Best Ecommerce Marketing Case Studies to Inspire You

In 2024, both customers and companies are fulfilled with the benefits of eCommerce marketing.

After getting used to visiting stores to get what we need instead of only buying online, there is an update with our behaviours after the COVID-19 pandemic.

For years, we have been experiencing online shopping and it has been a part of our lives, an easy and time-saving way of shopping through a click. However, who would have thought that we would only be able to buy things online for a safer buying experience?

Since the beginning of the pandemic, we got used to buying our food, clothes, technology needs and more from the trusted eCommerce websites. There happened to be new companies, new ways of marketing, and more need for eCommerce websites. Brands and digital agencies have found the best options to serve their products to customers in the most loving and reliable way.

This kind of collaborative works ended up with inspiring case studies. Maybe after years, we will learn a lot from them. In this article, you can find the most inspiring case studies from both the best eCommerce marketing agencies and famous brands. See the challenges of eCommerce marketing campaigns before and after COVID-19 pandemic and how it affected our lives.

What are the best eCommerce marketing agencies with inspiring case studies?

Here are top eCommerce marketing agencies that can motivate you with their effective case studies.

  • The Charles
  • Major Tom
  • Massive Media
  • Isadora Agency
  • Emote Digital

The Charles


The Charles specializes in strategic campaigns, digital design and marketing, technology and content creation as a full service, creative and digital agency.

From insights to strategies, their main goal is to create seamless shopping experiences across all devices.

They delivered a new logo, eCommerce website, and comprehensive digital marketing strategy for a direct-to-consumer online womenswear brand Petite Studio. In addition, they created a visual narrative integrating with branding, website and content strategy.

Aurelie Benais, Design Director at The Charles, commented:

We refined the existing logo adding personality to it and creating an icon, a button, using the two i’s in the words and highlighting a ‘petite’ fashion element that embodies the brand positioning. Petite and essential. Applying the new branding to the SoHo flagship store signage.

Major Tom

Major Tom helps organizations thrive in an increasingly complex landscape as a full-service digital agency.

Furthermore, they bring multi-disciplinary experience not only just with advertising but the eCommerce side of the business as a whole.

Roller Rabbit is a feel-good company that looks for the joy in life that partnered with Major Tom to create a well-thought-out strategy. They aimed to build brand awareness and create campaigns designed to grow revenue.

Carolyn Philips Director of Marketing at Roller Rabbit said:

Our partnership with Major Tom over the past year has been critical to our growth. The team at Major Tom are communicative, incredibly knowledgeable, and understand the importance of highlighting a brand’s DNA while considering how to create the greatest digital impact.

Massive Media


Massive Media is a leading branding and experience design agency that partners with solution-focused companies to achieve clarity, messaging and the technologies needed to thrive in the wild.

Working closely with the team of GSC, Massive created a new, consumer-facing brand. As Ketch’s online store needed to be robust to support their business, Massive delivered a new site with stunning visuals and catchy copy that have transformed a faceless distributor into an eCommerce hub.

Isadora Agency

Isadora Agency is one of the best eCommerce marketing agencies focusing on visual identity, brand strategy, high-end development, eCommerce and digital marketing.


They helped Razor, an American designer and manufacturer of manual and electric scooters, bicycles, and personal transporters. Without full catalogue eCommerce website capabilities to support direct sales, shoppers were finding little reason to visit the website. Therefore, Isadora changed everything and the cornerstone of Razor’s new eCommerce website design became the new product page.

Now the visitors can find any detail easily. Since the launch, they manage the eCommerce website to enhance the experience through analytics reviews, A/B testing and website enhancements.

Emote Digital

Emote Digital delivers WordPress, WooCommerce, and Shopify website builds, and their integrated digital marketing services.

They are experts at delivering work that’s as effective as it is stirring. That’s why, Bluey Merino, an Australian based active outdoor brand, approached them for an eCommerce experience.

Emote Digital designed and built an eCommerce website that allowed for the extensive range, whilst making it simple for their customers to browse and shop anywhere, anytime.

What are the most effective case studies from famous brands?

From the PR of new kinds of pizzas to making it possible ordering vehicles online, let’s explore the most inspiring eCommerce case study examples from various powerful brands.

  • McDonald’s
  • Heineken
  • Coca Cola
  • Adidas
  • Domino’s
  • Volkswagen


Who doesn’t love wearing french fries looking delicious?

