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Lounge Lizard is a full-service website and digital marketing agency specializing in web design, PPC, social media, marketing automation, SEO, email, and CRO.

USA HQ: New York
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Get noticed through Best of Breed websites, mobile apps, digital marketing, SEO, and branding. 🦎 Lounge Lizard Worldwide’s award-winning Brandtenders and Marketing Mixologists always serve up results. We mix a potent digital marketing strategy, web development plan, and modern website design with a generous splash of creative juices. We then blend technology-focused and customized solutions as a chaser for success. WordPress, Laravel, Android, and Apple iOT services are all on our menu. We work with companies throughout the U.S. and worldwide. Our offices are in New York City, Long Island, Miami, Nashville, Charleston, and Washington, D.C.

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Lounge Lizard Worldwide Reviews

Overall Ratings 50-100 Reviews
Project Execution and Management
Quality and Timeliness

Clients commend Lounge Lizard for their exceptional work quality and punctuality. The agency is recognized for its ability to consistently meet deadlines and surpass client expectations, with projects spanning web development, mobile app development, and branding.

Professionalism and Communication

The agency's professionalism and strong communication skills are often highlighted. Clients appreciate Lounge Lizard's efforts to understand their business objectives, provide regular updates, and keep communication channels open throughout the project duration.

Client Satisfaction and Outcomes
High Referral Ratings

The willingness of clients to recommend Lounge Lizard is a recurring theme, supported by high satisfaction ratings. Successful project outcomes, such as increased web traffic, improved lead generation, and enhanced website functionality, underscore the high referral ratings.

Impactful Results

Reviews frequently mention the significant benefits of partnering with Lounge Lizard, including captivating website designs, user-friendly interfaces, and innovative solutions that propel business growth. Clients value the agency's effectiveness in delivering impactful results that align with their strategic goals.

Innovation and Strategic Insight
Creative Solutions

Lounge Lizard is lauded for their creative approach to problem-solving, offering innovative solutions that stand out in the digital landscape. Their ability to blend creativity with functionality is evident in the unique and engaging websites and apps they develop.

Strategic Partnership

Beyond just executing projects, Lounge Lizard acts as a strategic partner to their clients. They are praised for their deep understanding of market trends and the ability to align digital strategies with business objectives, ensuring that projects not only look good but also deliver on key performance indicators.

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  • Forbes Agency Council Official Member 2021
  • National Excellence Award Winner
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