zipBoard is built for content and creative teams to build websites, videos, images, courses – visually, collaboratively. zipBoard’s embedded markup tools accelerates digital development for agencies, clients, SME’s.

Price Range: $49 - contact for quota
zipBoard Features
Visual feedback
Visual reviews
Website feedback
Video proofing
Online proofing
Bug tracking
Content reviews
Remote collaboration
Client feedback

zipBoard is on a mission to change the way teams collaborate when they build content, websites, digital assets, creative assets.
zipBoard is a cloud based platform helping agencies, teams in large enterprises to streamline their digital content review process. zipBoard’s easy to use review capabilities makes it easy for Subject matter experts, clients to share feedback while viewing the content that they are reviewing. The platform helps review content through its entire lifecycle, enabling team members to get faster feedback on videos, websites, learning courses, webpages, PDF documents. Teams can integrate the feedback into their existing workflow.
zipBoard’s goal is to help content creators build content at scale without losing the quality of the content.

zipBoard Pricing Range

Pricing depends on number of assets that are being reviewed and does not limit the number of reviewers. Additionally ability to create managers cost extra.





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