We May Have A Lot To Learn From Samsung Galaxy’s “Growing Up” Ad

Just before the launch date of the iPhone X, Samsung rolls out a new spot which is entirely about mocking Apple — and we didn’t see it coming.

As we all know, this is not the first time Samsung mocked Apple (we stopped counting, to be honest) but this time, they’re making it more fun. Created by Wieden + Kennedy Portland, ‘Growing Up’ refers to everything from storage space to water resistance — and of course the endless line-ups which is the funniest part. After watching the film, even the fans of Apple we bet can’t help but smile.

The spot begins in the year 2007, as the first-gen release of iPhone.  The hero, Erik, of course buys the product, while his future-girlfriend Lauren has a Samsung by 2013.  Eric started having storage issues even in the old version of iOS . Then, in 2013, when they compare the screen sizes and the water resistance, the results are shameful.

Then, the charging functions are compared and Erik’s iPhone jocosely fails again.  Lauren’s later-model Samsung phone charges wirelessly, while Erik—whose iPhone lacks a headphone jack has to create a funny set of wires to listen through headphones simultaneously. Speaking of which, the 50’s jazz-featured music in the ad fits perfectly and we advise you to watch out for the lyrics.

At length, Erik comes to his senses and buys a Galaxy, as the tagline reads “Upgrade to Galaxy“.

Of course this ad— and we, don’t mean to mention the Galaxy 7 explosions, which may be the biggest disaster in the whole smartphone history. But even so, the ad is true. Apple is an old company, it has been around for 14 years but definitely needs to improve itself on the technical issues.

The spot commercializes the Galaxy smartphones range which include the Note 8, the S8, S8+ and as a coincidence, it also rolled out as Apple has launched the iPhone 8 as well as the iPhone X.

Samsung commented,

At a time when tens of million Americans are ready to upgrade their smartphones, the two biggest brands have introduced flagship devices—at the same time. This new ad speaks directly them, underscoring why so many are choosing Galaxy S8, S8+ and Note 8 as their next smartphone. Instead of being on autopilot, they are finally excited about technology again.

This is how a simple ‘digging up’ commercial should be done. But don’t miss the point, some people don’t want to grow up for the rest of their lives, even if they’re told to do so.