A Showcase Of 10 Creative Portfolio Websites For Design Inspiration

Here are the most bold and impressive portfolio blogs to give the creative community what they need.

With their great user interface design and visual identity, each website is perfect and have their own spirit. We’re presenting the most attractive 10 website that are favorable and reflecting today’s world.

Besides their incredibility, they also contain a great UX, amazing layout and also they stand out for their creative details and some of them are even nominated in design awards.

Let’s have a look at the awesome, vibrant, colourful yet simple websites and get impressed.

Alex Hunting Studio


Alex Hunting is a London-based, award-winning art direction and design studio. Their work has been awarded by various authorities and they follow modern aesthetic principles in their projects, commonly based on online magazines and editorial design.



A bavarian design studio, Anakin is specialized in design craftsmanship and creative use of digital technology. They’re experienced over 20 years as you can see the quality of their work in the website. With their post-minimalist and white space-dominated website, they are nominated in Awwwards as Site of the Day at July 2017.



Clarify is a Dutch digital agency which uses a different layout design with the strong use of yellow colour. As a great example of parallax design, Clarify is experienced in branding, visual content, user-experience design and digital strategies.

Elsa Muse


Here is an extravagant one. Elsa Muse was launched as a blog four years ago, but revamped version of the website is worth looking. She describes her website as ‘more than just a blog’, geniality is popping from everywhere. The coherent use of bold colours and the patterns catch the eye at the first sight, we can truly say she has a sight of vision & knows how to reflect it.

Erminando Aliaj


Erminando Aliaj is likely to be more of a slideshow-based website, but being a photographer makes it go opposite and helped him stand out. In my opinion, I like the neatness of the website and the small details that are subjected in a great form, such as the vertical-typed buttons and the cut-embedded videos.

Jony Guedj


Parisian freelance Filmmaker, Jony Guedj is a beautiful sample of simple design  and a horizontally scrolling layout. Because his website is only composed of his showreel, we can say he’s a minimalist. The most vibrant feature of the website is of course the coloured timeline at the bottom.

Laura Trouiller


The French Art Director, Laura Trouiller’s website is based on serving UX/UI solutions. The clients of her company are very impressive such as Cartier, Chanel, Evian and more, the tone of her brand identity herself give us cues about her elegant work.

Malte Gruhl


Another example of a parallax designed-site. With his homepage, we’re entering in Malte Gruhl’s dark, labyrinthic world and this appears more of an artpiece rather than a portfolio website. The Berlin and NY based Design Director also steal our hearts by using computer generated images with inverted colours in the background.



Whether their website’s simplicity, Upperquad is one of the most professional companies in design industry. The San-Franciscan creative studio have strong connections, as some of their clients are Google, Facebook, YouTube and GitHub. The website is telling that they love to use geometry and asymmetry in together, but still they can keep their website simple.

Victoria Spicer


Londoner Prop Stylist, Victoria Spicer is also an artsy example of a minimal portfolio design. The images in the site are well-chosen and floating through the scrolling process is such a unique, noticeable detail.

Have a look, get inspired and decide ‘what you really-really want’ if you’re a beginner at making your own virtual studio.