Best Halloween Social Media Posts by Digital Agencies, Tools & Brands in 2023

In the chilling depths of social media, where shadows merge and algorithms whisper secrets, behold…

As the clock strikes midnight on October 31st, the world of social media transforms into a haunting spectacle. From creepy GIFs to hair-raising visuals, digital agencies, tools, and brands conjure the very essence of Halloween.

Let’s unveil the spookiest and most bone-chilling Halloween social media posts of 2023!


If you are looking for ideas for compelling captions for inspiration or examples of standout animation examples to surprise your audience, Flightpath’s Instagram account is the place to find just the right ones:


Promoting a new feature with a celebration can be your key to success. Why don’t you create an enormous buzz like Google does by leveraging its AR feature for a fun and spooky moment?


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AVX Digital

Interested in clashing multiple jokes at a time for a boosted moment of fun? Then, AVX Digital’s Halloween post is a great example for you.

Beware the cuteness of the pumpkin pie below!


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It’s no surprise that Starbucks is quick on the draw. They started celebrating 2023 Spooktober from the very beginning of the month with a creative calendar:


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Here’s another one by Starbucks aiming for high engagement with a “get a screenshot” post while ensuring creativity and that the soul of Halloween is alive:


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Starbucks Coffee ☕ (@starbucks)’in paylaştığı bir gönderi ()

Lounge Lizard Worldwide

When you run a Halloween campaign for your clients, you can, of course, share this to both promote your work and wish your followers a happy Halloween through your social media posts:


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Lounge Lizard (@loungelizardww)’in paylaştığı bir gönderi ()

Pound & Grain

While creating ideas for your Halloween posts or any special day posts, you can take advantage of jokes about a current phenomenon, just like Pound & Grain does:


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Pound & Grain (@poundandgrain)’in paylaştığı bir gönderi ()


Envato kicks off Halloween with a bewitching illusion.

Oh no, hyper-realistic spiders…


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Envato (@envato)’in paylaştığı bir gönderi


As always, Semrush’s social media team hits the white, which means, in this context, making the audience scared and laugh.


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Semrush (@semrush)’in paylaştığı bir gönderi


We know from Oreo BOO! that the brand takes the Halloween season seriously, but what about spreading the vibes of it?

While there are days and even weeks until the day of tricks and treats, Oreo has already been sharing numerous Halloween posts, ranging from ghost lifestyle vlogs to recipes with Oreo BOO!.


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If you have a brand on your table like Oreo that has seasonal goods or services for Halloween, then what are you waiting for to dump tons of posts including them? Go spread the spook.


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OREO (@oreo)’in paylaştığı bir gönderi


To bring some daily flair to your routine, take a page from HubSpot’s book in this Instagram post. Injecting humor into your content not only strengthens your bond with your audience but also cultivates a loyal following.


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Wishing you a spooktacular Halloween! We hope you enjoy these Halloween posts as much as we do. Don’t forget to check out our article featuring some of the best Halloween campaigns by brands that we’ve gathered just for you.