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Best Video Creation & Marketing Tools

We’ve put together some of the best video creation and marketing tools for your digital agency and small business. Browse the list of video creation software and marketing tools to simplify your video-making process.

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Movavi Video Editor Plus

Movavi Video Editor gives you the ultimate power to create your masterpiece. Whether you need basic features or more advanced tools - object animation, Chroma Key, picture-in-picture - you'll find them in this editor.



Deliver exceptional creative work, faster. Ziflow is your creative workflow platform that easily captures feedback and automatically routes any creative asset from concept to completion.

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  • vindoz-video-editing-creation-software-tools


    Generate Professional-Looking AI Videos from Text in Minutes. As one the best AI video generator, Vidnoz helps you easily turn imagination beyond vision into reality.

  • StoryboardHero-video-editing-tools


    StoryboardHero is an AI Storyboard generator that help you reate concepts, scripts and full storyboards with just a fraction of the time it usually takes. Pitch ideas and complete video projects faster with AI storyboards.

  • vidon-ai-video-editing-tools

    Instantly generate an engaging video from a blog post.

  • elai-video-creation-tools


    Create AI generated videos effortlessly using With 20+ AI video presenters available, fit your video to any audience.

  • animaker-video-editing-creation-tool


    Best platform to create Animation & Live-Action videos.

  • soundstripe-video-creation-marketing-tool


    Soundstripe is dedicated to making incredible music available to video content creatives. Emotional impact is the name of the game and we are passionate about the marriage between music and picture. Get unlimited music for video!

  • lightmv-video-editing-creation-software


    LightMV is an online photo video creator. It has cool and professional templates for you to create your own beautiful photo albums, videos or slideshows.

  • designsai-video-editing-creation-software is built with the mission to empower imagination through artificial intelligence. is an online platform that uses proprietary AI technology to make design accessible to everyone.

  • mediamodifier-video-editing-creation-software


    Mediamodifier makes the process of creating your own videos online within clicks. Use their online browser-based video creator to make promotional videos, add text to video or create simple social media ads.

  • fastreel-video-editing-creation-software


    Their mission is to enable our users to solve any multimedia tasks with our mobile, desktop, and online apps. They want to create an environment that makes handling video, audio, and image files an enjoyable and time-saving experience for people everywhere.

  • clideo-video-editing-creation-software


    Clideo provides the ultimate solution to boost conversion on digital video. They amplify engagement between consumers and brands by introducing action buttons on video.

  • vibbio-video-editing-creation-software


    With videos created in VIBBIO, businesses can trust their employees to stay on-brand at all times, and give them the freedom to deliver their messages in an engaging and connecting format.

  • videobolt-video-editing-creation-software


    Videobolt is a marketplace for SMBs where users can find professional video designs and customize them to their own needs using their proprietary online editing platform which is easy to use.

  • flixier-video-editing-creation-software


    Flixier is an online video editing tool that dramatically speeds up the editing workflow saving editors and remote teams, streamlined communication features and more.

  • playplay-video-editing-creation-software


    Embrace the video revolution & engage with your audiences. Hundreds of leading companies now communicate through video with PlayPlay, to make storytelling more human, spontaneous and engaging.

  • viddyoze-video-editing-creation-software


    Viddyoze is a SaaS web-based 3D animation software that allows absolutely anybody, regardless of technical knowledge, to create stunning professional animations in just a few steps. It is made video animation simple.

  • shakr-video-editing-creation-software


    Shakr is the leading video versioning software for advanced advertisers. Our technology empowers your team to achieve relevance at scale without compromise on quality or creative freedom.

  • storrito-video-editing-creation-software


    Storrito is a desktop-based Instagram story builder. Use Storrito's story templates to turn your image into an animated story video.

  • wibbitz-video-editing-creation-software


    With Wibbitz, teams have access to customizable video templates, drag-and-drop editing tools, and millions of licensed photos, videos that make it easy for anyone to create videos for social media, marketing, communications, events and more.

  • prezi-video-editing-creation-software


    Prezi makes a virtual presentation, design, and video tools that bring you and your content together on the same screen. It’s the most engaging and effective way to share visual content online.

