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Intelligent lead capture, personalized website messaging, and audience analytics to convert more visitors into customers.

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Justuno helps you convert more website traffic into customers with personalized onsite messaging at every touchpoint. Join the 133,000+ brands that leverage Justuno’s high-performing solutions. On average, our clients see over a 135% lift in online revenue in the first year. Justuno helps clients increase conversion rates through a variety of solutions like lead capture, intelligent product recommendations, tap-to-text opt-ins, gamification, dynamic banners, push notifications, and much more. E-commerce retailers, B2B providers, SaaS companies, and more find the tools they need to unlock their website’s potential and turn more website visitors into customers.

Justuno proudly partners with over 150 marketing agencies and integrates seamlessly with over 100 technology partners.

Justuno Features

Advanced Segmentation
Intelligent Product Recommendations
Exit Offers
Push Notifications
A/B Testing
Conversion Tool

Justuno Reviews

Overall Ratings 50-100 Reviews
Software Features & Functionality
AI powered targeting and segmentation

Targeting visitors in so many different ways has been the most liked feature by the users. From basing it on the landing page, the uniqueness of the visitor, the origin of their visit, etc. users used a seemingly infinite number of different engagement strategies for their pop-ups or email campaigns.

Customized templates

Users have reported that Justuno has the ability to create scheduled custom pop ups with unique discount codes. Especially, the templates that is created for every holiday seasons are eye catching so far, users added.

Integrations with Popular Marketing SaaS
Easy CRM and email integrations

Users have made the most of the CRM and email integrations such as Klaviyo, Mailchimp, Shopify and other 50+ tools in the market.

User friendly user interface

Many Shopify users have praised Justuno for its flexible user interface. They said that the dashboard allowed them to create and customize various types of widgets for their work.

Affordable pricing plans

Users have stated that Justuno's pricing plans were flexible and that they were pleased to have a separate payment plan specifically for agencies. Most preferred plan by the users has been the Justuno Plus for the account services.

Customer Service
Communicative and helpful account team

Users have generally praised the Justuno's account team for being knowledgeable. Specifically Miranda, who has been the account manager at Justuno, has got the credit from almost each user. They have said that the account team always came with helpful insights and actionable strategies to improve their business.

Excellent customer support

Alongside the easily accessible customer support team, users have also mentioned how Justuno's support section is helpful as much as the ticketing system.

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