Magic Hour

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Create engaging videos using Magic Hour AI.

Entry Level Price : €9.17


Create engaging videos using AI by leveraging tools that automate video editing, add special effects, and enhance visuals. AI can analyze trends to suggest content ideas, streamline production, and personalize videos for target audiences, making your content more captivating and relevant.

Magic Hour Features

Video-to-Video: Transform videos seamlessly with this feature.
Face Swap: Swap faces in videos for a fun and engaging touch.
Image-to-Video: Convert images into captivating videos effortlessly.
Animation: Add dynamic animations to make your videos stand out.
Text-to-Video: Incorporate text elements to convey your message effectively.
Lip Sync: Ensure perfect synchronization of audio and video for a polished result.


Magic Hour Pricing Range

Magic Hour pricing starts at €9,17 per month. They offer a free version.



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