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Increase engagement, gain followers, and strengthen your brand using this affordable, all-in-one social media tool. Find trending topics or use AI-generated content for ideas, then easily schedule, monitor, and improve your posts to achieve maximum impact and reach.

Entry Level Price : $ 11


Post Planner is your ultimate social media companion, simplifying and enhancing content management across Instagram, Facebook, X (Twitter), LinkedIn, and TikTok.

  • Streamlined Content Creation: Discover trending topics, relevant content, and AI-generated recommendations effortlessly.
  • Efficient Scheduling: Save time and maintain consistency with our intuitive scheduling feature.
  • Robust Reporting & Analytics: Make data-driven decisions with comprehensive post-performance metrics.
  • Creative Design Tools: Design captivating images and memes without extensive skills. Access our content design tools and vast stock media library for viral-worthy content.
  • Save time, enhance engagement, and drive growth across multiple platforms seamlessly.

    Postplanner Features

    Content Discovery
    AI-Generated Recommendations
    Post Scheduling
    Analytics and Reporting
    Social Media Integration
    Content Recycling
    Post Organization
    Mobile Management
    Post Automation
    Post Optimization
    Image Generation
    Postplanner Pricing Range

    We try to offer a price that works for all small businesses and solopreneurs. If you can't afford a higher plan right now, just choose the Starter plan after your trial. You can always upgrade to a higher plan later.


    $ 11

    per month


    $ 69

    per month

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