Profitable Amazon Marketing Strategies to Sell More Products

A good Amazon marketing strategy can make a real difference in your business. The platform has a unique charm to bring the people who are ready to buy your product. 

So, as long as your product is on Amazon, you are already in the marketplace without thinking about how to bring traffic to your shop. Amazon already does that job for you to an extent. However, you also should follow some Amazon marketing tactics for further interest in your products.

But, let’s start with a talk about why you need to invest time and energy for Amazon marketing strategies. There are compelling reasons why Amazon is the right marketplace for selling online.

Amazon uses a fantastic interface where customers get relevant recommendations and personalized suggestions. That is one of the biggest reasons why people all over the world simply love shopping on Amazon.

The platform offers the widest range of products for its customers. When they are on Amazon, people feel that they can find anything they need. They include small and large businesses. By doing so, they give the opportunity to grow business to anyone.

They make use of affiliate products. That is another outstanding feature of Amazon, and it might be one of the reasons why so many people prefer to buy and sell on Amazon.

While Amazon will be dealing with the heavy work of your business, the question you might be asking yourself is: ‘Which Amazon marketing strategies should I use in order to sell more?’ As you may be aware, there are many different strategies on how to use Amazon to achieve the desired benefits. 

Let’s look at those strategies in detail. 

Using Social Media Platforms

More than 4.5 billion people are using the internet at the start of 2020. We cannot ignore the power of social media to reach out to the target audience. Social media is an elementary Amazon marketing tactic to reach out to more customers and bring more traffic to your Amazon product page.

By using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social platforms, you can just share your product page to make it known by others. 

Even though it is very easy to share it on any platform simply, social media has real power, and you will definitely see a difference. The more traffic you can get to your Amazon product page, the more likely to sell more products. Also, you will be going up on Amazon listings.

Amazon FBA Marketing

Amazon offers two options to its seller. One is Fulfillment by Merchant or FBM, which is a system that takes care of the package and sends directly to the buyers. Amazon FBA marketing, on the other hand, can be summarized as: ‘You sell it, we ship it.’ It is a famous motto by Amazon.

This option makes your business a lot easier. You just need to send your products to Amazon Fulfillment Center and not worry about storage. Amazon stores your products for you and when there is an order placed on your product, Amazon packs and sends it to the customer. 

By using this Amazon marketing strategy, you will:

  • have more time to advertise or improve your products
  • gain customer trust since Amazon makes it sure the buyer gets the package 
  • automatically get Amazon Prime Eligibility.

Amazon FBA marketing worth trying since it makes the life of the seller a lot easier.

Amazon Prime Community

Amazon Prime Community is a membership system used by Amazon itself to provide exclusive services to its members. It’s a community proliferating. By being a member of Amazon Prime Community, some of the things you will be able to are:

  • Being ensured that your products will be shipped within two days,
  • Gaining access to media content and tools such as Netflix or Spotify,
  • Having discounts in some grocery stores.

This is one of the best Amazon marketing tactics since it differentiates you from all your competitors and gives you the exclusive status. The numbers also show that people tend to buy more from premium sellers. It means that every penny you pay to be among this community will pay you back by selling more products.

Amazon Reviews

Amazon reviews have great importance on how successful a product or a seller can be. So in order to grow your business on Amazon, you need to pay great attention to the reviews.


Amazon e-commerce market share is huge. If you are looking for a well-functioning strategy, you need to give a lot of thought to your review management strategy.

In fact, it is found out that buyers tend to read the reviews of a product 12 times more than they read the product description. That’s why it better to give the desired message of trust of your product via reviews if you want to sell more. 

To maintain a good Amazon marketing strategy for reviews, you should:

  • Create a brand image,
  • Answer all reviews,
  • Check them often so that no review is left unanswered for long,
  • Try to persuade your customers to leave you reviews,
  • Share the positive reviews on social platforms.

Optimizing Products for Amazon SEO

If you’d like to be discovered by many potential customers, you should learn how the Amazon SEO tool works so that you can optimize your product accordingly. So understanding how Amazon algorithm works will be an ingenious marketing strategy.

A9 is Amazon’s underlying search engine. There are many different parameters to identify and list millions of listings and products on Amazon’s database. Some of these are keyword parameter, brandtextebin parameters, and node parameters.

Just by doing simple research about those parameters, you may have the chance to optimize your product to achieve more sales.

Affiliate Marketing

Another great Amazon marketing strategy is Affiliate Marketing. In other words, we can call it sharing your revenue in order to sell more. Amazon offers an Affiliate Program to everyone. Basically, by using this marketing strategy, you will agree to pay a commission to affiliates so that they promote your product and you make more sales (and income). 

Because many people are just making their life out of affiliating others’ products, you will not have to worry about growing your business by reaching out to more customers. Someone else will be doing that for you.

Amazon Advertisements

Considering the fact that half of the purchases in the United States were through Amazon and a considerable amount of these purchases have been made thanks to Amazon advertisements, Amazon ads hold real power on the customer preferences. In fact, after Facebook and Google, Amazon has third place in the advertisement business.

If you want to sell well in Amazon, making use of PPC advertisements would be a very smart Amazon marketing strategy. By paying for Amazon advertisements, your product will:

  • Stand out among other similar products,
  • Have a greater conversion rate,
  • Be likely to be purchased by users who visit the product page.

If you would like to grow your Amazon shop, Amazon advertisements are another smart marketing tactic.

Amazon Marketing Agencies

The most preferred and the most convenient Amazon marketing tactic is asking for help from an Amazon marketing agency. There are so many agencies all around the world, waiting to help those who would like to grow their business on Amazon. They are finely chosen marketing experts, and they have significant experience, especially in Amazon marketing strategies. Thus, the successful Amazon marketing agency Emplicit is worth mentioning.

Emplicit believes that having a partner who sees the broad picture is the first step in maximizing your Amazon sales. They can match your marketing with your business objectives thanks to their experience working with hundreds of brands on Amazon.

Most of these agencies like Emplicit have a holistic Amazon marketing perspective while focusing on best practices. They can understand you and they are investing their efforts in bringing more customers. 

Amazon marketing agencies can make use of those marketing tactics we have discussed in this article for you, while you are focused on producing more or improving your product.

Best Amazon marketing agencies will be dealing with optimizing your product’s page, custom pricing, using AI technology, getting ROI-focused results, and regular reporting.

As a business owner, you may not always have enough time to learn and apply all these Amazon marketing strategies to your product. So hiring an Amazon marketing agency that has proved to be good at its job would be the best decision by you.

While they are busy working for your business to stand out and reach out to more customers, and finally make more sales, you can spend this time focusing on growing your business in other parts such as production.


All in all, there are so many Amazon marketing strategies and tactics you can use to be a successful Amazon business owner. You should consider your next marketing move well.

Another option is to ask an Amazon marketing agency to help you. So many sellers all around the world prefer this option, and the agencies do all the hard work of marketing for your product. It is on your call how you’d like to approach your marketing strategy.

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