Crowds Journey To Becoming B-Corp Certified

At Crowd, sustainability has always been a core value, but they didn’t want to just talk the talk, they wanted to walk the walk. That’s why Crowd set themselves a goal: to achieve B-Corp certification.

B-Corp certification is a rigorous process that evaluates a company’s impact on its workers, community, and the environment. By committing to become a B-Corp certified company, they were not only committing to bettering the planet, but also to becoming a net-zero, ethical, and sustainable company.

The process of becoming B-Corp certified has been incredibly valuable for their team. It has helped them to identify areas for improvement and to implement changes that have benefited their company in numerous ways. Crowd is proud to be taking this step towards becoming a more responsible and sustainable business.

What is a B-Corp Certification?

B-Corp certification is a globally recognised standard that demonstrates a company’s commitment to high standards of social, environmental, and ethical performance. The certification process is rigorous and comprehensive, evaluating every aspect of a company’s operations, from its sustainable supply chains to its employee mental health programs.

Some of the world’s leading brands, including Patagonia, Toms, and The Body Shop, have achieved B-Corp certification. Unfortunately, they were just a few marks short of passing the certification last year, but they are determined to continue their sustainable journey.

Crowd is excited to announce that they are working on several improvements to better align with the planet and employee mental health. Expect to see more research and articles on sustainability topics, as well as the creation of a handbook for their employees that covers environmental impact, remote working sustainability, and mental health policies.

They will begin their journey by working with a carbon consultant to accurately measure their emissions and identify areas for improvement. Crowd will then work to reduce their emissions within the company, and offset any emissions that cannot be eliminated. As a remote working company, Crowd is already doing well in some areas, but working with a carbon consultant will help them identify and improve any missed opportunities.

Why Are They Doing This?

As a global agency, they take a worldwide view of sustainability. Crowd understands that the issues surrounding our planet are vast and complex, and that they require a holistic approach to truly make a difference.

Through advertising, they believe that Crowd can play a crucial role in growing demand for sustainable products and services. By working with their clients to create compelling and effective campaigns, they can help them reach new audiences and increase their impact.

At the same time, Crowd is also deeply committed to helping their green clients reach their sustainability goals. They believe that the best way to do this is by aligning their own values and actions with those of their clients. This means that Crowd is constantly striving to improve their own environmental performance and to reduce their carbon footprint.

In short, they are passionate about using their expertise and resources to help create a more sustainable future for all. Whether it’s through advertising, or by taking action within their own organisation, Crowd is committed to doing their part to make a difference.

They will be reviewing their progress every month and will reapply for B-Corp certification later this year, once they are confident that they are doing their best to be a net-zero, ethical and sustainable company. Follow them on this journey, they can’t wait to share their progress with you.

About Crowd

Crowd is a global creative agency that specialises in amplifying demand for brands around the world.