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Best Marketing Automation Tools

We’ve gathered some of the best marketing automation tools that help to make it easy to track the repetitive tasks of your marketing teams. Explore the best ones whether you’re a small business, digital agency, and enterprise.

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Intelligent lead capture, personalized website messaging, and audience analytics to convert more visitors into customers.



Save time, lower your ad spend and enjoy the best ad performance possible. Adzooma's PPC optimization and automation tools enable you to run multiple advertising campaigns in just minutes per day. Build entire campaigns, make mass changes and easily track performance.



DialMyCalls is a mass notification system that helps various organizations and businesses better connect with their users through automated systems. The platform uses automated text messaging, emails, and voice broadcasting.



Ease the process of managing, connecting and automating data flows on behalf of your clients in a multi-tenanted environment with client-segregated accounts. Save Time, Drive Revenue, Scale.


Artisan AI

Ava is the world's first AI employee. She is a BDR who takes care of the end-to-end cold email demand generation process.



Whatagraph is an online platform used by marketing agencies, in-house marketing departments and freelancers to review, monitor and report on the performance of their marketing campaigns. Whatagraph pulls data from multiple channels directly integrated into the platform.



Vendasta is the all-in-one platform for companies selling to local businesses. Find digital products to market, sell, bill, and fulfill under your brand with AI-powered tools to help you do it at scale.



Discover PPCDATAFEED: manage product feeds, create templates, and optimize your product catalogs in many ways. Create custom feeds for any channel, like Shopping Ads or Facebook catalogs. Integrate XML for powerful PPC campaigns. Elevate your online presence today!


Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM is an online cloud-based customer relationship management tool. It enables businesses to handle their processes seamlessly from within a single platform. Improve customer retention with AI-Powered sales analytics and omnichannel communication tools.



Channable is the ultimate PPC & Feed Management automation solution for digital marketing agencies and brands. Powerful enough to create, enrich, optimize, and export your clients’ Product data feeds to 2,500+ ad platforms, marketplaces and affiliate platforms.

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  • ivisionmobile-marketing-automation-software

    iVision Mobile

    iVision Mobile is one of the leading white label text message marketing platforms businesses choose for SMS and MMS messaging communications, automated business voice, and digital loyalty services.

  • campaigner-digital-marketing-tools


    Campaigner is one of the most powerful marketing automation tools on the market, catering to businesses of all sizes, Campaigners intuitive and feature rich software will allow you to reach your audience through their preferred channel.

  • referral-factory-referral-marketing-software

    Referral Factory

    Want to grow your business? Referral Factory is the easiest way to do that. Sign up, build a referral program, and ask your customers to #SpreadTheWord 🚀

  • hubspot-marketing-hub-marketing-automation-tool

    HubSpot Marketing Hub

    With Hubspot Marketing Hub, all your marketing tools and data are on one easy-to-use, powerful platform. You’ll save valuable time and get all the context you need to provide a personalized experience that attracts and converts the right customers at scale.

  • postoplan-social-media-marketing-tool


    POSTOPLAN is a smart automated social media and messengers marketing platform, that allows you to create, schedule and promote content.

  • mediaocean-marketing-advertising-tool


    Mediaocean is the mission-critical platform for omnichannel advertising. Mediaocean provides foundational software to connect brands, agencies, media, technology, and data.

  • octoboard-marketing-reporting-tool


    Automated marketing reporting, eCommerce analytics, paid advertising analytics and B2B leads generation platform for marketing agencies and eCommerce stores.

  • planable-social-media-management-tool


    Planable is a social media collaboration tool that helps teams do away with clunky social media processes by streamlining everything content-related, from planning, scheduling, publishing posts to collaboration and approval.

  • salesforce-marketing-marketing-automation

    Salesforce Marketing

    Marketers need better tools that help them do more with less! See real-time marketing in action and get a closer look at Marketing Cloud in this short demo video.

  • salesforce-pardot-help-desk-software

    Salesforce Pardot

    Salesforce Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (formerly Pardot) is one such solution that can empower your marketing and sales teams to win more customers and keep them for life.

  • trapica-marketing-automation-tool


    Trapica makes it easier for marketers to target the right audience on social and search advertising campaigns.

  • altcraft-marketing-automation-tool


    Altсraft is an omnichannel marketing platform. It automates your customer's journey., personalizes all digital communications with customers in email, SMS, mobile push and web push channels.

  • thrvy-marketing-automation-tool


    Thrvy is marketing automation software for small businesses to trigger their targeted campaigns and never forget to follow up again.

  • dotdigital-marketing-automation-tool


    dotdigital’s easy-to-use Engagement Cloud combines powerful technology with passionate people to deliver an unbeatable service. Their aim is to empower marketers to achieve their goals in faster and smarter ways.

  • funnelfly-marketing-automation-tool


    Funnelfly makes it easier for startups and marketers to close more deals and grow faster through quick onboarding, email copy templates, and easy integrations.

  • kizen-marketing-automation-tool


    Kizen is the first platform to seamlessly integrate and coordinate the essential sales and marketing technologies so companies can grow smarter, save time, and deliver personalized experiences customers love.

  • adroll-digital-advertising-tool


    Powered by machine learning and more than a decade of data, the AdRoll Growth Marketing Platform serves as mission control – unifying all data, channels, and measurement – so over 37,000 D2C brands can reach the right customer at the right time.

