Most Inspiring Squid Game Advertising Campaigns and Social Media Posts by Brands

Squid Game, a Korean series on Netflix, has been the new phenomenon on the internet. Some brands, of course, acted fast and shared Squid Game related social media posts to engage with their followers.

I will try not to give more spoilers than IMDb itself. In the Squid Game series, cash-strapped players are offered a game with a huge prize. Hundreds of people meet to play traditional children’s games. However, they don’t know one of the key rules of the games: the losers are killed.

So at the end of the game, people are either going to be rich or dead. It is interesting to analyze people’s psychology on the edge of death. I know it sounds very bloody at first, but the teachings in the games can be worth watching. However, please make sure there are no children around while the series is on.

Brands have to take action fast when there is a social phenomenon like Squid Game. Being aware of what your followers & customers are doing and feeling is the key to the success of any successful brand.

The sales of white slip-on Vans have risen 7,800% since the premiere of this series, according to Sole Supplier. Moreover, according to Lyst report, searches for red boiler suits have spiked 62%. If your brand acts fast and have a clever Squid Game, it can see these rises as well.

These Squid Game social media posts will be more fun if you have seen at least a few episodes. If you haven’t watched it yet but are planning to do so, please come back to this article to smile more.

What are the best Squid Game ad campaigns by brands?

Here is the compilation of best advertising campaigns by brands about Squid Game:







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Know your audience, watch what they watch, try to understand their point of view, and finally, engage with them! Better observation, better engagement. We hope these brand Squid Game ads inspire you to engage with yours!