ClicData is a leading-edge innovative Business Intelligence (BI) SaaS software that allows you to quickly connect, automate, combine and visualize data in interactive dashboards for your internal and customers’ reporting.

Entry Level Price : $500

Clicdata Features

Data integration and extraction
Data management and analytics
Automation and easy publication
Dashboard designer
Dashboard templates


ClicData is a smart and intuitive BI platform that allows you to quickly build beautiful, interactive and automated dashboards for your clients.

ClicData is an end-to-end BI platform that includes:
– smart data connectors to hundreds of data sources: build dashboards & KPIs regardless of the tools your clients use (marketing, CRM, accounting and time-tracking, ERP, databases, and more)
– powerful automation capabilities: data refreshes, dashboard publication and delivery, alerts and notifications
– data management functionalities & analytics
– a drag-and-drop dashboard designer
– white label and embedded analytics: offer a world-classreporting solution to your clients without the cost of maintenance
– dashboard templates easy to duplicate for all your clients


Clicdata Pricing Range

ClicData pricing starts at $500 per month



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