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Planable is a social media collaboration tool that helps teams do away with clunky social media processes by streamlining everything content-related, from planning, scheduling, publishing posts to collaboration and approval.

Entry Level Price : $11


Planable aims to offer an elegant and intuitive solution for collaboration-centric social media teams. This involves a firm focus on team collaboration, content approval, and planning. Planable’s features streamline social media management processes, allowing teams to focus on creating content.

Planable follows a WYSIWYG design philosophy, focusing on simplicity and efficiency. It is designed to be user-friendly to technically-savvy social media teams as well as those that simply want a tool that gets the job done. Everything is one click away and in the same place.

Planable is home to over 5.000 teams from brands such as Hyundai, Christian Louboutin, Viber, and United Nations. It supports Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google My Business and YouTube. Join us today!

Planable Features

Social media collaboration
Scheduling content
Content calendar
Grid view
Media storage
Guest sharing
Multiple approval workflow
Social Media Management
Social Media Publishing


Planable Pricing Range

For anyone wanting to test Planable out, we offer a free plan which includes the first 50 posts for free and access to all of our features. For businesses getting started with social media, the pricing starts at $11/user with our Basic plan and it includes unlimited posts, 7 social media pages/workspace, 2 approval workflows & Feed & Calendar views. For growing social media teams, the Pro plan pricing starts at $22/user and it includes everything available in the Basic plan, 15 social media pages/workspace, 3 approval workflows, Grid view, internal-external collaboration, and Save as an Ad features. For large social media teams wanting to scale, in addition to all the features available in the Pro plan, you’ll also get access to Multi-level approval workflows, List view, the option to pay by bank/wire transfer, and a dedicated account manager.







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