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riyo.ai, the platform to Optimize, Drive growth & Enhance digital customer experience

Entry Level Price : $39


rioy.ai is an innovative and comprehensive platform designed to help businesses effectively Optimize user experience, Drive growth and Enhance digital customer experiences

riyo.ai unlocks your website’s potential with anonymous lead identification, visitor tracking, behaviour analysis, live chat, an AI-powered bot, and more. Fuel leads, enhances experiences, and gain a digital edge.

Riyo.ai Features

Analyze: Get Insights and Enhance Your Strategy
Heatmaps: See user interactions and optimize for engagement
Recordings: Understand behaviour with session recordings, uncover improvement opportunities
Dashboard & Reports: Access a dashboard with reports to track metrics and make data-driven decisions.
Connect: Unleash the Power of Real-time Engagement
Forms: Gather info from site visitors via customizable forms, creating leads for growth.


Riyo.ai Pricing Range

riyo.ai pricing starts at $39 per month. They offer a free version.





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