Quora Marketing Tips: How to Increase Your Referral Traffic

Whether you know it or not, you’ve likely used Quora before. You can develop your Quora marketing tips and also increase your referral traffic by using Quora.

Whether you had a question on which neighborhood to stay in Brooklyn, NY, how to poach an egg, or the best practices for strong content marketing strategy, Quora definitely has the answer. And now, marketers are using Quora for much more than a quick Q&A.

But first, what is Quora?

Quora is an American website that was created in 2009 that allows users to ask and answer questions from other users. Answers can be fact or opinion-based and can be edited. Users can find questions and answers on almost any topic, including but not limited to design, marketing, cooking, writing, technology, and business.


Users can read previously written answers to their questions, or they can create an account to add a question that has yet to be answered. Quora also has a Partner Program where frequently active users can make money from asking and answering questions.

As we mentioned, Quora is a powerful website that marketers are leveraging. But how? By increasing their overall referral traffic. You might have another question.

What is referral traffic?

Referral traffic is any instance where a user lands on your website from another website. Say you’re reading a recipe on the Food Network and see that they linked to one of the ingredients in the recipe. When you click that link and are led to another website, you have been “referred” to that website.


Google Analytics considers you a user that came in through referral traffic, as opposed to directly typing in the website address or by clicking on a paid advertisement. Referral traffic is typically conversion-friendly traffic as the user who clicked on the link to your site is already interested and curious to learn more.

How to use Quora to increase your referral traffic?

Keeping the value of this referral traffic in mind, companies can create strong Quora marketing strategies to increase leads. Quora has millions of users online, meaning there is a lot of opportunities for people to see and engage with you.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to include Quora in your marketing strategy to increase referral traffic;


1. Create a Quora account

You can’t ask or answer questions without an account, so this is the definite first step. When you create your account, you are also prompted to include your credentials. This can include your education, what you’re passionate about, or your current job. Credentials help give more credibility to your answers, as well as help other users get to know you!

Outside of credentials, you can also upload a photo, a description, and specific topics you know a lot about.

2. Identify relevant questions to your business

Now is the time for research. Dig into different topics to find questions by users that relate to your company or that you are very knowledgeable about.

For example, if you’re a marketer that knows a lot about SEO, then you can search for Search Engine Optimization or SEO-related topics (ie. content strategy, technical SEO, user experience). From there, pinpoint questions from users that see a high amount of views and some engagement (questions that are already flooded with answers are more difficult to rank well for).

3. Craft your answers

Once you’ve identified the questions you’re going to answer, answer them! Keep in mind, the higher quality your answer is, the more likely people will engage. The reason Quora exists is to help people and provide value, so make sure to do so in each question that you answer.

To make your answer stand out, use images, make bulleted lists for it to be as easy as possible for users to find solutions, and be thorough. You want to give an answer that is helpful and comprehensive, so include as much information to answer the question completely.

This is the key to your Quora marketing strategy. Once you fully answered the question to the best of your ability, you can offer your website or blog up for even more information. This should be included in your answer naturally and should not feel forced. Also, you can (and should) include information to other sites you find useful to avoid it seeming like you’re only pushing one business or website.

5. Engage with the Quora community

Don’t stop once you hit the submit button on an answer! Respond to comments, upvote users’ answers, and ask questions that are not already on the website. By doing this, you are establishing yourself on the platform and can become an expert and authority on Quora. This will only further the amount of referral traffic you do receive from your answers because users will trust you even more.

Final Quora Marketing Tips

With all of this said, there are things to avoid when utilizing Quora for your marketing efforts.

• Don’t be too salesy

Don’t push your business or website too much. This can quickly come off as salesy to other users and Quora moderators. Their team monitors answers and flags those that appear self-promoting. If flagged, your answer is removed and if done too many times, your account can be removed. To alleviate this, only link to your content once and, as mentioned, include other reputable websites and sources aside from your own.

• Don’t fake your credentials

This should be obvious, but we see it all too often. Don’t pretend you went to a certain university or have a lot of experience in an area that you know very little about. This will only result in your readers being misinformed and misled.

• Don’t copy and paste

Each answer should be completely unique to each question. Even if the question is very similar, try to provide value in a slightly different way instead of simply hitting control C, control V.

And there you have it! The ultimate guide on how to leverage Quora to increase referral traffic to your website. And for more marketing tips and tricks, check out the rest of the Digital Agency Network blog.

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