Pepsi Is Saying ‘That’s What I Like’ As A Tagline From Now On

Pepsi has recently been using a new line in 20 years and ‘that’s what we’ve liked’!

Pepsi is known for its more than good slogans like “Taste of a New Generation” and “Joy of Pepsi”. However, the brand’s taglines have been pretty neglected, mostly because it hasn’t stuck to a single line in ad campaigns. Starting this year, the brand is going for a more consistent approach with a new line, “That’s What I Like” which will be used for all Pepsi varieties including regular Pepsi, Pepsi Zero Sugar and Diet Pepsi.

The US campaign includes five national TV ads that show people breaking into dance during everyday situations, like riding on a subway or grilling out. Alma and Omnicom’s Goodby Silverstein & Partners have worked on the campaign.



The new campaign will run on digital in addition to TV programming such as the Golden Globes. Pepsi has not commented on its Super Bowl ad plans, but it seems likely the line will underpin its marketing in and around the game, which includes sponsorship of the halftime show headlined by Jennifer Lopez and Shakira. Shakira’s “Whenever, Wherever” is the soundtrack for one of the videos.

Todd Kaplan, VP of marketing at the company said,

Pepsi drinkers are really distinct from other cola drinkers – they’re some of the most passionate and loyal people out there. Not just their love of Pepsi, they’re a little bit extra. Pepsi drinkers are comfortable in their own skin, they really enjoy their life unapologetically without worrying what other people think.

As a bonus, Goodby Silverstein & Partners quantitative survey found that ‘Pepsi drinkers are three times more likely to belt out a song at karaoke, nearly twice as likely to binge-watch a show or to clap at the end of a movie, or to skip work on the first day of spring…more than twice as likely to cheer loudly at a game even near enemy territory. That’s just a bit of what we’re trying to convey.’

The new slogan is very catchy and also, it reminds me a bit of Bruno Mars’ 2016 track with the same name when I first heard of. Who can say there won’t be a new collab for this one in the future, right?