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Create AI generated videos effortlessly using Elai.io. With 20+ AI video presenters available, fit your video to any audience.

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Elai.io is an AI-powered video creation platform that facilitates the process of making a video. As a text-to-speech tool, it does not require much to create a dynamic engaging video – only a script. Elai provides its users with a variety of video templates, 65+ languages, as well as such features as link-to-video, auto-translation, royalty-free tracks, and animations. Custom avatars, custom voiceovers are also available.
For companies that are looking for bringing their videos to a whole new level, Elai suggests making their cartoon mascot come to life. From just an image, the Elai team can make the mascot into a custom cartoon avatar for it to narrate the videos, and address the company’s customers personally.

Elai Features

Custom avatar
Voice cloning
Cartoon avatar
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