Marketing Automation for Agencies: 5 Proven Tips to Boost Your Clients’ Revenue

Marketing automation offers incredible opportunities for digital agencies and their clients.

With the right marketing automation software, your digital agency can easily boost your clients’ revenue, streamline processes, and automate repetitive tasks. Marketing automation can become your most reliable ally and your clients’ favorite solution.

But first, you need to know how marketing and sales teams can use it to their advantage.


Keep reading this article to:

  • explore the benefits of marketing automation from both the agency and client perspectives:
  • get actionable tips on how to get the most out of the best marketing automation tools and strategies;
  • learn why marketing automation is crucial for nearly every business today.

Marketing Automation for Agencies

From the agency’s perspective, marketing automation software can greatly improve efficiency and productivity.

Just think about all the repetitive, time-consuming, yet undoubtedly important tasks you need to take care of on a daily basis:

  • email marketing
  • customer data segmentation
  • social media management
  • lead generation and nurturing
  • digital marketing campaign management, etc.

The right marketing automation solution can take all these and more off your already busy hands and free up the space for the tasks that matter most. That, naturally, reflects in some undeniable benefits.

Access to cutting-edge technology

Marketing automation solutions invest heavily in the latest technologies and continually improve their platforms to keep up with the ever-changing industry. Selecting the right marketing automation partner for your marketing agency, you’re accessing these cutting-edge technologies without having to invest the time and resources required to maintain the same level of technology in-house.

Expertise and support

Marketing automation is a complex and technical field that requires a high level of expertise. Fortunately, when you join the right marketing automation partner program, your agency can leverage the provider’s expertise and support to ensure the best possible outcomes for your clients. This can include technical support, training, and ongoing optimization recommendations.

Basically, the provider will be taking care of your clients’ marketing automation strategy, while you get to focus on other aspects of their campaigns.


Marketing automation platforms can be expensive and resource-intensive to maintain in-house, particularly for smaller marketing agencies. That’s why, it’s important to choose a partner program that will allow you to access the technology you need on an on-demand basis, making it easier to scale your services and meet your clients’ expectations.

Improved client satisfaction

By partnering with a reliable marketing automation solution, agencies can offer their clients a more comprehensive suite of services that can range from email marketing automation to enhanced lead generation techniques, to a complete inbound marketing strategy ideation.

By leveraging the marketing automation software delivered by the third party, you get access to technology, expertise, and support, that tremendously helps in improving your agency’s efficiency, increasing your impact, and driving your success.

Enjoy no-hassle client management

Thanks to automation software, you can easily manage clients from all over the world with ease. Basic digital marketing processes, such as email automation and social media management, allow you to stay in constant contact with your customers 24/7, promoting the image of reliability, trustworthiness, and genuine support.

You can also experiment with some advanced automation features to automate your marketing funnel even further and let the software take control over your advertising spend, customer journey mapping, and other core marketing tactics.

Marketing Automation for Your Customers

Of course, it’s not enough for marketing agencies to rely on marketing automation in their day-to-day tasks. Instead, your goal should be to encourage as many of your customers as possible to adopt these efficient solutions in their strategies and business processes.

Here are just some of the benefits that marketing automation brings to the marketing and sales teams.

Grow revenue with ease

From the client’s perspective, marketing automation can have a significant impact on revenue growth. Automating lead nurturing and segmentation allows businesses to better target and engage with their ideal customers.

As a result, marketing automation directly results in increased conversions and higher customer lifetime value. Furthermore, if you encourage your customers to include automation in their marketing strategy, it can also help businesses save time and resources, allowing them to allocate their budget towards other areas that drive growth.

Save time by automating repetitive tasks

The days when we allocate most of our manual labor to machines and smart AI algorithms are upon us, so it’s time to clear the path to creativity and ideation.

Choosing a powerful marketing automation tool and the right strategy helps both marketing agencies and their clients to free up time and resources and to focus on higher-level strategy and creative work instead.

Make informed decisions with top-notch marketing data analytics

We all know the importance of data these days. The right marketing automation tool comes with advanced reporting capabilities and will provide you with all the important details your digital agency needs to support your clients’ marketing efforts.

Get valuable insights into campaign performance and customer behavior and fine-tune your strategies with data-driven decisions.

But how do you ensure the marketing automation software you’re using and – more importantly – encourage your clients to use is the best?

5 Clever Ways to Use Marketing Automation to Enhance Your Clients’ Performance

Most of the benefits we’ve already covered provide a pretty solid ground for introducing automation at the core of your marketing strategies.

  1. Start with a clear strategy: Before jumping into marketing automation, it’s important to have a clear understanding of the client’s goals, target audience, and current marketing processes.
  2. Choose the right technology: There are numerous marketing automation tools available, so it’s important to choose the one that best fits the client’s needs and budget. Consider factors such as ease of use, integration with other systems, and the level of customization and automation available.
  3. Ensure data accuracy: In order for marketing automation to be effective, it’s important that the client’s customer data is accurate and up-to-date. You can work with clients to implement processes to ensure data accuracy. For example, consider regularly reviewing and updating customer profiles and using data validation tools.
  4. Test, measure, and optimize: Marketing automation is not a set-it-and-forget-it solution. Agencies should regularly review campaign performance data and optimize when needed. This way, you’ll be able to identify areas for improvement and ensure that the automation is delivering the best possible results.
  5. Provide ongoing support: Marketing automation requires a certain level of technical expertise, so it’s important that agencies provide ongoing support and training to their clients. This can include regular check-ins, training sessions, and technical support as needed.

Unless, of course, you work with a marketing automation software provider who takes care of some (if not all) of these for you. For example, GetResponse MAX Partner Program extends support to its partners’ clients, ensuring that digital marketing agencies working with it can focus on what’s important while leaving the automation business to the experts.

Select a Reliable Marketing Automation Platform As Your Agency’s Long-term Partner

It’s not enough to work with a marketing automation platform. You want to ensure the one you’re partnering up with is the best option for both you and your agency’s clients. Working with a single marketing automation partner brings a ton of benefits:

  • Familiarity and expertise: Working with the same provider over an extended period of time allows the agency to develop a deep understanding of the technology and promote new creative ways to use the technology for your clients’ benefit.
  • Improved efficiency: When working with the same provider, you can streamline your processes and work more efficiently, saving time and resources.
  • Stronger relationships: Building a strong relationship with a marketing automation platform can lead to improved communication and collaboration that will improve your customer experience in the first place.
  • Consistent results: Working with the same provider maintains a consistent approach to marketing automation, which can lead to more predictable and reliable results for the strategies you develop for your clients.

Is Marketing Automation Right for Your Agency?

Marketing automation is crucial for nearly every business these days. When digital agencies provide marketing automation services to their clients, they offer a unique opportunity to help their clients succeed in today’s competitive market.

Try implementing the tips outlined above, and see how marketing automation can help your clients get ahead of the curve and really change their digital presence.

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