interface and a vast library of templates and design ingredients such as fonts, illustrations, stock photography, video, and audio content.

  • ceros-content-marketing-tool


    Ceros is a cloud-based experiential content creation platform. They empower marketers and designers to create rich, engaging content experiences without any coding.

  • clearvoice-content-marketing-tool


    ClearVoice is an unprecedented, leading-edge platform that provides a full-circle solution to content marketing. They believe a clear voice is the most powerful voice, no matter its volume or medium.

  • content-launch-content-marketing-tool

    Content Launch

    Content Launch is a content marketing software built for SMB's. Cloud-based and intuitive, the application enables you to plan, create, launch, promote and measure any type of content.

  • copyai-content-marketing-tool


    CopyAI is the world's most advanced AI copywriter that helps brands create highly engaging ad copy.

  • copysmith-content-marketing-tools


    Copysmith is an AI-augmented brainstorming partner to help you 10X your content marketing game.

  • croncyle-content-marketing-tool


    Cronycle is a SaaS application that provides an end-to-end collaborative information workflow for content curation, monitoring, organization, and publishing, for knowledge workers.

  • cronycle-content-marketing-tool


    Cronycle is a SaaS application that provides an end-to-end collaborative information workflow for content curation, monitoring, organization, and publishing, for knowledge workers.

  • curata-content-marketing-tool


    Curata enables marketers - for the first time, to harness the power of content creation, curation, and analytics to yield a more predictable and successful stream of content.

  • decent-reviews-content-marketing-tools

    Decent Reviews

    Decent Reviews is a user-generated review site for Web3 brands that helps brands generate and analyse their user reviews for improved marketing collateral and strategy.

  • digimind-content-marketing-tool


    Digimind is the global leader in AI-Powered social listening platforms and market intelligence software, designed for brands and agencies who want to accelerate digital transformation through an insights-driven approach.

  • divyhq-content-marketing-tool


    DivvyHQ is a cloud-based, content planning, workflow, and collaboration platform built to help marketers and content producers get/stay organized and successfully execute the demand, complicated, and content-centric marketing initiatives.

  • emlen-io-content-marketing-tool is a cloud-based content engagement software that enables companies to determine content ROI while boosting engagement with their contacts.

  • feedly-content-marketing-tool


    Feedly's mission is to connect people to the knowledge they need to become better at what they do. Feedly is an app that enables readers to connect with the websites and sources about the things they are most passionate about.

  • foleon-content-marketing-tool


    Foleon’s leading Content Experience Platform (CEP) empowers business teams to create engaging and intelligent content experiences at scale.

  • gathercontent-content-marketing-tool


    GatherContent tames the chaos with a single platform to manage the people, and process, for producing effective content that meets user needs and business goals.

  • ginger-software-content-marketing-tooll

    Ginger Software

    Ginger’s mission is to remove language barriers between people by enabling everyone to communicate better and faster. Ginger creates apps and products that help people communicate more productively and efficiently on their mobile devices and desktop computers.

  • grammarly-content-marketing-tool


    Grammarly’s digital writing assistant helps more than 20 million people write more clearly and effectively every day. In building a product that scales across multiple platforms and devices, Grammarly works to empower users whenever and wherever they communicate.

  • hubspot-content-marketing-tool


    HubSpot is a leading growth platform with thousands of customers around the world. Comprised of Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, Service Hub, and a powerful free CRM, HubSpot gives companies the tools they need to grow better.

  • infogram-content-marketing-tool


    Infogram is the data visualization platform that brings out the best in your data. Our charts and infographics are quick to make, fast to share, and easy on the eye. Infogram helps media, marketers and business decision-makers tell their stories with data.

  • joomag-content-marketing-tool


    Joomag is the all-in-one platform offering a suite of integrated solutions for every content marketing, digital publishing, corporate communications, and sales engagement need.

  • matcha-content-marketing-tool


    Matcha is a turnkey content solution that helps resource-strapped marketers to sustainably create content that acquires, engages, and retains more customers.

  • mintent-content-marketing-tool


    Mintent is a content marketing platform used by mid-sized and large teams to plan, produce, publish, and measure marketing content.

  • mixbloom-content-marketing-tool


    On top of sourcing content, MixBloom helps you collaborate within your team and present social media content to your clients, collect feedback and get approvals all in one place.

  • mysmmai-content-marketing-tools


    Mysmmai is an AI-powered platform that creates professional content for your Social Media Accounts. Their platform makes it easy to generate and schedule captivating social media content based on key words descriptions with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

  • paperli-content-marketing-tool

    With you can do the work of a marketing team by yourself and from your mobile, in minutes. Personalized content, self-publishing website, social sharing, and newsletters. We help you keep your channels active with minimal effort.

  • paperflite-content-marketing-tool


    Paperflite is your content-everything platform & UX-focused business intelligence solution, designed to accelerate content performance and boost audience engagement.

