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Global Digital Agency Dept Celebrates Growth In Manchester

Dept is announcing the new office move, award-wins and new recruits. Global digital agency, Dept is affirming its leading position in the UK by growing a strong presence in the North. Dept has signed a 10-year lease on the 9th floor of the iconic Bridgewater House just three months following the acquisition of Manchester-based design …


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Croud x Captify: The Evolution of Search – May 1, London

The role of search in the consumer journey – and therefore Croud’s marketing strategies – is evolving and moving beyond being purely a bottom-of-the-funnel activity. And with search marketing now increasingly intersecting with display, voice, video and more, there are plenty of exciting opportunities out there for savvy marketers. But in an increasingly complex landscape, …

Meet Liv, The New Virtual Ambassador For Renault Kadjar, “Escaping To Real”

It is truly undeniable that the border between reality and virtual world becomes blurry day by day. Therefore, its brands’ own rights to think why not mix them and create a world between two? With the help of Publicis Conseil, Renault’s first virtual ambassador Liv, is one of them. Created in CGI, she debuts for …

Renault And Publicis Italy Are Selling A Limited-Edition SUV Through A Facebook Messenger Chatbot

Thanks to the frequent usage in artificial intelligence technology, Renault Captur’s Tokyo limited edition will only be available for pre-order via a Facebook Messenger chatbot.  To honour the Japanese capital, Renault Italy is launching a limited-edition SUV and to promote the limited edition, one hundred available cars, users will have to pre-order it via Facebook …

The Postman – Renault’s First Animated Movie By Publicis Conseil

To promote its brand-new electric vehicle Kangoo Z.E., French car manufacturer Renault presents its first animated spot “The Postman”, developed by The Loft Publicis Conseil for Valentine’s Day. What would make a postman, who keeps trying to reach a girl who he loves, happy? In its first animated movie, Renault gives the answer by highlighting …

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