Luckily, Golden Arches Unlimited is the online shop of McDonald’s that you can buy Christmas jumpers, notepads, umbrellas and other items.

McDonald’s lovers have already been wearing the brand for decades. Since the 1980s they have partnered with various fashion brands and retailers. And in 2017, they have launched their merchandise through McDelivery Collection. Thanks to, now it is much easier than ever to show off your brand love with direct access to branded items.

It is a great case study showing us the power of online presence by making it possible to meet your brand’s fans and your products meet at one place, an eCommerce website.



Heineken managed to get the attention of their new digital consumers by using their sponsorship of the UEFA Champions League.

After discovering that many of their consumers are watching the UEFA Champions League, they also wanted to reach out to digital-only consumers.

In order to reach this digital audience, they ran a direct-to-consumer initiative in Amsterdam called Drinkies. This became an eCommerce channel that enabled cold beer and snacks to be delivered to consumers door within 60 minutes of ordering.

During the UEFA Champions League knock-out stage in spring 2019, the number of Drinkies had a considerable uplift on match days. As a result, they increased both sales and data showing the number of new Drinkies customers grew.

This eCommerce case study of Heineken shows us that their communication with consumers through UEFA Champions League sponsorship enabled them to approach new consumers in addition to increased overall penetration. This kind of clear marketing with direct-to-consumer initiatives can be a combining strategy you need for such success with your eCommerce campaigns.

Coca Cola

In 2020, all is about COVID-19 for business development, such as ad campaigns of brands and the way they act during these hard times.

Digital buying has been triggered by lockdowns all around the world as shoppers started looking for safety options without any contact of any product or person.

Therefore, eCommerce has been more and more important. Coca-Cola also is prioritizing package options that are fit-for-purpose for online sales, increasing in-app visibility with e-delivery grocers, and piloting digitally-enabled fulfilment models.

MyCoke offers many benefits for customers enabling them to shop, purchase, and track orders for Coke Catalog products.

A simpler way to shop and order, myCoke system also continues to experiment with direct-to-consumer (D2C) commerce by expanding online platforms like Coca-Cola En Tu Hogar in Latin America, which lets consumers order beverages and groceries for home delivery.



In 2020, Adidas saw 55% eCommerce sales rise, anticipating more than $4.3-billion in online sales this year. HomeTeam campaign, launched in response to COVID-19, brought the brand this digital success.

The brand has been working to digitally engage its customers in North America since the beginning of the pandemic. By launching its #HomeTeam campaign, they focused on physical fitness and connection while distancing.

They remind us that it is time to keep moving together with their #HomeTeam campaign. Last but not least, $2 from every pack of face covers sold goes to Save The Children’s Global Coronavirus Response Fund.


Here is a digital transformation story from a pizza company, Domino’s. We can call this as a gorgeous success with the aim of becoming the world’s largest pizza company.

Domino’s transformation into an eCommerce powerhouse with an impressive digital experience rivals many traditional eCommerce brands.

They launched their improved pizzas by using different ingredients and a new image. This new product and campaign worked and their sales boomed by 32.2%.

They hired tech staff like developers and digital marketers so as to drive food delivery into the tech space. Henceforth, they have become an eCommerce company that happens to sell pizza and continue endless innovating.

Besides, we also know Domino’s with their more brave stunts like drone-delivering pizzas. On the other hand, they keep driving their promotions and growth through SMS, email and digital advertising channels.

Also using Google Ads campaigns, they have overtaken Pizza Hut in paid advertising of its own keyword.


While coping with the COVID-19 crisis, Volkswagen made it possible for the first time to configure and order a Volkswagen vehicle for a customer.

Volkswagen Group Australia’s chief customer and marketing officer, Jason Bradshaw said:

The digital strategy was always there, and something that we were slowly deploying, but in April we really accelerated our focus. With our partners, Katzion and DDB, we were really able to fast track our work from our early learnings and create opportunities to bring cars to market sooner.

The eCommerce solution made it possible for the site to increase awareness and sales of its Care Plan service offering. Also, they will continue to expand their eCommerce offerings such as selling Volkswagen genuine accessories.

Hereby, we have shown you the sparkles of creating, designing, and delivering the best work of the digital marketing agencies focusing on eCommerce. In addition, brands’ encouraging stories while promoting their products using eCommerce tactics can give you some ideas. If you also want to develop an eCommerce marketing strategy, the best eCommerce marketing tools can help you too.