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Best App Store Optimization (ASO) Tools

We’ve drawn up a list of the best App Store Optimization (ASO) Tools that provide services for growing up your business by driving more traffic to your app pages on App Store or Google Play, increasing keyword rankings, boosting downloads.

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  • aso-world-app-store-optimisation-tools

    ASO World

    ASO World is a mobile App & Game promotion platform and available at the best competitive services in the market to boost your app ranking effectively.

  • app-store-optimisation-tools-apptail


    AppTail provides mobile app analytics solutions to gain more organic installs from Apple App Store and Google play.

  • apptweak-app-store-optimization-tools1


    ASO Tool for Apps & Games Driven by Data Science. AppTweak fuels growth for the world’s most popular apps and games by providing actionable insights in a simple interface.

  • thetool-app-optimization-tool


    Easily track & optimize your App Store Optimization strategy, increase downloads and grow your business with their app marketing tools.

  • splitmetrics-app-optimization-tool


    SplitMetrics is the ultimate mobile A/B testing platform for validation of ideas, concepts and features via fully transparent A/B tests for iOS and Android on the product, search and category pages.

  • searchman-app-optimization-tool


    ASO tool that helps businesses optimize search visibility on Google Play and Apple app store, using various keywords and SEO strategies. SearchMan tracks iOS & Android daily, and study the search visibility of your app vs. competitors.

  • storemaven-app-optimization-tool


    Storemaven creates innovative, industry-first mobile growth technologies and is the world leader in Mobile Growth and App Store Optimization (ASO) specifically.

  • mobileaction-app-optimization-tool


    Powering the discoverability of innovative mobile apps. The platform gives you deep App Store Optimization and App Ecosystem data. Once you use this deep data, you can rank higher for App Store and Google Play keywords.

  • appfigures-app-optimization-tool


    Appfigures is the app analytics, optimization, and intelligence choice for top developers, publishers, marketers, and analysts.

  • appradar-aso-tool

    App Radar

    App Radar enables best-practice marketing for all businesses with apps. It empowers app marketers to reach more users through organic and paid user acquisition, by combining simple analytics and standardized marketing workflows. The international team of App Radar is working with customers like DEGIRO, ProCamera, Ironhide Game Studio and Kolibri Games.

  • adjust-app-optimization-tool


    Adjust is a global app marketing analytics platform committed to ensuring the highest privacy and performance standards. Adjust's solutions include measurement, fraud prevention, cybersecurity, and automation tools.

  • asodesk-app-optimization-tool


    All-in-one platform for App Store Optimization and App Marketing. It helps to spend time more efficiently, perform detailed analytics of competitors’ applications, and stay current on the latest changes due to the regular reports.

  • appfollow-app-optimization-tool


    By using AppFollow, manage and respond to user reviews, analyse user sentiment and app rating, increase customer satisfaction and retention, growth app rating & ranking organically and save time and money in the process.

What Are the Benefits of App Store Optimization (ASO) Tools

If you intend to invest in an app, no doubt that it should be noticed by a large number of people. App store optimization tools guide you to reach the right target audience by increasing the visibility of the tool on the App Store and Google Play store. One of the key benefits of ASO tools is to make keyword research more accurate for the targeted audience. This keyword density can be easily tracked by the app store optimization tool as well. So that will make the tool easier to discover.


Once the ASO platform is planned deliberately, it will improve the organic downloads by convincing the target audience to get it. On the other hand, a higher keyword ranking will have a strong impact on the number of app downloads. If the strategy is implemented well and also kept updated persistently, both the app visibility and conversion rate will increase. So the application will stay longer on the top of the store listing.


There is another essential point regarding how to perform a better app marketing campaign with mobile advertising insights. The first step should be related to the app growth strategies. If the growth-hacking strategies are applied properly, the user retention rate will bring out higher ROI. The way to do this is to extend the online presence of the app by advertising online but not overcharging the users.


Lastly, being able to track all of your data in real-time, will give you insights into how the app performs on different platforms and how to engage the users with it. Not only the app analytics give you insights about its maintenance but also allow you to see how many users downloaded or uninstalled the app, the app’s user activity and the user ratings.

Key Criteria to Evaluate App Store Optimization (ASO) Tools


Pricing Policy

There are many options in the market whether it is free app store optimization tools or paid ones to serve any types of needs. So the pricing plans may vary depending upon the number of tools you would like to optimize, the number of keyword research you would like to carry out and also the number of users. It is always better to have a try before purchasing it to see if the ASO tool meets your needs.



A great app store optimization tool should provide the core benefits such as keyword analyzing, worldwide monitoring, keyword distribution, app analytics and reports, suggestions and more to increase the visibility of your app. On the other hand, there should be some unique features provided by the ASO tool. These may include bulk editor, metadata explorer, creative analysis, custom alerts, integrations, custom support and the list goes on.



In terms of the number of replies in a month the app store optimization tool offers, having a multiple integration ability is a must-have. These integrations consist of data integrations, email integrations, help desk integrations and other integrations alongside the essential ones with the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Of course, the number of integrations will vary depending on both your needs and the ability of the ASO platform.


Customer Services

You will never know when the issues arise. So being able to reach out to a contact person whenever you need will definitely make the solution process smooth. While some of the app store optimization tools offer email support, some offer live chat or dedicated dial-in numbers. Whatever your way of communicating is, it should be on time and efficient.



As the information about your application is shared through the ASO platform with users and even in some of the cases with other platforms, it should be secure and reliable. Before purchasing the platform, you should make a little search how long they have been in the industry, how satisfied they made their customers, how they are dealing with the maintenance issues, how often they upgrade the ASO tool and more.

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