Top 10 Social Media Marketing Articles You Don’t Want To Miss In 2018

Social media marketing is an ever-changing realm. There is a lot to keep up with such as rapidly changing algorithms, new features, best practices and strategies on every platform. The internet is a great place to meet brilliant marketers, who share great amount of information through social media marketing articles, all for free.

For marketers, finding  valuable information about social media is important. Because they are creating and managing campaigns for their brands and they need instructive insights to be successful.

Before you start following the new trends in social media industry and applying new strategies to your marketing campaigns for next year, we would like to share top 10 social media marketing articles that you don’t want to miss in 2018.

From top social media marketing agencies to start-ups, companies from every scale can take advantage of these useful tips and insights.

One of the must-read social media marketing articles became popular in this year was published by Social Media Today blog.

Social media manager title has come to existence in the last decade, but it became a really significant role with the rise of the social platforms.

If you are a social media manager who wants to be more efficient in limited time, you can find nine practical tips for productivity in this article. Some of these tips include using post scheduling tools, installing chatbots to contact your customers when you are not available and using smart automation tools.

When you manage social media platforms of a brand, you need to benefit from some reliable social media monitoring tools for specific tasks.

In this article, you can find details about three social media listening tools to use influencer marketing, online mentions and lead generation.

If you are seeking ways to successfully market your brand on the most popular photo/video sharing platform Instagram, this post is for you.

You should consider optimizing and completing the missing parts of your Instagram account to draw the audience’s attention.

These five helpful tips such as optimizing your bio, creating consistently high-quality content and writing eye-catching captions can make your brand successful.

If you want to optimize your Instagram business profile, the video shared by social media management platform Hootsuite can also be helpful for you:

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YouTube is so popular and huge for marketers to ignore. Thus, you need to consider starting a YouTube channel if you don’t have already. This article is a step-by-step guide to setting up and growing your YouTube presence.

You can learn which steps you should take and which tools you need to use and valuable tips to move forward on YouTube.

Twitter is another important platform for digital marketers. Even though the tweets have short life-span, they can be really effective when it comes to increasing brand awareness and so on.

In this article, you can learn why the threads are so important and how to keep your audience engage with them, how to conduct online contests with Twitter polls, hashtag usage and more.

This article shared by Sprout Social is a complete social media guide for small businesses. If you want to succeed by using social media to figure out strategies and learn which tools work better, you need to read this quite long and detailed blog post.

Under 7 subheading categories, you can learn about the value of social media for small business, setting your goals, the importance of analytics and more.

Have you ever wondered in what ways social media’s growth impacts e-commerce sales? Shopping habits are changing and  consumers conduct online research before heading into a store. If retailers want to win over the final sale, they need to know online visibility is important more than ever.

You can find Salesforce’s latest shopping index report analyzing 500 million global shoppers from 36 different countries supported with infographics in this article.

Social media is no longer an option for brands, it is a necessity. 72% of professionals agree that social media is important to business, but you need to do more than selling products or services.  

According to the article, brands’ social media approaches should include love and appreciation without the fear of breaching expectations or crossing personal/work boundary. The author explains this with a 4-point plan.

For content marketers, Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms. In August 2018, users didn’t reach Facebook News Feed for 45 minutes due to a technical issue.

If you wonder what happened with the absence of Facebook, where people went, and how publishers could drive traffic, you can read this article.

With digital transformation, regular people are becoming thought leaders. Their value for brands is increasing as they have the ability to influence their audiences.

How important these non-celebrity social media influencers for brands?

If you want to know the answer, you can read this article shared by global digital agency Croud.

In this blog post, we shared 2018’s must-read 10 articles with you. Here you can also read the latest social media marketing articles in 2019.

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