Zutrix is a unique Google Rank Tracker Suite that built for everyone. You’ll love fancy features of Zutrix and AI-Powered accuracy.

Entry Level Price : $9

Zutrix Features

GEO-Targeted Results
AI-Powered Accuracy & Metrics
Real-Time Notifier
Competitor Tracking
Live Sharing Reporting
Keyword Lab


Zutrix enables you to track all Google rank positions in the best accurate and powerful way.

Zutrix helps you in tracking your website’s SEO position for specific keywords and topics. Also, it will allow you to compare keywords position with competitors. Zutrix SERP check is the most user-friendly online AI-Based that is easy to track of keywords and their rankings. In SERP checker, the Google SERP rank of each keyword is checked instantly and kept up-to-date every day.

Using SERP checker you can analyze Keyword Rank and your search engine performance. You can also discover what keywords your competitors use through Google Ads.

Zutrix Reviews

Overall Ratings 100-200 Reviews
Software Features & Functionality
Rank tracker

Users have said that Zutrix's rank tracker has helped them to improve their search engine rankings. They also pointed out the AI powered Serp accuracy feature which allows them to get positions as they do unlike other SEO software.

Backlink monitoring

Reviewers have specifically mentioned that Zutrix's backlink monitoring tool helps them maximize their SEO performance and track changes to their link profile daily. Plus, they could quickly identify spammy links with Zutrix.

Keyword research

Keyword Lab by Zutrix has got the highest marks from the users as it helps them to find out how many searches are performed per month, what is the competition level, the average CPC, etc. They have reported that Zutrix also helps them to understand the current status of their target keywords and gives them some ideas of optimizing their site for better rankings.

Integrations with Popular Marketing SaaS
Easy integrations with multiple SaaS

Users mostly have been praised for Zutrix's integrations. Such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Shopify, HubSpot, and Salesforce.

Intuitive user interface

Most users have been pleased with Zutrix's user interface and reported that it is one of the most user friendly SEO tools ever in the market. The UI of Zutix can be customized by the users without having any problems.

Flexible and affordable pricing plans

Reviewers have mentioned that Zutrix's pricing plans are flexible and scalable. So, they can easily upgrade or downgrade as their needs changed.

Customer Service
Excellent customer support

Zutrix's customer service has been found as responsive by the users. They have mostly reported that the chatbot works pretty well and someone from the customer support team take care of them right after their requests.

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Zutrix Pricing Range

Zutrix pricing starts at $28.00 per month. They offer a free version.



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