  • path-factory-content-marketing-tool


    Leading enterprise and mid-market B2B companies use PathFactory to accelerate nurture, improve win rates, and understand content performance by delivering intelligent content experiences across the buyer journey.

  • percolate-content-marketing-tool


    Percolate offers solutions to introduce visibility into the marketing process, improve coordination of work, and effectively build marketing campaigns and content.

  • pocket-content-marketing-tool


    Pocket is building a content platform where high-quality stories from around the web can thrive long after their original publish date. The mission is to empower people to consume stories worthy of their time and attention.

  • populr-content-marketing-tool


    With using Populr, you can easily create and share content to grab attention, close deals, and deliver information.

  • postpace-content-marketing-tool


    Postpace improves productivity for freelance writers, bloggers & marketers with topic research & outline building automation.

  • ripl-content-marketing-tool


    Ripl helps small businesses build their brand on social media. Ripl’s easy-to-use mobile and desktop versions help you create, share, and measure social media content that is designed for your particular business.

  • rock-content-content-marketing-tool

    Rock Content

    Rock Content is a global leader in Content Marketing. They help companies plan and execute strategies that are focused on business generation.

  • scoop-it-content-marketing-tool helps millions of professionals and hundreds of companies publish and share content online. automates content marketing to generate traffic and leads.

  • simple-asset-manager-content-marketing-tools

    Simple Asset Manager

    Simple's Asset Manager strikes the right balance between control and flexibility. Store, tag , edit and localise approved assets and get them to the market swiftly.Meet the highest standards of compliance and distribute brand assets reliably and securely.

  • sniply-content-marketing-tool


    Sniply is one of the marketing tools that work on the concept of adding a custom message to any content owned by a third party encrypted with a call to action.

  • social-animal-content-marketing-tool

    Social Animal

    By using Social Animal, you can get deep insights, find influencers and get content inspiration for any keyword. They get you started on the path to content marketing nirvana.

Why Content Marketing Tools Are Important?

The content you post speaks on behalf of your brand. However, the virtual world is overflowing with tons of content. So how can you make your content stand out from the rest? Content marketing tools can take your business to the next level.


With the help of these tools, you can create and distribute content effectively through various platforms, whether that’s through email or on social media. Moreover, these tools can help automate tasks, optimize content, and ease workloads, from content creation to scheduling topics to publishing them online for search engines. Content marketing is unthinkable without a good keyword search volume tool while you are creating high-quality content. You can also create social media posts for your marketing campaigns or even build landing pages with related content in order to boost your sales funnel.


A free tool like a Google analytics tool or Google docs helps to create a piece of content for your web page. You can track the performance in real-time. Also, stock photos also are the content marketing tools that you use for your blog post or other channels. In addition, keyword research tools help to find relevant keywords for your content, editing tools to produce high-quality content, marketing automation tools to ease your content scheduling process and graphic design tools to create visual content and more.

More importantly, content marketing tools offer a holistic approach to digital marketing. As a business owner, you can now build a better connection with customers, boost website traffic, and ultimately drive lead generation to get sales. And as you monitor the results and gather feedback, you’ll be able to analyze just how successful your strategies really are.

So yeah, content marketing tools can significantly add to your bottom line. They’re an essential aspect of the digital marketing mix. But how do you choose the best one for your business? Investing in the right tools can significantly develop and promote your brand. But since every business has unique needs and goals, you need to select the best one for you. Often, brands will use several different content marketing tools at the same time.

Here are some of the crucial features of content marketing tools you need to look into before investing in one.


Key Criteria to Evaluate Content Marketing Tools


Pricing Policy

No matter which aspect of marketing you select, your budget will define how much you can spend. And content marketing tools are no exception. It should be one of the first things you need to consider. Before deciding on any tool, research the different services and pricing options that it offers. Remember, the tool’s scope typically influences the price.



Is the content marketing tool flexible enough to use for your team members? Often, the only way to truly understand what a tool is offering and if it is ideal for your business is to use it. Therefore, if there is a free trial period, we suggest you use it.

understanding of your needs

Understanding Your Content Marketing Needs

Content marketing tools help with content creation, curation, and distribution. Some websites rely on organic traffic, while others find social media traffic more important. Depending on your target audience and your needs, you may need a customized tool that aligns with your objectives.



Each tool comes with a unique set of features. What do you need the most assistance in? If you host many blog posts on your website, a proofreading tool will be necessary. An editorial site will need to analyze new and trending topics. But don’t forget that content marketing is not limited to only blog posts.



Security and privacy are major concerns, especially if you are dealing with sensitive information. You should check which companies are currently utilizing the tool. Inquire how long they have used it and whether there have been any issues. And if a problem does arise, do the tool’s developers offer customer support services?

scope of the tools

Scope of the Content Marketing Tools

The scope of content marketing is expanding, and written content is not the only way to promote your brand. Instead of focusing solely on blogs, consider incorporating other content such as your own YouTube channel into your content marketing strategy. Whether it’s webinars, videos, podcasts, infographics, etc., use tools that enhance the content and automate tasks.

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