Top Email Marketing Agencies in the USA

Email marketing is still one of the most effective marketing strategies. After the social media boom, for a while, there were discussions about the efficiency of email marketing. However, it’s still useful for all stages of marketing like acquisition, retention and closing deals.

How Email Marketing Agencies Work With Brands?

First of all, you should have a plan for why you want to reach an email marketing agency. Email marketing is not only about sending eye-catching newsletters.

It’s not hard to explain why you should definitely use email marketing. With this timeless marketing strategy, you can reach your prospects and customers’ inbox directly in the most personalized way.

If you set up a strong funnel, then everything will be automated without spending extra cash on advertisements. The funnel will help you with acquiring new customers, providing them a purpose to coming back to use your product. Finally, you can sell them to your product. It doesn’t matter; you sell digital or physical products, or you’re in a B2C or B2B industry.

So the questions are how to create engaging emails that have high open and click rates? How can you segment your customers successfully? What are the critical moments for sending triggered emails, and how can you write personalized, compelling newsletters for increasing your brand awareness?

Or you are just at the beginning stage and you need leading magnets for building your email list.

Top 8 Email Marketing Companies in the USA

The questions are obvious. However, you manage some parts of the process perfectly, increasing your clicks 1% to 2% could mean doubling your sales from email marketing.

Only dedicated and the best email marketing agencies can assist you with what you want to achieve. And as you already know, hundreds of digital agencies are around you in the United States. I’ve compiled a list of 8 best digital agencies for email marketing.


Ignite Visibility

Ignite Visibility is one of the top marketing agencies in the nation. Offering SEO, Social Media, PR, Paid Media, CRO, Email Marketing and more, Ignite is a known leader.

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Email marketing is one of the cost-effective strategies for generating and nurturing leads. Ignite Visibility has experience across many industries which enables them to deliver optimized and well-rounded campaigns. They analyze industry trend data across essential indicators to find under-performing metrics, innovate to uncover the biggest opportunities, and evaluate current and past email program contributions to chart a strategic path to realize greater growth.


Their goal is to help your email program contribute at least 25% of topline revenue. In this process, Ignite will unlock consumer preferences which are an essential component to further improving email deliverability, engagement, and revenue.


The strength of Flightpath lies in an ever-evolving set of core competencies nimbly combined and refined into a custom solution for our clients and their brands.

When it comes to creative digital marketing, Flightpath serves brands in many fields includes email marketing. They create content and develop digital marketing experiences with elasticity—expanding and contorting to suit the shape and dimension of business goals and consumer expectations.


Crafted is an independent Digital Marketing Agency in the heart of NYC. They are committed to offer 360˚ digital marketing services focussed on getting results that drive you to attain a reputed market position and achieve many more milestones.

Crafted seo agency

One of their focus in digital marketing is lead generation. As you are already aware, email marketing is also can be used as a lead generation strategy. Their team can configure and optimize a successful lead generation strategy for you.

AVX Digital

As an experienced digital marketing agency, AVX Digital provides effective email marketing campaign strategies to help you reach and connect with your target audience.

The AVX team creates individual email designs and content that targets your end-user, while also implementing advanced email automation tactics for lead nurturing, lead generation, and ultimately sales.

After they segment your target groups, the agency determines the best way to approach each segment (i.e., an “abandoned cart” campaign, e-newsletter, etc.) and begin creating and deploying email marketing materials.


RNO1 offers a wide range of services to their customers, so email marketing is not their sole focus. Because of their expertise in web design, it will be easier to create visually appealing newsletters with the award-winning agency.

They’re design-focused across every touchpoint or interaction. So, everything they do and dream up has a major design impact.

They position email marketing under the performance marketing category, and it demonstrates their data-driven approach for it. I think this is the necessary mindset from an email marketing agency.

Redonk Digital


Redonk Digital creates unforgettable experiences that build brands, deepen relationships and grow businesses. As a customer experience agency, they work on customer acquisition, retention, satisfaction and improving customer lifetime value.

Great marketing newsletters should aim for one of the elements above. Therefore their long-term experience with all of it gives a great advantage to their new customers for a specific field like email marketing.


WebMechanix is a performance-based, full-service digital marketing agency for medium to large companies. Plus, they can help you reach your customers and leads as one of the best B2B email marketing agencies.

They are ready to apply their tricks to your email marketing strategy by building the right list of contacts and contacting them in the right way.

You don’t have to work with an email marketing company to achieve great success. However, an experienced agency could make a real difference. Moreover, their approach can inspire you for other digital marketing fields as well.

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