  • promo-video-editing-creation-software


    Promo is a user-friendly video creation platform that offers access to over 23 million premium video clips and images, ready-made templates, pre-edited licensed music, unlimited clips and downloads.

  • invideo-video-editing-creation-software


    InVideo is a video creation platform to create video ads, promo videos, social media videos and more. InVideo comes power-packed with an extensive library of 2000+ templates, a full-fledged editor, millions of stock videos and images, effects and more.

  • lumen-social-media-marketing-tool


    Lumen5 converts your blog posts into social videos. Use artificial intelligence to create high-quality videos for your content marketing at scale. Easily make videos for content marketing, thought leadership and brand awareness in a snap.

  • animoto-video-editing-creation-software


    Animoto's online video maker makes it easy for anyone to drag and drop their way to powerful and professional marketing videos. The partnerships with Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter give it unique insight into the changing social media and business landscape.

What is a Video Marketing Tool?

As a high number of businesses have shifted online, it is fair to say that the new era is digital. When online presence becomes vital, businesses have started creating different types of video content for their social media platforms. So, video marketing tools and techniques have become more and more important. Also, the developments in video technology have made the best video marketing tools more accessible and efficient.


Video as a marketing tool refers to using interactive videos to promote your product, brand or service. By doing that, it can help raise awareness, increase engagement and boost up sales. A bite-sized explainer video is quite effective in increasing engagement as it points out the message quickly. On the other hand, live videos or live streaming plays a huge role in raising awareness of your brand, product or service. Especially live Youtube videos can allow you to reach thousands of people in real-time.


Why video is the best marketing tool?


Video is the most powerful channel of marketing strategy. It shares and says more than text or stock photos can. Video also shines out in mobile marketing as well. Since we live in a fast-paced world, people don’t have a huge amount of time to read while on the go. So, videos can be the action you want the audience to take. With the right call to action, they will boost conversion and sales.


What are the benefits of video marketing tools?


Video marketing tools provide numerous benefits such as boosting conversions and sales, increasing traffic, ranking high on search engines, building trust, encouraging social sharing and much more.


Since big platforms like DaVinci Resolve and Adobe Premiere Pro offer advanced features with slightly more expensive prices, there are a plethora of free video marketing tools in the market for any type of business. We have also mentioned above the best free video marketing tools with generous offerings.


No doubt that social media platforms work better for video marketing too. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and recently LinkedIn have adapted their strategies to the world of video marketing. Each platform has its own requirements such as video formats, size and other specs. So, you might need to have a look at video marketing tools for social media platforms.


To sum up, there are many aspects to evaluate the best video content marketing tools for your business. Almost every video marketing solution focuses on creating high-quality videos in a short period of time to stick to your needs. Depending on the video marketing software tools capabilities, some provide unique features some do not. If you know what exactly you expect from video marketing tools, it will be easy to choose.

Key Criteria to Evaluate Video Creation & Marketing Tools


Pricing Policy

It depends on how much you are willing to pay for video marketing software. There are plenty of free versions available with limited file formats and a lack of some core features. However, paid plans might cost you a lot for the features you will never use as well. Some of the video creation software offer custom pricing options, consider if they will meet your specific needs.


User Experience

How easy a video marketing tool is to learn and how long it takes to become familiar with the tool should be your main questions while investing in. Whether you are a beginner, a professional, or anywhere in between, you should be able to use the video marketing tool without any hassle.



You can easily take your editing to the next level by using the features the tool provides. Almost every video marketing tool has its own core features including screen recording, trimming, colour correction etc. Some differentiate from others with advanced features such as video analytics, video hosting to run a smooth video experience and much more.


Customer Services

Another key point while considering investing in video marketing tools is getting a great customer service experience when you need it. Whether you start using the platform for the first time or face a problem before the project deadline, having a support line that you can reach 24/7 is vital.



Seeing satisfied people who have been using the video marketing tool for their video creation process would be great. It will be conveyed about the product with a positive impression for the potential customers. It will also help see what the important part of your product is from your customers perspective.

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