  • marketo-marketing-automation-tool


    Marketo, an Adobe Company, offers the leading Engagement Platform that empowers marketers to build brand value, grow revenue, and prove impact.

  • customer-io-marketing-automation-tool is a versatile marketing automation tool for sending relevant messages based on behavior across web and mobile products. They use real-time data to help you deliver the right message, like sending a reminder over SMS or the perfect onboarding email.

  • omnisend-email-marketing-tool


    Omnisend is the all-in-one eCommerce marketing automation platform that helps you sell more by converting your visitors and retaining your customers. Reach your customers with personalized messages using our powerful automation workflows and boost your sales. You can use the discount code "Danglobal10" to sign up for Omnisend.

  • sharpspring-sales-automation-tools


    SharpSpring is a cloud-based automation platform for marketing agencies and small to mid-sized businesses that rival top competitors with its features, functionalities, and performance.

  • ontraport-crm-tool


    Ontraport is the CRM software that meets automation to power your marketing, sales, and business systems all in one place.

  • keap-crm-tool


    Keap has been helping small businesses get organized so they can deliver great service and close more business. Today the pioneer of CRM and marketing automation software for small businesses serve more than 200,000 users globally with Keap products. For a limited time, save 50% off your first 3 months!

  • constant-contact-email-marketing-tool

    Constant Contact

    Constant Contact is a leader in email marketing since 1995, provides hundreds of thousands of small businesses around the world with the online marketing tools, resources, and personalized coaching they need to grow their business.

How to Choose the Best Marketing Automation Tools?

In the digital marketing world, successful campaigns rely on highly targeted marketing by delivering the right message to the right person or business at the right time. To make this delivery more effective, marketers need to have well-automated marketing systems. So, are you planning to integrate this automation into your marketing strategy?

A great marketing automation tools definition would be it is software that helps businesses target their customers effectively and manage marketing-related tasks automatically.

Why should I use marketing automation?

Online marketing campaigns and sales-related activities need to be organised, managed and tracked effectively. Preventing any revenue loss and in order to maintain a healthy life cycle of each marketing campaign, using a marketing automation system is a must.

51% of companies are using marketing automation solutions and this number is exponentially growing. Especially B2B companies are more likely to tend to use automation systems to manage complex business processes. Automation makes marketing less time-consuming and easier to manage. There are many automation tool options we listed above that cover free & paid solutions and also marketing automation tools for small businesses and each with its own features and benefits. These solutions help improve your marketing channel with trigger actions, automated workflows, drag and drop the emails, lead scoring, lead nurturing, and email campaigns in your inbound marketing strategy.

What is included in marketing automation?

Marketing automation contains both marketing and sales-related tasks. Simply put, while the automation system automatically manages targeted customers by reaching them across emails, messages or social platforms, at the same time it works for increasing revenue and maximising efficiency on the sales side.

Plus, these automation tools are used as an email marketing tool to send follow-up emails to your customers at one time. As a marketing solution, you can collect and organize your customer data through these tools. Thanks to the marketing automation CRM integration ability, you can track your sales-related customer data within the same platform as well.

Another key point is about creating personalised content to nurture leads. Marketing automation tools streamline the right content at the right time to the right prospects. Placing the right content that matches your prospects will increase the traffic, the average time they typically spend on the website and drive more conversions.

Marketing automation companies offer certain marketing automation solutions that are better designed for start-ups, small businesses and marketing teams. However, some of them fit best for enterprise companies or agencies with their plans and limitations. So if the automation system is implemented well in your marketing strategy, you will be able to see quickly how it scales up your business activity.

Which automation tool is the best?

There is no certain answer to it as every business has its own unique needs. That’s why there are numerous marketing automation tools in the digitalised world to cater for all unique needs. So, the best marketing automation solution will be reshaped by your requirements.

The comprehensive marketing automation tools list above-mentioned that cover both the paid and free plans will support you along your decision making journey.

Key Criteria to Evaluate Marketing Automation Tools


Pricing Policy

About every marketing automation tool has a free trial version to figure out how it works or to see whether it is well-worth to invest your money in or not. Prices can vary on the number of contacts you have or the number of features the tool has. So, you should be aware of what your business needs. Otherwise, you will be charging for the features that you don’t use.

scope of the tools

Scope of Marketing Automation Tools

First of all, you should consider the must-have features that you are looking for. Once you decide what essential features you need, you should start comparing it with other marketing automation tools in every aspect of your criteria. This definitely helps you find out the best one more efficiently.



Saving you time and money comes top of the marketing automation software benefits list. Besides these benefits, there are a few additional benefits we need to mention: producing customer-based data for better targeting, nurturing qualified leads, boosting productivity, improving efficiency, providing analytics and reporting, increasing ROI and more.



Software providers who work with data should know the importance of keeping your business’s data secure. At the end of the day, you share your customer or prospect’s information with these platforms. Most of the tools focus on protecting the data you provide but you should check this information before purchasing it.



You should add more value to your existing platform through integrating with other tools especially CRM. Most marketing automation platforms prosper their marketing activities providing excellent integrations that include email marketing, analytics and reporting, social media marketing, even workflow automation. Integrations may vary on your expectations from marketing automation software.



Most platforms compile various features such as email marketing, data-driven marketing, customer journey mapping, customer segmentation, lead generation, lead scoring, multi-channel marketing and more. If you don’t know what features you mainly focus on, consider asking for a demo in order to understand your exact needs.

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